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internet hacking freedom politics 284,091 followers
America allows for peaceful protest, but also uses the FBI/DHS to infiltrate and make it useless. At least Russia is honest w/ intentions
Putin decides to follow Egypt and ban peaceful protests.… I guess all that's left is violent protest.
Before Snowden: The whitleblowers who tried to lift the veil. (NPR)… cc: #BillBinney @Thomas_Drake1
The FAA has halted all US flights to Israel.…
Government wants impunity from UK courts over torture, judges told
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Libyan #CIA renditions case in court as UK ‘lobbies for secrecy’ in key #torture report…
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Delta cancels all flights to Israel indefinitely. Now if only US Tax money to Israel could be cancelled.…
@cqwww I threatened to drag their corporate brand through broken glass.
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At @VICE: As scores of children are continually killed in Gaza, U.S. politicians continue not giving a crap…
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Criticizing Israel for their violence is not the same as being pro-Hamas. #ApartHeid #Gaza #Occupation #Palestine
AddThis adds "virtually impossible to block" canvas fingerprinting to websites to track users…
After being shamed on social media, in court, and in press, @DetroitWaterDep stops water shutoffs for 15 days…
Shots fired into Al Jazeera's office in Gaza, a day after Israeli FM said Israel will work to close down the network…
#ExpelIsrael because the world should not fund occupiers that bomb hospitals in cities under blockade!
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When I was researching my piece on CMU's, I learned that US courts considered a Muslim playing paint-ball "paramilitary training"
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Here's @mollycrabapple on the mostly Muslim American prisoners locked away in our domestic GITMOs…
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When people's life & liberty is at risk, ego and "exclusives" need to be put aside; Can y'all put your heads together and fix Tor already.
Tor developers believe they’ve identified a weakness that was scheduled to be revealed at Black Hat…
Can you hear that? It’s the deafening silence of supposedly anti-war liberals about #Gaza
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We have a little over a month left to finish raising the funds needed to defend Chelsea Manning.… PLEASE HELP.
So the 2 hackers who were going to present the deanonymisation of Tor users are now working to resolve the problem.
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University lawyers block Black Hat presentation which would've explained how anyone with $3K could de-anonymise Tor…