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Angel Vain
Learn how to build a bigger booty by following; @MotivationForSquats @MotivationForSquats @MotivationForSquats @MotivationForSquats
Today thru Sunday take 15% off on everything at @waistnotime except bundles. 🎉 Promo code is "July4" go to all your questions will be answered in the comments by @waistnotime they are awesome like that ❤️ _ This is a photo from my contest prep pre pregnancy. I do not use this wh
Join The Challenge! . TAP the link in their profile @FitGirlsGuide for details! 💕💪 . . THE 28 DAY JUMPSTART IS ... 💟 Full meal plan 💟 Full exercise plan 💟 No gym required 💟 Weekly grocery lists 💟 Vegetarian and gluten-free options for all recipes! . Follow @FitGirlsGuide
. 😍😍@Shonda1020! She started her fitness journey at 203lbs 😱 and now shares healthy recipes and workout videos to help you get in shape too!! . FOLLOW: @Shonda1020🌟 @Shonda1020💪 @Shonda1020❤️
If your NOT pregnant and looking to incorporate a pre-workout I suggest Max-HP by @primenutra and use the coupon code MARIZA for 20% off your total purchase!!💥 @primenutra #thebestornothing Things I take while pregnant that are approved for me are my protein shake's following my workouts I only us
You'll get there I promise just don't give up! ❤️ TAG someone who needs that little push this morning.
Working glutes this exercise is the truth!! Side walk with a resistance band this really works your side glutes. I walked 10 steps to the left and 10 to the right. 3 sets let me know how you do. My buns were on fire thanks for teaching me this on @artortiz3. #repost workout from a while back sorry I
In love with the new workout gear from @waistnotime these leggings are super affordable and the quality is awesome. Check the website out link in the bio prices on their clothing wear start at 20.00 plus use my discount code "Mariza10" for 10% off! This is also where I get my sport corsets from and
. No time for the gym? NO PROBLEM!! 🌟@Fithealthyworkouts🌟for all your exercise and snack needs!! . @Fithealthyworkouts🙌🏼 @Fithealthyworkouts👟 @Fithealthyworkouts🍓
. No time for the gym? NO PROBLEM!! 🌟@Fithealthyworkouts🌟for all your exercise and snack needs!! . @Fithealthyworkouts🙌🏼 @Fithealthyworkouts👟 @Fithealthyworkouts🍓
🍕Pizza Dip🍕 awesome weekend cheat meal! TAG someone who loves Pizza ❤️ ________________________________________________ INGREDIENTS 1 ½ cups pizza sauce 1 (3.5-ounce) HORMEL® Pepperoni Minis 1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese ⅔ cup ricotta cheese ⅔ cup finely grated Parmesan cheese ½ teaspoon drie
Yesterday you guys asked for sexier arms, less abdominal fat and legs and glutes. So I decided to post this for you. This is a full body finisher I grab a 25 pound plate I start at a squat lift up to do front raise for shoulders and then bring the weight back to do an overhead tricep extension. Try
Basically my Friday... 😂😂😂
I was asked to post a video of how to get sexy arms and get rid of the back arm fat. You have to work shoulders, triceps and biceps for shapley sexy arms. 🌟Tricep pushdown machine🌟 Put a weight on that your comfortable with I like to do high reps and low weight. But you do what's best for you and
CHEAT CLEAN with these HEALTHY Salted Caramel Oat Muffins by @colorfulfoodie! Get the Recipe on her page and follow😍! . 🍓@colorfulfoodie 🍏@colorfulfoodie 🍋@colorfulfoodie
Off to the gym this afternoon ☺️ hope your all having a great Friday! Just got my order from @jfitnesswear I'm in love with these blue leggings part of their new collection plus they fit me at 17 weeks pregnant 🍼👶🏽 woohoo! Their brand is super affordable ladies and great quality! Let me know what
You can't really tell buts it's an upside down French braid twisted into a messy braided bun lol 😍
Take care of your body it's the only place you have to live. I haven't let pregnancy slow me down, it's not an excuse to eat cake daily or suddenly skip the gym. I'm a sponsored athlete for @primenutra so my full time job is to show you that diet and exercise with the help of supplements can get you
Let's do this LOL #realitythough 📳TAG someone who can relate📳
Glutes with standing cable kickbacks !! This is one of my favorites. 🍑 _______________________________ Example of my routine today 4 sets of 20 reps 🔘Smith Machine reverse Lunges 🔘DeadLifts 🔘Seated leg extension 3 sets of 15 🔘Standing cable kickbacks 🔘Abductor Machine 🔘adductor Machine _
17 weeks #pregnant today 🎉 Doctor says baby is measuring a week ahead, he has a healthy heartbeat and is active. I'm giving you a side view to show you I have a little bump,!the front view doesn't give too much in pics. I took a week off from the gym but I've been back at it all this week. I did my
Off to the gym I love this one piece from @_loftboutique_ camo with see through sides, very thick material but breathable, moveable and comfortable. 👌🏼
🌟Shoulders🌟 I needed to do a set of shoulders but everything was taken so rather than complaining I made an alternative and got my shoulders done. I don't care what people think or about stares in the gym. Believe no matter what I will get my workout done LOL Here I am sitting in the hammer streng
@Fithealthyworkouts👈for all your exercise needs! . @Fithealthyworkouts❤️👌 @Fithealthyworkouts💪⭐️ @Fithealthyworkouts🎥🙌 .

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