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卌SOS ▲ann▲ ®
So I close Monday night, then open Tuesday morning? 😒�#CoolStoryry
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Dont u HATE when u randomly feel depressed 4 no apparent reason, it just comes on, & it feels like a raincloud is hovering above u or summit
My dog was sleeping and randomly she started acting like she was getting possessed, i started screaming n woke her up :x Y
finally, got my internet back :D
Why did this comment even get any thumbs up? o.O
Life is what you make it! Don't waste precious time that you might not get again!
French.. last lesson.. 26 minutes 32 seconds left.
the 10th anniversary death note will be a total fail ._. not gonna even bother watching it.. i just hope miley will stop licking hammers..
I swear I was so happy about the Death Note 10th anniversary remake.. but zac efron is playing as light and miley as misa; IM FUCKING PISSED
Honestly, I ran out of things to tweet :c
Watashi wa otaku desu.
Im saving for an aeroplane ticket to Japan *.*
Someone please join me and have an all nighter :D
having an all nighter :D does any1 want 2 do it with meee? ;x
We're like books.. most people just see the cover, not many read the intro, a lot believes the critics and only few discover the inside.
The person you are currently trying to contact is out of reach. Please try again later, or send a text.
Living is what scares me. Dying is easy.
''Happy Valentines day'' - Do I look like im happy? ''urmm'' - Just go away and cuddle with your boyfriend ._.
happy valentines day
Some people come into your life as blessings, others come into your life as lessons.
Keep the faith and keep a positive attitude.