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achievement : I 1 CC Crimzon Clover :) first time I do that on a manic shooter !
  9h… For anyone that misses mode7 racing à la Super Mario Kart, consider backing this game! #superworldkarts #kickstarter
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So good. R Ξ T U R N: The Soldier of Meteora - modeled in ZBrush, rendered in KeyShot by Mark Chang.
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Serieux c est les vrai pubs ? Publicités le Parisien: via @YouTube
one of the most WTF trailer ever, you must see this : KUNG FURY Official Trailer [HD]: via @YouTube
I just backed Super World Karts - Indie Kart Racer - PC / Mac / OUYA +more on @kickstarter
248 Gameboy style games for free :
Mermaid's cave: StocksModel purchased in ShutterstockBackground 1 by AircatSkylionBackground 2 by xGlassRaindr...
Super World Karts is a retro mode-7 style 16-bit kart racer, it looks and plays like a classic SNES game…
Ford targets sideways inclined youngsters with the drifter-designed Mustang RTR…
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home-made Philly cheese steak Anstellos style with mozzarella & pepperoni = approved. any tips to get a better meat ? #CookingTip
Is there any @Wendys restaurants in Europe ? if yes, where ?
MrP's Favorite VGM [203]: Hotline Miami 2 OST - Sexualizer (Perturbator): via @YouTube
I loved Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Dancing Groot: via @YouTube
HI ORGANIC presents its #ZBrush works, like this model for ASUS ROG. More works:
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"Freeware Pick: Roguelight (Daniel Linssen)"…
Nightmares on wax when Hotline Miami 2 gets the vinyl treatment #ICYMI |
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#GG_Android CG 14 - King's Quest et Geometry Wars 3 : Sierra de retour avec deux nouvelles productions @gamergen_com
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Waves of Time: Taken at Antelope Canyon...amazingly spiritual and awe inspiring place.
I’m watching guys on forum getting excited about new camera release.. speculating. I don ’t get it. this is not photography, its shopping.
Tender hands 2: StocksModel by skydancer-stockCat by Panda69680102-Stock Lo demás - pintado y mis propios rec...
"NVIDIA to announce Quadro Kx2 series next week"