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La bave par terre, c’est celle des fans de Pokémon devant les collectors de Rubis Oméga et Saphir Alpha…
"Only at VC: NVIDIA to skip GeForce 800 series, GeForce GTX 980 and GTX 970 mid-September"
Hello kitty is not a cat ?! Who believes this ?
achievement : I 1 CC Crimzon Clover :) first time I do that on a manic shooter !… For anyone that misses mode7 racing à la Super Mario Kart, consider backing this game! #superworldkarts #kickstarter
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So good. R Ξ T U R N: The Soldier of Meteora - modeled in ZBrush, rendered in KeyShot by Mark Chang.
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Serieux c est les vrai pubs ? Publicités le Parisien: via @YouTube
one of the most WTF trailer ever, you must see this : KUNG FURY Official Trailer [HD]: via @YouTube
I just backed Super World Karts - Indie Kart Racer - PC / Mac / OUYA +more on @kickstarter
248 Gameboy style games for free :
Mermaid's cave: StocksModel purchased in ShutterstockBackground 1 by AircatSkylionBackground 2 by xGlassRaindr...
Super World Karts is a retro mode-7 style 16-bit kart racer, it looks and plays like a classic SNES game…
Ford targets sideways inclined youngsters with the drifter-designed Mustang RTR…
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home-made Philly cheese steak Anstellos style with mozzarella & pepperoni = approved. any tips to get a better meat ? #CookingTip
Is there any @Wendys restaurants in Europe ? if yes, where ?
MrP's Favorite VGM [203]: Hotline Miami 2 OST - Sexualizer (Perturbator): via @YouTube
I loved Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Dancing Groot: via @YouTube
HI ORGANIC presents its #ZBrush works, like this model for ASUS ROG. More works:
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"Freeware Pick: Roguelight (Daniel Linssen)"…
Nightmares on wax when Hotline Miami 2 gets the vinyl treatment #ICYMI |
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#GG_Android CG 14 - King's Quest et Geometry Wars 3 : Sierra de retour avec deux nouvelles productions @gamergen_com
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Waves of Time: Taken at Antelope Canyon...amazingly spiritual and awe inspiring place.
I’m watching guys on forum getting excited about new camera release.. speculating. I don ’t get it. this is not photography, its shopping.
Tender hands 2: StocksModel by skydancer-stockCat by Panda69680102-Stock Lo demás - pintado y mis propios rec...
"NVIDIA to announce Quadro Kx2 series next week"
#ZBrush there is nothing ZBrush can't do, every dream will b realized easily.A surprise that keeps on Surprising all of us dreamers!
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"Forest Princess" is today's tee on ReTweet for a chance at a FREE TEE!
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Rafael Grassetti Raptor, made with #ZBrush. Watch him in action now in live streaming:
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Stay tunes! #ZBrush 4R7 presentation in 30 min!
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RT @pixologic: Rafael Grassetti is now presenting at our #ZBrush Summit. just wow
This week free giveaway is the game Vanguard Princess, hurry up to get it
Team Pool needs your official 'vote' of support. Let's break the internet. RETWEET if you would buy a ticket to the DEADPOOL MOVIE.
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watching Zbrush summit 2014
Jetlag is starting to hit me pretty hard.
I was AFK for quite a while winners of my contest will be given tonight.
I was in the US for my best friend's wedding, had a blast and YES that's what they said. :)
"C'est comme Jésus qui s'appelle Roger" poke @Anstellos. Ooook. Best quote ever. Totally sober.
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Microsoft explains quantum computing in a way we can all understand via @engadget
Just had a dbl choc cookie @levainbakery it's like God comes from Heaven & kissed you. Best #cookie of my life. Cookie+Broownie= Brookie!
Like cosplay, photos and free games ? check it out :
all the cosplay photos of @japanexpo are online check it out :
I just posted more than 500 cosplay photo on and you can win free games too !
Rei (Ayanami Rei Super Plug Suit) - MangaFreak150 Asuka (okazaki...
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