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Anthony Shaw
.@MahaMonther I'm not a sheep, I don't do something because everyone else does. You should open your eyes and stop supporting extremism
Sickened to hear that there was a Pro Palestinian protest in Bushey, today. A predominantly Jewish area, with no links to Israel at all.
Looking for one British news headline along the lines of: "Hamas fires rockets into Israel, violating ceasefire." Nothing.
Rockets fired into Israel from Gaza during the ceasefire (SHOCK) and Israel retaliates. Headlines just focus on the Israeli strikes (SHOCK).
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Hamas broke another ceasefire as rockets resume. Fortunately you can keep blaming the Jews.
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@TechYoni @AtumLite @saramsalem @AnthonyShaw_ it's insane not one anti Zionist has been to a history class!
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.@AtumLite ah the good old 'hasbara troll' accusation when there is nothing left to argue. 👋#cheerioo
This women thinks there are Israeli settlers in Gaza. Another deluded anti-zionist 🙈@AtumLitee
On CNN: They shoot rockets into Israel yet demand a more normal relationship. They must first commit to non-violence
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Lost count how many ceasefire's #Hamas has violated now. And yet people still have cheek to claim #Israel is the aggressor.
IDF confirmed Hamas fired 3 Rockets from Gaza in to Israel, breaking the ceasefire. (Via @IsraelHatzolah)
Lunch doesn't get better than this 👌
I challenge everyone to shut up about the ice bucket challenge
Is it just me or does anybody else think £1 is a good deal for a trolley?
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Goodnight 💤 Laila Tov 😴
Four minutes after midnight cease-fire expiration and...quiet? Maybe there really is an extension. Can we keep extending forever?
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What Austrian-born Jewish philosopher is most likely to give you a ride to the airport? Martin B'Uber. Thank you.
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@AnthonyShaw_ he does look like Boris !! Was driving me mad who he looked like! #borisjohnsons dad is #CBBGary
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That man that looks like Boris Johnson needs help. How the hell did he pass the tests to get on. #CBB
When do the celebrities turn up? #cbb
Was just typing "let's all laugh at Chelsea" good thing I didn't click tweet 😂#awkss