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S/Insp 3169 Rawson
Tonight I have a couple of my team working on a proactive operation. Results to come later
This Corsa driver turns out I arrested him a couple of years back for having a crash & being twice over the drink drive limit. #WeMeetAgain
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Evening all, im S/Insp for @NorthantsPolice operations department who are responsible for a number of things including RPU #northantshour
And delivering more training this evening...
Very productive meeting yesterday with @Northants_RPU @NP_SC3123 and PS Payne re development of new OTU specials!
A non existant prize for guessing where...
Apologies for lack of tweets again! Been on holiday and house move! #BusyBusy
"0.0037% of Police Staff Investigated Over Use of Facebook & Twitter" Doesn't really have the same ring, does it?…
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Myself, @Northants_RPU and @NP_SC3123 have been working out a new training plan for people joining the department. Should be interesting!
All the RTCs we attended today could have been avoided if people stuck to this rule @HighwayCodeGB
That's @ant3169 and myself done for today folks. I'm back with you tomorrow afternoon. Enjoy what's left of the weekend.
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Done for the day! Thanks @Northants_RPU for a jolly good shift!
New @UKVolkswagen vans at FHQ being kitted out for operational use!
Just come across another deceased dear on the A45 in Northampton. ..!
Ladies and gents, the A45 between Raunds and Stanwick is now fully open to traffic. Thank you for your patience!
Thanks to all the residents in Stanwick & Raunds for putting up with the extra traffic whilst we carry out an RTC investigation on the A45
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The @WNDLRAirAmb is crucial in helping to convey patients to hospitals quickly and also getting people medical help!
We will be reopening the A45 between Raunds and Stanwick shortly
Had some friendly bikers assist us
Just met a follower of @Northants_RPU too ...!
We have had to close the A45 between Stanwick and Raunds. Please avoid and bare with us.
RTC by Stanwick currently dealing
Just got this vehicle stopped. Driver was not wearing his seatbelt. He said he didn't realise. #Reported #FatalFour
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Just had to drag a deceased deer out of the A45 ...
All sorted on the motorway. Still a lot of traffic Northbound
This is what happens when people are not paying attention and drive too close to other cars
No injuries on the southbound
Grade 1 to southbound now to this other RTC.
Southbound opposite us there seems to be a couple more damage only RTCs from people looking at us and not the road!!
Currently 3 lanes open with heavy traffic Northbound
No trace of the second RTC. Have returned to the first one to ensure that the vehicle is recovered
M1 traffic is gridlocked northbound from 15 to Watford Gap #RT #Avoid
Resumed to this other one now
Reports of another RTC having come in now too
Have out a brief lane 1 closure on nirthboubd prior to the gap
All occupants are fine
Congestion prior to Watford Gap but fine after #M1
Off to an RTC on the motorway now. Reports of a few cars in lane three on the Northbound
Morning all. Working with @ant3169 today. We will both see how many new followers we can get today. Starting number 5876. #RPU #Police
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The new Skoda will be coming to a road near you soon
Car sorted for the day! Out and about now #RPU
In total about 85 cars were stopped by the team. We receieved positive feedback from those stopped and passing members of the public
Several motorists were issued with VDRS's for various minor offences. This means that they have to get the defect fixed within 14 days
Monthly operation last night we issued 7 tickets for various offences including no MOT, no insurance and illegal tyres.
Morning all. Working with @Northants_RPU today. We will both see how many new followers we can get today. Starting number 2707. #RPU #Police
Gpod morning all. A quick coffee and breakfast then I shall be working today on the traffic car