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Tony Hitz™
I should let people think what they want but it's different when someone fucks up your life
Yo and the crazy thing is that some of the people that call me their "best friends" are the ones that talk shit and tell everyone my secrets
My life will change very soon. Not just for me but for the people that support me. Some may lack faith in what I do but just know I won't
Bitches say they love me but they really don't
Just hit 1,000 views 3 times in 3 days
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Can't expect things to be given to you by others. Working for what you want is necessary
Some people should relax a little and watch what they say about others. You'll end up dissing them and regretting it
Wrote down a list of goals today and I want them accomplished tomorrow
I'm starting to realize I barely fuck with anybody
Daily things I do: check emails to see if it's real or fake people
I'm releasing music videos, mixtapes, and some EPs soon
This flight attendant is wifey material
Visit for new music. More coming out this weekend
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When bae is mad at you
I can't wait to come home today and party with everyone again!!!
Riding first class!
It would be even better to work with Def Jam instead of receiving fake emails from people that claim they work with Def Jam #tmlt
I hope I can get my music out there and work with my idols soon
I want to travel the world with my closest friends and have fun touring all at the same time
One day I will build a studio in my high school to give the musically inclined people a better opportunity
I refuse to let my dreams only exist in my sleep
I hope you all know that once I get enough money from my music I will definitely give back and donate to help people
It takes a while to understand a girl. But if she’s honestly worth it, you will take the time to try and figure her out
Aiming for your chick because I still truly miss her
Just finished my Facebook page today!!!
Giving up on my goals is not an option at this point
Winning the lottery would be awesome right now
Coming home from Ohio in a week!
Twitter is full of people that make fun of other people for favorites lmao
Girls with big booties😍
Prediction: "Tony Hitz will get 100,000 views before fall" - Anonymous
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Pulled the knife out of my back so I could cut you off
Trust is so important
I may not be the smartest person in the world but I'm smarter than I was last year
All our dreams can come true if we put in the chase, determination and hard work to accomplish them
I've done so much for people and get a little bit back in return. Some people don't even appreciate or acknowledge favors and gifts nowadays
Every single song, beat, rap, lyrics, and singing is produced by me and me only on that website link #tmlt
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Only if you want to you can see my latest music here probably posting a new EP/Mixtape within this month! #dontsleep
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It's all good I'm not worried about it. Just wait 6 months from now and you'll see how LIT my twitter will be #tmlt

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