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Breaking point: My love has a limit
What's mine is fucking mine...I'm here for good, respect that bitch!
Never take a niggah with a lot of baggage of his past
I miss JAMAICA!! Land of vybz Food Beach
If I could go back to the day I met you I would have stayed home that day
Me an bae Sex Smoke weed Sex Typical relationship
Feeling fucked up down to the bone
I wanna sleep so bad an I won't put the phone down an go to bed but instead am on Twitter tweeting.
God is doing smt wonderful in me smt awesome an incredible an only he will get the glory
Every year u pass ur birthday and N know that u were born that day but every year u pass your death day an have no clue.
U think long distance relationship are stupid?
This is basically how my life is set for each day :),.............
Your wasting my time....(:)
To get a girl's attention just give her love an affection
I've reached my breaking point
Conceal don't feel don't let them know
When am mad I speak with my eyes
Somethings fall apart so better things can fall together
Why do we joke around if we say we're in a serious relationship?
A real woman has a real job an can hold her man down through any kind of shit
A girl should keep her swag up keep looking good for him even after she have won his heart wears the ring an care for the kids.
I got your back boy when your high when your low boy I promise I will never let you go
Can't raise a man if he wasn't raised right before you
How you know you've got the right one?? when your so use to been with the wrong one
Life lessons are to be thought to your kids
Stop fucking around. An get real
If you believe in your dreams then your dreams will come through
Why you gotta be such a spoil rotten bitch
I need a niggah that's down for anything
When you first fall in love with someone you've got to accept his past An look to appreciate his future
Things are just about to get drastic up in here
Don't study me I can say a niggah ain't shit an be laying on is chest like...bby your the best!
Love as a lot of meaning an sayings
Look how much things u tell them an it's like them would a use it gainst u smaddy way u use to rate make u haffi a plan fi fuck them up
Mi naah lie it fuck up when you fine out you fren fake no fuck look how you check fi inmate him so much...
I do it all the time I just chill with my music an block everyone out @izabella_blake
Family an friends can really be good an bad for your relationship
I've got a lot to live for I've got a lot of people to prove wrong