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ninja moves lagi @iamralfh18 😓😂😬
Maja for dessert courtesy of Riza #lastlunchwithher #dispedida #fotd
Obeah Tiffany Baculi 5th Birthday
Wow! Thank you Lord for the opportunity that just came in.. Sana maging successful po..
Galing! @KyleJennermann Canadian national wants to be Pinoy - Yahoo Philippines News…
Just visited by Bitay & Munding.. walay laing trip cge lang katawa...
Ayt! Done todays task, time to sleep.. Thank you Lord God #alwaysfeelingBlessed
Ouch!!! Goodbye Jonathan and Carey #48thDay
Converse cap, sunglasses, slippers... few of the things Shaun bought from his first HB salary... keep up the good work tay..
family day: Anesha - making dresses for her teddy bear Shaun - watching youtube recipes using my cp me - doing my task.. #happy #satisfied
been listening to this music since HS, but only now I learnt the meaning of the song. #feelinchills Tupac-Changes:
not TGIF for me coz I still have duty tomorrow, but heck! I'm off to SM!!
Jhai's birthday treat #pizza #22ndbirthday #groupselfie #Talomolaterthatday
Done with my task.. Weew! Thank you Lord for the day you have given...
- w/draw salary n UnionB w/ Noch & Leo - Watched Transformer: Age Of Extinction w/ Tty @NCCCMall - dinner together #PorkBBQ #SummaryOfToday
Yey! paypal verified! haist, sa wakas...
I liked a @YouTube video Rootsriders ft. Mitchell Brunings - So Much Trouble (Bob Marley cover)
Bob Marley reincarnated! Galing! @mitchell Brunings - Redemption Song - The Voice Of Holland Season 4: via @YouTube
Uwian na!! Have a great weekend to all... #rainySaturday
article writing done in 2 hours... wooooo!! - feeling SUPER!!
oh my! #excited Feasibility study up for LRT project in Davao City…
17 Photos Of Before-And-After VFX Shots…
this video made Anesha literally jumped offf her place... lol.. it's just morning but it made my day..must watch…
First day of school #mca #gradefour
Happy Father's day Papa, Tatay & Kuya! :)
Happy Father's Day Papa, tatay Shaun, and kuya Bong!! and to all fathers in the universe! on @muzy
yey! Kumpleto na school requirements ni Anesha sa school! excited na ang tateng, pero wala pa ang uniform..haist
what a day sa office earlier. nag eksena si sir Will and sir Ace. I'm gonna miss sir Sid :( not so much with sir Ace coz we'r not dat close
People jumping off the Heat bandwagon and swimming to the Spurs
Retweeted by Angel
I need a superproxy!!! — feeling tired
Monica VS Nicole (Hambog Ng Sagpro Films) - The Legal Wife Parody: @blitzkyle13 via @YouTube
Happy 6/11!!! 💃 🎉 🎈
grrr... maka stress samot ang tetris!!
multi-task pinakalit, doing call while sending doc..
Just had an interview.. geez.. I hope I did good..
Goodbye long, curly, messy hair.. hello short, layered hair...
just cut my hair short and i regretted it..urgh! dont like the outcome.. why does it always look nice on youtube?
wow, 4 hours scrapping done.. #discoverednewtechnique
Done breakfast.. laundry coming up..
Ahahaha.. la lng sir @hermanamayora nkarelate ko bag o lng.. mkalabad sa ulo..