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Outsourced evil: Private intelligence contractors deserve more scrutiny… via @ageis
Going after a lawyer who defends activists is a pretty effective way of stifling dissent. Don't let them succeed.…
Thank you @SFPride for attempting to rectify past errors, and making Chelsea #Manning a grand marshal for the parade this year.
Bovell, the officer who said he did not grab Cecily's breast is testifying (testa-lying) today #Justice4Cecily
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Review of IRS docs show Christie donors getting big NJ taxpayer subsidies…
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Lawyers for the 9/11 defendants ask tribunal judge to order CIA black-site disclosure… Ball in CIA/prosecutions court.
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FBI rejected #FOIA request for listing of all Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) partner agencies
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NEW VIDEO: Condoleezza Rice advocates illegal NSA surveillance. Dropbox says this doesn't mater?… #DropDropbox
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Is former Sacramento media employee Matthew Keys a victim of overzealous, misguided cybercrime prosecution?…
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.@JasonKuznicki Did anyone expect Obama to break down and admit the NSA abused power & spied on people?
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Today Albert Woodfox has been held in solitary confinement for 42 years straight. Please help #StopSolitary. I can assure you it is torture.
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How Mayor Ed Murray Unraveled Two Years of Police Reform in Only Two Months…
So basically, if the US government wants to shut down your service, that's a decent sign it offers privacy.…
Remember when none of us knew each other and we could actually work together? Those were the days.
“Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.” #Anonymous, and/or life.
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I'm Keith Forsyth, I broke into the FBI in 1971, and helped uncover COINTELPRO and take down Hoover. Ask me anything.
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Kickstarter to get Deric Lostutter a shirt and some basic common sense.
And, yes, @DericLostutter, what you did was silence survivors. Why promoting yourself and your voice, you silenced survivors. Fuck. You.
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Repeating this lie over and over again doesn't make it the truth. You're in it for the efame, nothing more. @DericLostutter
When self-styled "anti-rape activists" habitually ignore the requests of SA surivors, they perpetuate the structure they claim to oppose.
Hey, @DericLostutter: A bunch of actual rape survivors are asking you to stop what you're doing. Maybe you should listen?
Barrett will be re-arraigned in two weeks, gag order will be vacated and we'll have a sentencing date. By that time over 600 days in jail.
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You know, @Rep_DanGordon, you don't actually have to keep reminding us of what a scumbag you are. We all already know. @StanleyCohenLaw
Please sign the petition to keep @StanleyCohenLaw out of prison!…