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Anele Mdoda
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Tuesday 8:30 pm SABC 3 RT @popsandbeauty: Kanti what time does this @TongueInCheekSA with @Anele show air?
Dainty Frocks :) RT @rozalia_w: @Anele Hi Anele. For the last few weeks, you've been rocking African attire on set. You look Amaz-ing!
Guys the way I don't trust Spider-Man for shit ! I would sooner call ADT
Kakbi ! Sileqa I beeeeg days RT @LootLove: Ikhawulezile leveki.
He is standing like y'all are intimate ! RT @Joanna_Jewell: #throwback #mtvma with Mr. #MarlonWayans
Our entire @TongueInCheekSA panel is crushing on your editor @GRAZIASAmag
Security guards are out here selling our patterns to people.
If the decisions are about getting food...yes RT @Fact: Recent studies have found that being hungry improves strategic decision making.
Millions of you smile in awe of our music, comedy, inventions, athletics, fashion, etc. but when we're not entertaining you, you hate us?
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@Anele 25? Yay! That means I too qualify for a eurorail discount. The EU and Madrid be missing you wena. Come act ur age here!
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Don't watch with your partner if y'all aren't happy RT @SizweDhlomo: Cc @Anele RT @JackDevero: Need to watch Gone Girl... I hear it's proper
See now RT @SizweDhlomo: Cc @Anele RT @JackDevero: Need to watch Gone Girl... I hear it's proper
Thanks @Anele for having me on #947Drive, watch out for the podcast of my US and UK anthems. Tune in next week for more!
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@DeepFriedMan THAT WAS AMAZING! @Anele @AlexCaige @947Highveld please soundcloud the parody of the UK anthem, ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!! 😱👌😝🙈🙊👍
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"My feet are so ugly I'm about to charge them rent for being with my body" :"D only @Anele can say that on radio #947
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Coming up @DeepFriedMan in studio to sing the REALISTIC national anthem of the UK. It is bound to hurt, cause the truth hurts #947Drive
@Anele becoming a household name around here!!!!! Love you Anele and appreciate you so much for being yourself. #keepitreal
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What ???? I cant believe I just won haha really thought I was going to get the laugh haha :-D thanks @Anele @AlexCaige @947Highveld
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Turns 25 this weekend ------- > @AlexCaige BE AFRAID !!! RT @Emally13Me @TongueInCheekSA so I really need to get that vid of @Anele falling... where to find it?
LOL! The way @Anele always assumes I have everyone's number! I'm convinced she'll ask me for JayZ's number one day.
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Shocker. “@Anele: @janine_j #LaCampagnola is the most racist restaurant in town !!!! I wish they would just come out and say no blacks !!!!”
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Make it the next #LeXhosaNostraAffair venue. Just for control🔥🔥🔥@Anelen@SizweDhlomol@_Zanieanie
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I want to do more man sana RT @_Zanie: @Anele @SizweDhlomo Boycotting it we shall ! 🙅
More RT @Margstalicious: It is in Bryanston. We've also had an incident there before. @SizweDhlomo @_Zanie
Bryanston RT @SizweDhlomo: We need to get at them like an email address. RT @_Zanie: Where is this racist LaCampagnola restaurant ?
@Anele loved the lira interview and the rest of the show more of a diversification programme from this hectic week
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La Campagnola RT @fcfortune: @Anele @janine_j that place is so racist. refuse to eat there. I've heard some disgusting stories from friends.
Being an adult basically means having the right to do things you no longer have the time to do.
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Noooooit RT @Johrne: @Anele Dis 'n dooddruk ja. 🙈
Mmmmmmmm RT @RobForbesDJ: @Anele Nah. Mine does that when I'm out of service reach? Maybe they're in a tunnel.
By mistake RT @JoburgGreg: @Anele yes. I blocked @AmyRusike for about 2 months (by mistake) and that's what happened
Guys if a phone rings once and goes to voicemail, that means I have been blocked mos ?
wa KA KA 😂 "is Lira gone?" can't get anymore#ProudlySAA than that!#clapsoncee �@TongueInCheekSAS@Anelele
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Well, Celltone gave us a specific number :) RT @JulietBothma9: @Anele is so hilarious, Lira can't get a hamper #TongueInCheek
Thank you so much :) RT @Johrne: @Anele @TongueInCheekSA She is probably the most real and true to herself SA celeb I have seen on TV.
BWaaaaaaaaa RT @AmbientQueen: Anele having her Oprah moment on the show! Lol!!! @TongueInCheekSA
Well no one was willing to give theirs up RT @michaelhittinge: Bwahahaha woooo Anele you kill me! " Is lira gone?" @Anele @TongueInCheekSA
Aga shame RT @SiphokaziMadMaz: @Anele ah, now I'm jealous....wud love dat hamper...wud luv to be part of ur live audience
Love @TongueInCheekSA. Every Tuesday I seem to get hooked in front of the TV.
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Noooooooo RT @EW: The 2015 Golden Globes will be Amy Poehler and Tina Fey's last:
AAaaaahhhhh *screams out load* first tym watchin @TongueInCheekSA n I must say my Tuesdays will neva be da same @Anele luv u gal n grt show
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@TongueInCheekSA where have you been all my life! Hilarious! So interesting
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@TongueInCheekSA I just want to say even though Natalie is retired, she is still a role model to millions, including me...
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