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Anmol Pinto
A Whole Bunch Of People On Facebook Thought Steven Spielberg Killed A Real Dinosaur…
I've seen a lot of videos on the creation of the universe, but NOTHING comes close to this sequence #stunning…
Got a notification from Facebook that a page I manage is the highest "One to Watch" in terms of engagement & likes.And we're not open yet :)
Giving up on your goal because of a setback is like slashing all 3 tires because you got a flat
22 People You Know Are Definitely Dead Right Now…
Ed Sheeran's new track is awesome!…
No, not working out. Meetings! (@ Talise Fitness - @Jumeirah)
+1 RT @GoldRushAg: I am Not the Same Person At 12am And 12pm
lol RT @wroetoshaw: Jose Mourinho after selling David Luiz for £50 million
I don't even care about the football but Brazil losing 7-0 against Germany is probably the biggest wtf moment of 2014
lol what? RT @FastCompany: Dream Job Alert: Get Paid To Watch Netflix In Bed
This! RT @FishPorns: Mum of 140 years with her 5 day old son. .~
That Chandelier song is pretty awesome. Sia's voice is unbelievable.
Before you speak, ask yourself 3 questions - "Is it true?" "Is it necessary?" "Is it kind?"
Lol RT @hamspamtymaam: A sloth is actually just a dinosaur that's taking forever to go extinct.
Dubai has the world's biggest mall. So it has to build another. Except this one will be as big as a city. Mall city? City Mall? Mallity?
Just saw "Fault in our stars". Thought it was going to be another cheesy love story but it was absolutely brilliant.
The awkward moment when someone retweets something you said 3 years ago
Why do restaurants let their delivery people leave the restaurant without asking them if they know where they are going?!
Since when did bicycles get so expensive? Geezus. I'll stick to walking, thanks.
Everything in excess is opposed to nature
Just tried unflavored, non-concentrated, organic aloe vera juice. Tastes like tequila and has mind blowing health benefits. Perfect.
Amaze RT @mashable: A robot valet will park your car at Germany's Düsseldorf airport:
Just found out there's a hip hop band from somewhere in the United States called "Air Dubai"
Lol RT @UberFacts: There's an 11% chance that people are lying when they say "#nofilter" on their Instagram photos.