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S/Insp Rawson
Was nice to see the Berlin Wall today on such a big day for Germany #GermanUnification
Urgent appeal for witnesses after baby found abandoned outside house in Corby this morning:
An increase in targeted road policing is needed to drive down rising deaths and injuries
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Me done for night. Training in morning!
Both drivers have been driving less than six months!
Just stopped a couple of cars who decided to turn a multi-storey car park into something out of #TokyoDrift - both have received S59s
SC Horner is seizing a car for no tax
Just having a word with driver about the manner of their driving
At some traffic lights and a minibus has raced off to try and get infront of another car before lanes merge!
SC Horner attaching the #NoInsurance sticker to the car
SC Horner and SC Crossland have joined us whilst we arrange recovery
Driver has a provisional licence with 3 points and no insurance! Their friend has taken their kebab and left them to it
Seen a car parked on zig zags which has gained our attention
Driver and passenger have now been reported!
Child seat is in the car too. The driver has no idea how to strap it in properly!
Have a car stopped. Rear passenger no seatbelt holding their 8 month old child unrestrained! Driver thinks it's absolutely fine to do!
Turns out their partner forgot to put them on their policy as such not insured on vehicle!
Driver stopped for texting and driving. He isn't showing on the policy at moment. Doing checks
Car has insufficient tread. This will not help when turning / braking is required in the wet!
First stop of the evening. Driver who did a prohibited u-turn in front of us. Will check over the vehicle whilst colleague speaks to driver
Out and about in an unmarked car this evening with SPS Marks
We have 3 times the amount of staff working to tackle #CSE than we did 2 years ago. More people, training and investment @NorthantsPolice
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We will be again out and about looking for those who drive in an anti social behaviour and also #FatalFour offenders
Out later for a few house as are some others on the team!
╭ⓕ━━╮╭ⓕ━━╮ ┃ⓞ┎━╯┃ⓡ┎━╯ ┃ⓛ┖━╮┃ⓘ┖━╮ ┃ⓛ┎━╯┃ⓓ┎━╯ ┃ⓞ┃┈┈┃ⓐ┃ ╰ⓦ╯┈┈╰ⓨ╯ @Northants_RPU @northants_SRT @NhantsResponse @PC_Corby
╭ⓕ━━╮╭ⓕ━━╮ ┃ⓞ┎━╯┃ⓡ┎━╯ ┃ⓛ┖━╮┃ⓘ┖━╮ ┃ⓛ┎━╯┃ⓓ┎━╯ ┃ⓞ┃┈┈┃ⓐ┃ ╰ⓦ╯┈┈╰ⓨ╯ @UKCopHumour @kenworthy39
Speed enforcement in Royal Oak way #Daventry, 57 offences detected in a 30mph limit. Highest speed 56mph,4 drivers reported for no seatbelt
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Any of my followers make custom size doors or know someone who does? #Northampton #door
Today the SRT specials supporting the operation that @richardb3392 ran got: #police #fatalfour #roadsafety
Done for the day after a quick catchup with @Northants_RPU Results to follow
Just fuelling the car up before heading back to the office
Another two without seatbelt
Tailgating an unmarked car trying to intimidate them to move over is not a great idea! #S59
Driver has been booked into custody. The relevant force will be travelling up to Northampton to collect the driver to deal with the offence
Driver is also wanted for burglary! It's not just traffic offences we deal with
Stopped a car for manner of driving. Driver has not got insurance
When insuring your car please ensure that the insurer has noted your VRM correctly
Colleagues have a car stopped showing no insurance. After some checks it seems the incorrect VRM was on policy.
Sometimes we get comments about eating. Believe it or not the police do need to eat! Better out on the streets than hidden in an office!
Time for a quick bite to eat. Will find somewhere to park up and eat rather than be out of the public eye at the station
As we drive off we have come across someone else not wearing theirs. Seems a theme today #FatalFour
Have a van driver stopped who has driven past a few officers in hi-vis and still not put their seat belt on! #reported
Colleagues have stopped a vehicle. 2 adults and 2 children were not wearing their seatbelt a #FatalFour
Have another vehicle stopped for tinted windows that do not comply! Driver has opted to remove these
Driver stated "I was on my phone changing songs, I know I was in the wrong" - they had a passenger who could have done this!
Car behind us and the driver is driving whilst looking down. Looks to be on their phone or something. Shall have a chat
Car shouldn't be here and driver is not displaying L plates not supervised. As such the car will be seized and the driver reported
We now have a foreign registered car stopped. Driver only has a UK provisional and no full license from elsewhere
Bit of a difference now the driver is removing it!

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