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Angel Vain
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Last year when I competed I prepped through the holidays and it was so hard this year it was easy and I don't feel like I missed out on much. After over a year of eating clean, sweets and fried foods make me sick so i really don't crave that stuff anymore. If you want something bad enough you'll wor
40 min of 🎅 Christmas Day cardio complete I did 5 min of walking lunges and 5 min of jogging till I completed 40 minutes. Powered by @primenutra use the code "Mariza" for 20% off at @PJBraunFitness #gym #gymmotivation #motivation #training Pants and too by @celestialbodiez use
Merry Christmas 🎅 everyone! I'm so grateful to have you all as followers you support me when I'm down and celebrate me when I'm up I couldn't ask for more from a Instafitfam you constantly motivate me in the gym with your comments. Several times this year I wanted to give up, I pushed myself way be
Oye I haven't changed my number in almost 8 years 😂 this is always me I just learned to say Thank you rather than who is this 😂😂
To anyone going home to an unsupportive family stay strong and know your a beautiful amazing soul, your loved very much! ❤️ Stay true to you and live by your own rules to make yourself happy. Never let anyone make you feel like less than you truly are! Your amazing and I love you!
Standing dumbbell kickbacks 😊 I'm using a 10 pound dumbbell here 4 sets of 15-20. Focus on form don't worry about weight too much. I tell people all the time leave your ego at the door it's better to have good form than lift a crazy amount. Powered by @primenutra @PJBraunFitness #gym #gymmotivat
#bodycheck the goal is not to be stage ready or be losing weight it's to try and get healthy as many of you know I'm fighting with hypothyroidism im eating a lot and lifting heavy. In your journey to get fit pay attention and listen to signals your body may be giving you. Rest when you need to and e
My friend @LaurenDrainFit ❤️ and her buddy Max 🐶 She has awesome workouts and fun videos 😘 Check her out! @LaurenDrainFit 💖 @LaurenDrainFit @LaurenDrainFit 💖 @LaurenDrainFit
❤️Tag someone Beautiful❤️ "But even though she was attractive, there was something else about her that caught his eye. She was intelligent, he could sense that right away, and confident, too, as if she were able to move through life on her own terms. To him, these were the things that really mattere
My quads and Glutes are loving this growing phase... I told my coach I think we should back off training legs 😂 he was like NO! Legs (inner thighs) and glutes with weighted sumo squats. I'm using a 50 pound dumbbell here 4 sets of 15 I super set this with weighted step ups. Master your form befor
cardio with my sport corset yes I feel they work for me but nothing works without proper diet and regular exercise💯 If u purchase one please do not wear it tight make sure you can breathe easily. I suggest you purchase it from @Waistnotime because they do have an exchange policy to assure your safe
I have a brand new improved stack from @primenutra this stack is good for males and females. It's everything I currently take myself. ✅Phytoform ✅PreWorkout ✅EAA's ✅Fatburner ✅Glutamine ✅CLA This is a 30 day supply of everything you need. I highly suggest you try this stack for 30 days! You'll than
Dessert.... 🐷🙋 😂😂😂
Keep your skin soft and clear by exfoliating with @body_blendz #coffeescrub use my code "Mariza" for 10% off now at Photo from last summer 😉
King of Booty exercises!!! Legs and glutes with #squats the smith machine. 4 sets of 10-12 I'm using 90 pounds here. Master your form before going heavy. Powered by @primenutra @PJBraunFitness #gym #gymmotivation #motivation #training Outfit by @befit_brazil
Overhead press I do 4 sets of 8 reps with 30's if I'm being spotted I can start with 35's. Keep in mind this is my last 4 Reps of 4 sets so yes I'm tired. Right after this I drop the weight and pick up 15's and rep it out. Master your form before going heavy. Powered by @primenutra @PJBraunFitness
By @celestialbodiez via: Get your #Bootyscrunch orders in!! Use code MARIZA15 for 15% off your order!! We have several new items available now at 👈💫 Model: @mariza_villarreal
😍 Amazing body!! 🙌 @LaBella_Reina @LaBella_Reina #followher @LaBella_Reina @LaBella_Reina
So true! I will run through that so fast lol move kids 😜 Tag someone who would love this 🙋
Hamstrings and glutes with Lunges in the smith machine. 4 sets of 10-12 I'm using 50 pounds here. Master your form before going heavy. Powered by @primenutra @PJBraunFitness #gym #gymmotivation #motivation #training Outfit by @befit_brazil
Follow @InstaFitSociety, exercise tips, funny pics, videos and motivation! 👇😍👇 @InstaFitSociety @InstaFitSociety @InstaFitSociety @InstaFitSociety
Stay Blessed Clothing... BLESS A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER WITH A GREAT GIFT THAT CARRIES AN AMAZING MESSAGE... "FUELED BY FAITH" @_stay_blessed_ @_stay_blessed_ @_stay_blessed_ SPONSERED ATHLETE: @mariza_villarreal #stayinblessed Photo by @mrlewis82
I am using my stairs to do squat jumps I am doing a variation of my legs together and legs apart to work different parts of my legs and glutes. Go faster than I am here I suggest using a counter and doing 60 seconds then a circuit of 3 other exercises. Your workout should last 45 min with no breaks
I love STRONG women so I was so excited when @tonoatonousa announced they were launching a superhero line!! My first pick was my all time favorite the Frank Cho graphic of Spider-Woman!! These leggings are thick and no sweat stains they are stretchy and I believe I'm wearing a medium here. Get yours
I just received my order from @mybillionairelifestyle 🎅🎄😻 to get all your jewelry pieces! Check out @mybillionairelifestyle