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Love talk
Cute guys are for fun but when it comes to marriage they are not so cute after all.
When you wanna undo things in your life so bad an just have to live through it feel all the emotions an accept the choice you've made.
For now I just wanna sleep till life's ready for me
Happy independence day from 1962-2014 (52) years to all of our Jamaican friends an families.
Dear young girls losing their virginity...... if your age is on the clock, Your too young for the cock
I lay in bed every night an over think every thing
Never settle for less than you deserve
I dress the way I feel
Sometimes the wrong choice bring us to the right place
Old enough to know better too young to give a fuck
Before bed thoughts are everywhere in my head.
Sometime you've just gotta stop an find Your rhythm because life has a rhythm.
This little girl is rescuing the fish from drowning adorable
When a bitch pass her place an my conscious is like it's cool we'll kill her later
This the best book ever like your right there in each scenes love it to the fullest never gets old Real An Raw
IDGF I ain't up for no bullshit in my life
Somethings I wonder why he does what he do....
Going no where but yet so far
Stop being so skeptic about things let it run free
Just say fuck it... an move on!!
I miss all some or part of it I really don't know
Be patient with me. :( I still wish you'll understand
Happiness is a mood, and its a condition not a destination.
I felt the angel cry...
Sometimes things happen an you can only wish for the best of luck
That ackward moment when he looks at you an your already looking @izabella_blake best moment ever
Stump the yard really love the movie but this pic is better
Lmao I be like that the moment I start driving an see the cops coming
Intelligence plus character that is the goal of true education
This bitch eyebrow is the square root of ugly
Don't be such a stuck up bitch life has many reasons for you to smile N be happy
Late night movie all alone on the couch
Will Smith couldn't have said it any better