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I love Alison omg😍⭐️ How's everyone!? -Bec @liarsblog 💚💗
This girl though 😍❤️ @itsashbenzo << please tag her below! -Lily
Has anyone done a April fools joke/prank yet!? If you have comment what you did below OMGGG❤️😏 -Bec (@liarsblog)
This edit though 😂❤️
Hello lovelies ❤️ follow @flawlessliarsxx, @liarsblog , @littlelyingliars and @thetvdcastt
Hey guys! This is adorable ❤️ so sorry for bad editing.. I'm on my phone and had to mange with one app, not the app I usually use :/ - QOTD: How many siblings do you have? :) - I have 2 brothers! -Lily
Saw an edit just like this one and tried to copy it ❤️ it just looked really cool! -Lily
3x24 + •• •• What's your favorite season of PLL?
Hey guys! (Lily sorry if I'm posting too much, I just don't want your followers to go inactive.) Thank you guys for 14.1k we all appreciate it so much. Especially lily ❤️ Goodnight 💚💗 - What's your phone battery %? Mines exactly 50% 🌻 -Bec #prettylittleliars
Haiii beautiful people around the world! I seriously want ezria back 🙅 - What's the time for you? It's 11:42pm for me! -Bec @liarsblog 💚💗 #prettylittleliars
Hey guys! My names Bec I'm @liarsblog, I will now be co owning this account with Lily & Emma! I'm so excited to start posting! ilysm lily ❤️
Oooh 5x1! Can wait❤️
Alison is such a little detective. Xx, ~Emma
Hey guys! For all who are asking if Ezra dies, HE DOES NOT DIE! He gets to a hospital and he's signed on the show for 2 more years, and yes, that may mean a season 6 ❤️
Happy PLL day! AHHH. Season finale of season 4!! OMG. So excited but yet so sad! 🌸 • • Xox -Emma💞
Hello muffins :) . Lily hereeee
4x22 + Who's excited for for next Tuesday? Ahhh! "A is for answers" •• •• My name is Emma! | (@littlelyingliars) and I am helping lily co own her account! I hope you enjoy our edits. Xx.
Whoops idk why this deleted lmao
Love this pic of sel ❤️ @selenagomez #selenagomez