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lemon grab
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Job applications can fuck off I'm too tired for this shit right now
He's literally ruined my whole birthday
Why is my dad being so mean about this, I'm literally willing to pay for basically my whole flight ticket and he still wont let me go, cryin
"you don't look gay" well you don't look like a twat but you proved us wrong there didn't you
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If my dad doesn't let me go to Ireland I genuinely wont forgive him
Just ordered Catfish and the Bottlemen tickets yay
Woah mum needs to calm the fuck down its not my fault she forgot her password
Had a 3 hour break in between lessons so I came home and had noodles for lunch wbu
warning: I'm unfollowing anyone who tweets or retweets a tweet saying 'it's the end of September someone better wake green day up' tomorrow
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My birthday is in 2 weeks!!😎
Parents literally never let me do anything like I'm nearly 17 I'm not a baby??
I look like a homeless woman that owns 5 cats on Sundays
Procrastinating by jamming to Joy Division atm
Nara is so chill
Arrival in Nara is A+++
this is in the bathroom in my school thank you sm
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getting older scares the fuck out of me
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I miss you but fuck you, I miss you but seriously fuck you :)
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She's literally throwing a party dedicated to me like wtf she's amazing??
I love Kotryna so much, I can't wait to see her when I go to Ireland in a month 😭💘
Falling in love at first sight with someone in public and you know you'll never see them again
One of those humongous spiders just ran across my bedroom floor & I near enough had a heart attack, looks like I won't be sleeping tonight 😩
"i’ll just keep telling myself that we met at the wrong time"
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the difference between "ok" and "okay" is very important
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There's a spider in my room 😩
Came home from sixth form and went straight to bed, so exhausted
It's only been 2 weeks of a levels and I'm already getting the urge to pull my hair out :)))
When you think ur doing good in school so far and then see ur grades
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So much homework + catchup work this weekend 😣
So many m83 songs are used in ads
Short girls are cute and adorable why am I so tall and awkward
My brothers hilarious when hes drunk
Thunder and lightning yay
I have like 7 alarms in the morning
17 in a month 😏
Having a runny nose is the fucking devil, I'm so pissed off right now my nose feels like its a leaking tap thats on fire
Kooks tickets sold out I want to cry 😭
It's only been a week of sixth form and I've already managed to get sick 😔
Dear Scotland, If you go,that's it. We don't want drunken phone calls in a few months saying what a huge mistake it was. Regards, The UK
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Feel absolutely terrible rn 💀🔫
Haven't been at sixth form for a whole week yet and I'm already sick 😭