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the clueless one now its the dullard from daura..meanwhile the vps are chilling
see look APC is falling my hand ooh..which kind life b dis na??
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just changed ma fucking theme ....fucking awesom!! :D
like this page and invite more to like and stand to win an amazing injoo f2 10.1 inch tablet click thius link
4th of july in USA fire works!!!...4thof july here..apc and pdp fighting on the colorof d nigerian flag
yall ladies forming hard to get, better come nd queue now ohh...i gat 2 many dudes already ringing me..#GAY_AMERICA
even the devil wasnt gay,he met a naked eveinstead of adam - mugabe this guy is the bomb
isit me or i feel likemugabe needsa nobel price
9ja fans tryin 2 get RT and FB be praisin celebs like dey gods, dey be like "listind 2 dis sng al nyt nd it hlpd me pas ma exam"
am so digusted wen i neet dudes who be like ' shey tinubu is in pdp?',
Way more fun than Instagram. Great app. Loads of fun for girls
Stream Live Video, Way Better than instagram or Youtube. Loads of fun for women
She makes me go mad
Good evening everybody
Champioooonnnnnnnnnn 🎉🎉🎉🏆🏆🏆⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
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Chelsea have spent 253 days at the top this season; in 10 days they will break Man Utd's record (1993-94; 262 days)
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G morning pals!...I hope to give a babe belle today! So who is d lucky girl?...
Be careful of what you chase cuz what opened Adam's eyes closed Abacha's eyes. ✌
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I need a massage. Touch everywhere. Please
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Wait!!dis south africa guys are really serious. About what ever crap they are doing!!#Xenophobia
Guyz guyz what colour is dis dress?...
That moment u google "friendzoned sucker" and it be like "did you mean YOU?"!
Nd she said "am going to teach the children pornography today in church"....
I dunno if am d only person feeling like dos chibok girls are probably in italy creating vid 4 REDWAP?..
Guess who is getting married tomorrow nd I will buy u a beat by dre
Shirt-milo, socks-peak, shorts-first bank, back-MTN, this is how the 9ja football league jersey be like
She be like "did we just have sex?"..I be like "nah! Just a mild prayer session"!
Dis country is now getting booring without the election saga!! Mtcheew!!
No b small somthing!! Konji oooh
Hey gud morning yall...anoda day to campaign against nigerian netwrok providers
That ugly moment u see some1 hu is nt on twitter..u be like "da fuck u from?"
It seems everybody is now copying link to tweet. That thing is dumb to me
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Ever be banging a babe nd you think "God!! Na hu send me?"
U look at the ur new heavier dumbell sets..nd u be like "chei!! I don die!!
"Lagos cannot afford to be an opposition state"-jimi agbaje..... So wha ya say@antijayne
Shout out to the 1 girl I dnt even have an idea why I like her @mstimi01 ...
Jesus washes the feet of the Apostles. Are we ready to serve others like this?
Retweeted by Ameji.ik_anthony
"@MaheedaNigeria: Change is not an art work!!!! If it is I will make a master peace !!! MAHEEDA!!!! " this is CHANGE
That moment an igbo dude screams "so BUHALI won the PLESIDENTIAL ERECTION?"...
Ok now we gat independence let's all pray that anoda civil war doesn't come up...IGBO dude u better behave
Instead of showing off ur PVC to encourage nigerians to are posting trash..for all u out for u guys..unpatriotics
Suswam, fayose#Jail..FFk continue licking ur lips u hear..lemme see hw u do that in krikri
You see a nigerian celebrity tweeting about a goddamn stupid whatever nd you be like "hu is dis 1?" @Iceprincezamani
Mtcheew...NTA are mad idiets..casticating JEGA instead of showing JEGA

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