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it feels so good putting my thoughts into lyrics
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“If your sister doesn't take every single article of clothing you have without asking or after you say no, is she really your sister??”
everything in NYC happens as soon as I go to Maine wuhhh
eaaaaaarly morning travels have me gone 💤😴
Good morning Boston MA, lets play
"I wish that after you've commented on someones baby pictures multiple times that they had to invite you over to play with the baby" oh my
check it out kids, unless it's too mainstream to support @maddynewton…
how gorgeous does Payton look during today's photoshoot?!?! THIS is what we live for!! #fashionaddicts…
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Last night was right out of a movie about friends. I love these two humans.
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going to the grocery store hungry is never a good idea
I love saturdays bc yard sales galore
“@mepeake: @AnnaliseMusic_ I got u. How bout pizza 🍕🍕🍕” NOW WE ARE TALKIN
“@mepeake: @maddynewton @AnnaliseMusic_ it means if you want #icanbeyourfrenchtranslator #yourewelcome 😘” YES I was about to hold auditions
I just want Harry Styles to be proud of me
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Friends is coming to Nexflix aka I'm going to my couch
I swear my buttdialing is out of control
I felt my iPhone 6 bend in my pocket!! Then I realized it was just a Poptart and I don't have an iPhone 6.
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“@BayleeBreanna1: Coming home and realizing I don't live with @AnnaliseMusic_.... Missing these two.” love you sm😢
looooooooooks like one of those sleepless nights because any and everything seems to be on my mind
for whatever reason I find it easier to write when it is storming outside. weird.
can't believe @DanielleTurner1 is 20...WHERE has time gone. Happy birthday beauty, this day is bout u love💖 sparkle like the star u are
“@HaleyMCampbell: Can't wait to move to Nashville so I can live with @AnnaliseMusic_ #dreamteam” pack yo things kiddooooo
Starbucks spelt my name right !!!!!!?!?!?
When @AnnaliseMusic_ drops by my house at midnight, I don't complain.
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I live for rainy nashville nights