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Anthony Nyström
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High performance blackbox stochastic optimization C++11 library with Python bindings and support for surrogate m..
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Films lie. White House is surprisingly small.
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GOOD -> (However it isn't the end) -> Utah Considers Cutting Off Water to the NSA's Monster Data Center | WIRED…
1,300-year-old book of Egyptian magic deciphered… via @geekdotcom
Summit Europe: To Anticipate the Future Is to Abandon Intuition | Singularity HUB…
Against difficult odds, Penelope Fitzgerald found her voice late in life. James Wood on a new biography of the writer
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Teeny pygmy marmoset can't get enough of toothbrush massage… via @mashable
Good stuff -> How medieval astronomers made trig tables ->… Thanks @JohnDCook
How many times can a dead writer follow me already?
Dan Dennett: The illusion of consciousness | Talk Video |…
Thank 'SNL' for your new Thanksgiving anthem: 'Back Home Ballers'… via @mashable
.@AnthonyNystrom That was pretty good. I hadn't seen a bunch of those memes before.
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You Don't Say: The Origins of the Internet's Favorite Memes…
Neuronal "Superhub" Might Generate Consciousness - Scientific American…
Tools/snippets for song analysis/mining: Download lyrics + filter by English language……
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The magical things that happen after you send 10,000 tweets… via @mashable
Why can't we see in higher dimensions ... Good read ->…
Transparent Brains Reveal Effects of Cocaine and Fear [Video]…
You're probably not an alcoholic, study says… via @mashable
Time Travel Is Real. Here Are the People and Spacecraft Who Have Done It | WIRED…
Brahms - Violin Concerto in D major - II. Adagio (Perlman/Giulini)… via @YouTube
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Is reality a computer simulation? Does it matter?… via @aeonmag
Despite the near-ubiquity of cellphone cameras, we still don't have any decent pictures of UFOs. STEP IT UP, PEOPLE!!
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Random Forest machine learning techinque in python by shashankm711: I have a project on implementation of decision…
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#standup Y: climbed 30 floors, played ping ping with Bhargava at Port 99 15.100, rollerbladed to work; T: more of the same; B: none
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Electrical brain stimulation beats caffeine – and the effect lasts longer
Just stumbled across this deep learning tutorial, that uses the python library theano: #AI #MachineLearning #NLProc
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Nice -> Deep Visual-Semantic Alignments for Generating Image Descriptions ->…