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Camping for iphones OK. Camping for political expression absolutely forbidden.…
Hey Australia, please take note: Hungary internet tax cancelled after mass protests…
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Bait: We need the Patriot Act for anti-terror! Switch: "Overwhelmingly used in drug investigations"… @radleybalko
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Brazil is keeping its promise to disconnect from the U.S. internet
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Court docs reveal UK spies can access phone & internet data of US citizens collected by NSA without warrant…
Law enforcement fear-mongering over encryption is a PR campaign. The police use spyware to access mobile devices.…
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When there exists a separate set of laws governing corporations than those which govern the citizenry, we have a corporatocracy or worse.
These are the questions we should begin to ask ourselves, and also come to grips with whether we want to allow corporations to control law.
Why is it that when a person engages in DDoS, they get face-smashed by the FBI, but corps like the MPAA can do it without issue?
James O'Keefe once again is obsessed with one-sided voter fraud. Never points his style of "journalism" toward the GOP.
I'm in a reception center for asylum seekers, sharing a room with two Syrian young men. Every time they sleep they see nightmares.
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In a race to beat USA to full fascism, Australia wants all your electornic data for 2 yrs. ATM transactions, car GPS data, anything online.
Secret Policy Allows GCHQ Bulk Access To NSA Data… We're so shocked.
Felony charges dropped against 11 of the #PayPal14 [though restitution is still due]…
Distressing. Whitehouse moves to 'kill off the password' with methods that will crush anonymity… via @puellavulnerata
40,000 Voter Registrations Have Mysteriously Vanished, Could Determine Control Of The Senate via @thinkprogress
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Appears all #PayPal14 had felony charges they faced dropped. See journalist @DouglasLucas' feed for details from sentencing
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#BlockTheBoat declares decisive victory as picket forces Israeli ship to reroute from Oakland to Russia…
The danger posed by the FBI cutting off internet access & posing as repairmen (from defendants' motion to suppress)
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#prt Contains a tweet about taxation without representation of access to the internet, deemed a human right by the UN via @AnonyOps
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ICYMI: Hungary is protesting against an "internet tax" that would impede equal access to the internet…
Years ago #Anonymous would have been preparing for all out war over something like the #Hungary #internet #tax, times change I guess.
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Darren Wilson resigning is not a win. Mike Brown still alive would be a win. Darren Wilson in jail is justice. #Ferguson
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Verizon is rewriting your HTTP requests to insert perma-cookies so it can track you – and there's no way to opt out…
Stupid WiFi Hotspot Name Gets American Airlines Flight Grounded
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USPS approved nearly 50,000 requests last year to secretly monitor the mail of Americans…
FTC suing @ATT for throttling unlimited data customers; Estimated 3.5 million individual customers throttled…
Much love to #PayPal14, they have their sentencing tomorrow. There's still time to support!
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#Journalists shud worry more abt #source protection than being mouthpiece for Gov's selective & derogatory #leaks.…
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More letters are needed for Judge Lindsay. Please show your support for Brown's journalism by writing to the court:
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US Postal Service now reporting widespread secret mail monitoring by national security agencies against US citizens.…
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DEA impersonates woman in fake FB profile for drug war. FBI impersonates @AP to plant malware. CIA impersonates senate to cover up torture.
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Ex-CBS News reporter says she was spied on by a “govt-related entity” that planted classified docs on her computer…
Imagine a world where we actually house the homeless. Salt Lake City did and reduced chronic homelessness by 72%…
Scientists predict the price of #Bitcoin & make a 90% return in 50 days… read the comments too
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.@TheEconomist This is almost as embarrassing as your Slavery apologist book review.
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.@TheEconomist dreams of voting system of one dollar one vote instead of one person one vote"
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The MPAA has helpfully provided a list of good sites to get movies.…
The US Government treats reporters and whistleblowers are terrorists.…
When was the last time civil disobedience brought about change? Edward Snowden: "Occupy Wall Street."…
Nobel Peace Prize Winners Want Barack Obama to Release Torture Report.…
You can bet the person the FBI just raided will be silenced by the FBI at every step. No one will get access to them.
The FBI has reportedly raided the home of a "2nd Snowden". Watch how they treat them for an example of how they would have treated Snowden
coming event: November 04, 2014 Foyles, London Hackers and Hoaxers: Inside Anon w/ @BiellaColeman & @doctorow…
Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistlebower, Spy - by @BiellaColeman is due out in only a few days…
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CIA Apparently 'Impersonated' Senate Staffers To Gain Access To Documents On Shared Drives…
Seattle Times furious with FBI over allegations that the agency impersonated the newspaper…
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