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Anna Grafton ☮
I don't really dig that whole attached pathetic clingy feeling but fuck i Iove you 🌼
Couldn't make long drives without @citizencope ☀️🌀💚
Thank god for what you have. Trust god for what you need.
Learn who's really for you and who's just talking shit .....
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the girls who home rn are wifey type. i love a girl cool with just staying in and shit
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you're a keeper and ima keep ya
I'm going to go ahead and apologize for all of the texts I haven't responded to today and for the next few days. Busy weekend ahead! 😘
if people don't hate then it won't be right ♥️
Casually taking a nap in the arena parking lot if anyone wants to stop by and say hey. Just don't wake me up.
Life's a pleasure and loves a dream way down south in New Orleans ✌️
PSA: do not stop in the middle of the fucking road to let someone out if there is no stop sign or red light... you are NOT a good person. 🙅
Happy birthday @P_Reese82! Hope the next year is even better than the last year. ✊
My ex wanna work it out. Save it for the gym.
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He was a poor country boy. She was a rich city girl. They never met, due to geographic distance and rigid socioeconomic stratification.
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What would you do if, while shopping in your fave grocery store, int'l opera star #BryanHymel burst into song?
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If you lived in poverty growing up but your parents worked so hard that you never even knew it, they deserve to be thanked daily
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People don't change.. but I'll be the first to tell you people can change how they act and I believe in second chances.
@LukeBryanOnline: Y'all know where I can get some crab legs?” @JameisWinston
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How to tell if your kid is doing drugs 1. Are your drugs missing?
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me with all these flaws and you with all that patience 🌼
hearing about Julian Jones committing suicide breaks my heart. Plz keep his family in your prayers. Such a talented young football player 🙏🏈
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relationships are better when they're lowkey, but i still want everyone to know you're mine
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@mO_KNOWS_34: Tweet of the Century 😂😂” or his reaction when we aren't on time to meet him😳😳
If I fall in love with you but you don't fall in love back, I'm beating the shit outta you; Stop being so difficult.
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Life isn't about how many mistakes you make, it's about how many of those mistakes you corrected.
ESPN reported 107 decibels of noise on 3rd downs last night for LSU inside Jordan-Hare
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Dear Ole Miss, Thank you for beating Bama - Everyone
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So ESPN College GameDay isn't leaving the state of Mississippi. It will be in Starkville for Mississippi St. vs. Auburn. #CLANGA
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When it's bout time to pay ima bail on these bitches. Ayyyyye.