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Lately am tuned into disappointment
I don't find you funny at all
Killing it like a motherfucka
She was killing it bitter sweet
Poems and love stories are better well written when you've known an felt what's it's like to be that person.
When true love comes around it may not be the cute girl or guy that we want but it's true love an it sure does over look most flaws.
Ain't nobody in the world but you an I
Put only your trust in the heavenly father that is Jesus Christ our Lord..
God still work miracles
With God all things are possible
Thanks be to the most high!
Another day where am one step closer to my goals in life.
I love myself and am contented with what I have
The smallest things could make the biggest mistake.
Why does bad thinks happen to good people
Loyalty as well is very important as trust in a relationship
Some people change for the best others for the worst
What is life now a day's
Alkaline: on fleek forever on repeat.
I found a game that you'll really enjoy. And it's free! Download Solitaire for Android! Get it at
Burning gold Christina Perri
Opinions are like assholes everybody is entitled to one.
Sheldon Cooper quoted that he put the fun in Big Bang Theory
That much bored till you just sit an go through your own thoughts an look at your own tweets an smile at the dumbest shits you post.
Some people live just to play the game, I play the game to pay my dues
For every bad reason there is to lie there is a good reason to tell the truth.
It was once said that; Love is giving someone the ability to destroy you but trusting them not too.
These tears always win.
It's been awhile am.not who I was before
The most adorable pups ever! Am in love :)
Your a lucky niggah if my mean ass like you
Use your enemies like a bridge to cross life's obstacles.
We fall down but we get up, by God's grace we are saved.

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