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Anna Kendrick
Don't worry bro, it would just be photos of food and other people's dogs anyway.
Don't worry bro, it would just be photos of food and other people's dogs anyway. #SeriouslyThoIHopeThatGuyGoesToJail #Wheeeee
I was 12 when my dad showed me "Gentlemen's Agreement." I just watched it again and it's still lovely. (Hey kids! It's on Netflix!)
Hey people that only post inspirational shit: we know you’re nuts.
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Sometimes when I say I'm busy it's more that I'm trying to make sense of the chaos and disarray of my day to day life. Also, Bones is on.
Treat yo self. (Oh L.A.)
Girl, you might be drunk but you look FLY #JRoberts #LegsForDays
Wine + Emmys= I've learned which male celebs my gay guy friends would bone. And also my straight guys friends "if they had to"
> @AnnaKendrick47 is randomly live tweeting #emmys. It's fun because she's not really committed to a full live tweet. Must be wine involved.
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Silverman is Barefoot and #HAF Live your life girl!
#Repost from @nbcsnl "All over the world"
Girl, Roberts, the camera is back on you, focus up
I wish I was Bryan Cranston right now.
Why is the Emmys not just @billyeichner doing that for three hours?
Shout out to the old ladies who go to pilates so I'm only the SECOND worst in class-aaaand she's doing better than me.
How much do you think it would cost to have Tim Gunn be my personal trainer who's all "oh honey, just give up and get fat already"
Take it easy Santa Monica. #Aggressive
I'm still hoping that I grow up to be Keira Knightley. #FingersCrossed #DreamBig
This lady inspires me so much. She taught the pitch perfect girls how to get down and now she's putting them down in the ring. I love you CJ!! ........I mean.... I hate this Russian bitch!! @thelanawwe
Got double nominated today. I guess I'll have to double donate :) Challenge accepted @brittsnowhuh and @catherinegiudici. I nominate #AubreyPlaza #JohnKrasinski and @catdeeley #IceBucketChallenge #YouKnowTheDrill
I am helping @TheArtofElysium bring the arts to people in need. Donate to the cause and take a selfie with your own #ARTHeals sign. If we can raise $500,000.00 by Oct 1, I'll pick my Top 3 favorites and send them a surprise. Spread the word, get creative and raise those funds, weirdos! (I creative
#PPFamily #Lana #CJ @thelanawwe @brittsnowhuh @kelleyjakle @chrissiefit
.@joshgroban For real though.... cut it out twitter.
That was awesome guys, I am legit sweating from how fast that was happening but thank u 4 ur questions!! First Facebook chat - accomplished!
I’m live chatting over at the @BurtsBees Facebook page right now— let’s get our natural chat on!
Who says you can't wear a bold lip on a morning hike? Haters. That's who. @burtsbeesus #lipcrayon #lipcolor #hawaiiansmolder #backinLA :)
Farewell Mississippi. The southern sunsets were something else. #nofilter
O Captain! My Captain! Rise up and hear the bells. Rise up, for you the flag is flung, for you the bugle trills.
The birthday messages on here have been unreal. You guys never fail to amaze me. Lucky effin' lady over here. Xoxo
Krasinski found out it was my birthday and organized a trip to Graceland. #WorldsBestBoss #References
"Happy Christmas" is in a bunch of new cities this week and still available on iTunes! This is me lacing up my boots before my drunkest, most pathetic scene. Fun! (Photo cred: @melanielynskey)
Sometimes I think "I need to think before I speak" and then other times I think "I shouldn't leave the house or interact with people ever."
When Justin tells me that 3 more people are coming for dinner & 2 of them are allergic to nut oils: @AnnaKendrick47
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The first #IntoTheWoods trailer is out on Apple trailers!!! And probably other places too, I don't know, I'm not in charge of the internet.
Nice Cinderella Good Cinderella Nice good good nice
INTO THE WOODS is in theaters this Christmas and Cinderella may be dirty but she can throw shade
Back in action #Mississippi
Can I petition to make holding grudges an Olympic event? Cause I've been in training my whole life.
You can watch me get drunk and make bad decisions wherever you are in the world! #HappyChristmas
Holy crap. If you've never seen a @Cirque show put it on your bucket list right now #BeatlesLOVE