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Ann Curry
3. As seen in the Zurich airport.
Peace. As seen in the Zurich airport.
Just wrapped exclusive interview with Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani. Racing now to file. #IranOnISIS
Goodnight moon.
.@davidgregory Hoping "in place of this turmoil come confidence,integrity+dignity, heroic qualities all human beings...aspire to."-HHDL
I hope you knew how happy you made us. #RIP Robin Williams
Robin Williams Hilarious FULL Interview on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show - 1991 #RIP Robin Williams
From Malaysia Airlines: Nationality total on MH17- Netherlands 154 Malaysia 43 (including 15 crew & 2 (cont)
NYT: US officials confirm a surface-to-air missile shot down the Malaysian Airlines MH17 at about 30,000 ft.…
NYT: A regional European aviation official reported+ Interfax news agency also say M #UK17 was shot down.… #Ukraine
Reuters: Ukrainian official Anton Gerashchenko says Malaysia Airlines MH17 was shot down by a ground-to-air missile.
Malaysia's PM:"@NajibRazak: I am shocked by reports that an MH plane crashed. We are launching an immediate investigation."#Ukraine #MH7
Breaking, via CNBC: Boeing 777 Malaysian Airlines crashed over Ukraine in proximity to the Russian border, a (cont)
Do you doubt one person can change the future? Here's beautiful proof. VIDEO:
About to take you to one of the most remote places in Africa on @NBCNightlyNews
Watch: Inuit men invite us on a hunt and show us their vanishing world: #ThinIce
Respect, #teamUSA. You made us proud even so. WorldCup
Heading to @google HQ in a bit for a Hangout about Stonewall, 45 years later. U can join too here:
Breaking: More people are refugees today than in World War II. 51 million, more than 25 million of them children:…
Big political news: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has lost the GOP primary in Virginia to a Tea Party challenger Dave Brat.
Maya in her own words on courage and knowing you have been loved: #HonoringMaya
Often, I'm asked, "What interview is your favorite so far?" Here it is: Words can change your life #MayaAngelou
Brave photographer, Sebastian Rich on shooting with your heart: #DepthofField 2 Parts #photography
Thank you for your overwhelming and KIND comments about my 3 days on @NBCNightlyNews. Loved working for you. XO
Don't you mean rap this 😄R@AnnCurryy What a woman goes through to anchor@NBCNightlyNewss. Hey,@BWilliamss, rock THIS!
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What a woman goes through to anchor @NBCNightlyNews. Hey, @BWilliams, rock THIS!
.@briannanewtonnn Delighted. Good luck tonight!
.@PascoPrincess96 @JazzyGoldFish and I love you back. When I anchor, that's actually what focuses me. Love for the possibilities in YOU.
.@destimarie61 Bobbi brown red. Too bright?
@AnnCurry Dying 48 yo dad, husband & papa to 5 waits for a heart/liver transplant needs help. Please RT
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.@NickKristof with rare reporting on Myanmar's forgotten Rohingya:…
"What's the lesson, above all others, that you wish to teach?" Maya Angelou: "Probably the most important (cont)
.@Tydexx7 Understand the #FreeHappyIranians are released and President @HassanRouhani tweeted happiness should not be punished. @Pharrell
Congratulations to 13 year old Akhil Rekulpapelli of Virginia, who won the @NatGeo Bee today, (out of 4 million students!)
.@hmajd and I are getting ready for a webchat. You are invited at
Send q's via #TwitterDiplomacy @hmajd:"On set with @AnnCurry about to start live webcast on
Gearing up for a 2pm eastern webcast today on #TwitterDiplomacy at… Answering your q's. x
Finally watched #TwitterDiplomacy. You should too. Kudos to @AnnCurry & @hmajd for a brilliant documentary:… #Iran
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