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Anna Grafton ☮
@SheBlackDahlia@ginaaJUICE: Your partner says they slept with your best friend in yalls bed, what do you do?””fuck his grandma up
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rejection makes you defensive, so you protect your pride with your reflexes but life is a game with no reset on the end
time fly by way too quick don't it? reflection bring regrets don't it?
they tell me life is a test but where’s a tutor for me?
I'm a born sinner, but I'll die better than that, SWEAR
Should this be my last breath, I'm blessed cause it was purposeful... never got to church to worship Lord but please be merciful
People that do me wrong? I don't even trip too hard no more. That shit always come back around hard. 👌👏
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If you get a second chance, don't waste it. 🌍
A half truth is still a lie.
When you see your man talking to the hoe you don't like and he tries to hit you up later
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If I had one guess, I guess I'm just New Orleans 👌
Journalists and their constant need to use the least amount of words possible. @AlbertCesare at least I didn't tweet about baby kittens 💁
@AnnaGrafton the definition of humility is being aware of who you our actually. So same thing.
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Being humble doesn't work as well as being aware
If I could describe my entire life...
Hate waking up early like this. Y’all all ugly by the way
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"@PatrickCazer: I hate when people say you talk so "black" or so "white" -how do you speak a color?" but fr. 😤
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"If you scared to take a chance how the fuck we Gon get rich" is a motivating ass quote
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.@AveryYoung56 has me rolling 😂😂😂 maybe you should switch to wide
Fuck a circle, loyalty doesn't come in shapes
Another fun weekend with DJ K Touch 👾
My peep game hella quick and strong , I just be playing along . 🙇
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When me and bae get hungry at 3am... Late night grocery shopping.
It's not raining. God is crying because AuburnBasketball lost. #WarEagle
Students marched down the Haley Concourse shouting, "Hands up! Don't shoot!" and "I can't breathe!"
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Bruce Pearl said it was a "bad loss" because of blowing the 11-point lead at home, not because it was Coastal Carolina/Big South team
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@OhHeyRayeMay @AnnaGrafton oh great, more photographers. This can't end well for me.
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@JamesCrepea: @AnnaGrafton now you've got me on my best behavior.” You almost look like you understand sports.
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