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lemon grab
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Came home from sixth form and went straight to bed, so exhausted
It's only been 2 weeks of a levels and I'm already getting the urge to pull my hair out :)))
When you think ur doing good in school so far and then see ur grades
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So much homework + catchup work this weekend 😣
So many m83 songs are used in ads
Short girls are cute and adorable why am I so tall and awkward
My brothers hilarious when hes drunk
Thunder and lightning yay
I have like 7 alarms in the morning
17 in a month 😏
Having a runny nose is the fucking devil, I'm so pissed off right now my nose feels like its a leaking tap thats on fire
Kooks tickets sold out I want to cry 😭
It's only been a week of sixth form and I've already managed to get sick 😔
Dear Scotland, If you go,that's it. We don't want drunken phone calls in a few months saying what a huge mistake it was. Regards, The UK
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Feel absolutely terrible rn 💀🔫
Haven't been at sixth form for a whole week yet and I'm already sick 😭
My face actually hurts from this spot on my chin fk u
Really wanna see the kooks but I'm afraid that tickets are gonna sell out :((((
On the bright side i did have a free this morning and not have to leave as early woo
Sitting in the common room for 10 minutes waiting for my next lesson is scary hahaha...
So happy that I've only got 2 lessons in the morning today and then I can go home yayay
Getting up on time is so difficult :(((
First day of sixth form was quite scary but wasn't too bad actually 😊
train station today. My 5-yr-old turns to the ticket office man and asks: "are you #Morrissey?"
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