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Ndoda Eqotho!
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You lying. That's a toy. @Mickzo: I just saw this car just 5 minutes ago ko The The Entrance*
Ndakubetha apho! @LoloVandal: @MoNeOa hey BbY enjoy yourself ♥
Being hungry at this time is not my style
What are you saying now? @ThembaRadebeer: Izinqa lezo RT _KUNCHI_: ThembaRadebeer Your avi looks like Mandla Mandela
I am hungry now.
When i am at JHB , i want to meet @leri_k and @DumaNtando and ask them for a date-nyana.
:(:(:(:(. My matha is asking em. What must i say to her now:(? @imfamass: Bhut_TurnUp my contact gone shhhhhh
I missed you guys...
That name bought me bad luck on ch!cks @KayMcu: Bhut_TurnUp @Azzy_EC @snyjah @KayMcu why though?
What about Mxit , WhatsApp , Facebook , Pep Text , 2Go or Instagram? @DjayEskay_Sa: SNAPCHAT - djayeskay_sa
I'm back! With a new name cc @Azzy_EC , @snyjah , @KayMcu. I AM NO LONGER "KUNCHI" NOW.
Awundihoyi and awufuni sidibane. @KayMcu: _SmartMampara haybo kthen unditefela nje?
Hela! @snyjah. Nanku unyana kho lona kudala umfuna noku khumbul' khaya. @IamHasty:
072 657 3747 @imfamass: _SmartMampara its all good ill make it happen thou
What team was it playing against with? What score did it lose with:( @imfamass: Madrid Lost how thou
Oops! My bad. Forgive me. @imfamass: _SmartMampara I lost my fone so I need to get my contacts back on this new one
Damn! That long? @imfamass: _SmartMampara ill back to with in 3 days on da order and times
Sms "wadi" to 37618 (sms costs 7,50) and u nice RT @_SmartMampara: @SeanPages Where can i download it?
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Good morning! Brand new week. Brand new day. Brand new month. Brand new season.
Are there any @HeadHonchoSA stores in East London?
What is the name? @imfamass: _SmartMampara I got a hook up wen u need them
I am giving up on her now. I will no longer bother her again. I am done with her now and for good this time.
This weekend will be a #NAFUKWA in Amalinda.
I can't wait for this weekend! I can feel already.
Where is it? @DjayEskay_Sa: Pop Bottles We Inside!!
How about we meet up? @KayMcu: _SmartMampara I live in HavenHills
This weekend i will be in Amalinda.
Gcwala! @Blomzit_Avenue: Workin away from the office for 3 Days :) how awesome
Do the right thing and catch @TipsnTones on @TheLinkTVShow this coming Wednesday and also @AmandaDupont will tell us about her fashion.
#KnockKnock Whoever stole my MICROSOFT OFFICE will not EXCEL. I have filled an APPLICATION with Police, U have my WORD. RT if u get the joke
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I am 100% F.Y.I @_MphoRanko: _SmartMampara something must be wrong with your crazy mind
When is the repeat of @skyroomlive tomorrow?
So you don't want to know me? @_MphoRanko: _SmartMampara I don't have time for bullshit ☝️☝️
Visit for more info. @_MphoRanko: _SmartMampara dude who the F*** r u ???
Maybe @snyjah or @Azzy_EC. LOL! @Questionnier: Cc that tweep who takes breakfast without brushing? #SaturdayAmQnA
Thank you to all our incredible music loving #SRL fans! @TheRealMandoza killed it! You know it! See you all next week, same time, same place
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Nini ngoku? Uyaxoka! @teepeetime: Did i just hear nizonya on skyroom?
Mandoza is killing @skyroomlive. When is the funeral?
Daku bethe unye apho! Yintoni ngoku? Sundiqela kakubi. @_MphoRanko: My lover @MsCosmoDJ I'm forever stalking ur gigs
The reason i keep on changing my twitter handle is because , there is someone who is stalking.
Ndaxoka nga lento ndiyithethayo? @KayMcu: _SmartMampara haybo boo!
Can't wait @ginger_trill: #ROTY the return baba ...