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"One Day" Press Conference
First look at Anne as Cat Woman!
I apologise for the playtime.. I was very busy
I going to place city! See you soon.:)
am lying down to sleep - I am worn out, goodbye!:)
MY MOM!! I love you. :)
why somebody is filling the address for me @AnneHathaway? could you remove this address? I want to have him :(
smiling.. and thanks for the followers :)
yes, i have a monkeys in background haha :)
I am bored and I am already here an hour, I am waiting for your questions. yes Emily! I am real Anne :)
And I Anne, visited my boyfriend from one hour ago, he is so hot! :D
I upload 3 photos!!.. i must upload soo much :)
I am feeling abandoned!! I am sitting at home, I can hear only a rustle of the beating rain into mineshaft.. :(
I be online 1 hour ago!!
I established the last night twitter!!
i visited my fan's icons, so beautiful! :)
"I am, i know, you hate me.."The TheDeVil Wears prada" film!! :)
Miranda Presly, like this.. I am missing too prada and Nigel from the plan.. good friend, good friend :):):)
I don't know why earlier I didn't think about an account on twitter, I am so happy now :):):)
I am just drinking the coffee, and I am thinking whether not to go to bed, I am worn out this way..
Hi! This is my official Twitter! I love You guys!!