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Anthony Shaw
Good luck to all those preparing to enter battle with their oven's clock tonight.
BDSers put pig's head in kosher section of South African supermarket
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Finally the clock in my car will be correct as of tonight! #clocksgoback
When you drink a glass of water after brushing your teeth..
So what if I use 2 hot chocolate packets.
Sitting on the tube minding my own business, take a glance at my surroundings and am faced with this #ballsack 😷�
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Fireworks been going off all night. To be fair, that Lamela goal really is worth celebrating all weekend.
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Why aren't there any dessert-only takeaway companies?
Drinking and watching TV of people drinking and watching TV #Gogglebox
If someone doesn't suss Linda out soon I'm going down to Walford myself. #Eastenders
To everyone around the world taking part in #ShabbatProject and #ShabbatUK this weekend, שבת שלום! 🔯#JewsUnitedd
Dear @ToysRUs, We have close to 30,000 signed on the petition, that is 3 times the amount that caused you to remove the toys. Talk to me. Ap
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Ignore this tweet, I'm just typing it to look busy in hopes that this person will stop talking to me.
It's Friday & PM Cameron doesn't give a fuck MT @David_Cameron I'm angry at the €2bn bill to the UK by the EU. I won't be paying it on Dec 1
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I'm angry at the sudden presentation of a €2bn bill to the UK by the EU. It's an appalling way to behave and I won't be paying it on Dec 1st
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Lee Rigby deserves a memorial, but the council won't give him one. RT to help make it happen
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Train station parking lot was like half empty this morning. People taking an Ebola day?
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The nights are drawing in and the weather is getting colder which means latke season is upon us!
The queen tweets. Or did she? Standing in front of an iPad, but tweetdeck shows it was sent by "Twitter for iPhone."
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I hate when you click a picture tweet on iPhone and it does this..
#Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh sends his daughter to #Israel for medical care, then celebrates the murder of a baby in Jerusalem. Carry on..