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S/Insp 3169 Rawson
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Drivers reported for: 5x no seatbelt 7x mobile phone usage 2x no insurance 1x driving license offence 1x No MOT Numerous words of advice too
Productive day from the team today huge well done and thank you to them for giving up their time!
One seized for no insurance.. Driver spotted talking on his mobile.. #FatalFour with @ant3169
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No insurance it seems. Wouldn't have known if he wasn't on phone
Chap chatting away on his phone. Let's have a word
First person no seatbelt. Tried telling us he did. Changed his mind when he realised we were the car driving alongside him
I have @NPSC_ChiefMike with me. @NP_SC3468 is also out too
Three cars out a few unmarked. Today's aim is to be proactive around #FatalFour offences
Morning all. We have six specials out today being proactive in town
Not working this evening as I will be at an event with @SC_3370 ! Instructing OST to specials on Sunday including @NP_SC3468
Spot one of our cars with a Mo on, tweet us with the hash tag #MoPo @NorthantsPolice
Yesterday involved delivering more intox training. Today is my first day off for around 6 weeks!
Today is a good start to #optrivium two cars seized already by 9am. One was a uk car. Gone onto foreign plates and then still in the uk???
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Second vehicle stopped which Thames Valley have seized once already today! Think they are getting the point #optrivium
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It's almost November which means time to start organising December @NorthantsPolice drink drive operations!
Help needed: All kitchen lights not working. Fuse box is fine as is light switch #confused #electrician #help #CookingInTheDark
This week there are a few #specials joining @SgtHopkins team taking part in @TISPOLorg #OpTrivium
Around 100 hours were completed by officers on my team this weekend including @NP_SC3468
Today: 7x seat belt offences 1x broken down vehicle 1x drink driver
And after some admin it's now home time
Oops. Live lane. Sorry people, there is no love lane!!
Broken down vehicle on the A43 in love lane #OnRoute
Lesson to learn here is that alcohol can take a long time to leave your system!
He won't be driving for the rest of the day! Have dropped colleague off as they don't feel to well
Driver was drinking until midnight last night. At 1530 he blew 39! Just under prosecution limit so a lucky man. He was shocked too!
Found them. Doing roadside breath test. He has blown over the limit #OneUnderArrest
Reports from a pcso behind a vehicle possible drink driver. Making to assist
Now stopped another couple who forgot to put their belts on. Clearly theme of the day
Drivers of vehicles have been reported. Now come across a lady who was texting whilst driving. Seems to be a lot of offences today
Have stopped another car for no seatbelt. Whilst doing so another drives past with passenger and child not wearing!
Driver "forgot" to put it on today. But they always wear it normally though
Just seen a young lady driving without re seatbelt. She has small kids with her who are strapped in thankfully. Let's have a chat
Have now popped back to the office to have a quick meeting with @Northants_RPU regards to specials
Van has been found by officers. They were seen in a compound. No offences have occurred however details taken by colleagues
The van has vanished! Area colleagues are also trying to locate it
Reports coming in on other channel that an off duty officer has seen a van acting suspiciously. We are very close so going
Giving the car the traditional Sunday wash. Well student is anyway
Morning all. Back out and about today
Shift completed. 1x shoplift arrest 1x no seatbelt ticket 1x RTC 2x No Insurance seizures Productive day I think
Car will now be seized. The driver already has points for no insurance #NoInsuranceMeansNoCar
Driver is saying he has insurance. Database says no. Cancelled due to non payment
Just driven past a car that has pinged the ANPR cameras
Seems the car that had people run off was uninsured! Have seized it and tasked other force with enquiries
Reports of a non stop RTC. Occupants have run off
Few no seatbelts today. No mobile phone offences