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Andy Diggle
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Not everyone can be JK Rowling, but everyone deserves the chance to be.
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If you haven't read SAGA, VOL. 1 yet... now is the time! Get it @comiXology for only $1.99:
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Scientists work out how to make matter from light, 80 years after theory first published.…
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If your Tweetbot for Mac is crashing. Quit and paste the text below in Terminal defaults remove com.tapbots.TweetbotMac remoteConfiguration
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My console game auctions end today:…
Hmm, not just me then. Someone at @tweetbot is having a very bad day…
There's no comics for kids nowadays? This tweet from @PageFortyFive MAKES YOUR WHOLE ARGUMENT INVALID…
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Well that's annoying. Tweetbot for Mac crashes when I try to compose a tweet. Deleted and reinstalled, still no dice. Harrumph!
Confirmed: nothing the Tories won't sell off. RT @jjwood01: Please no.
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"Since her death in 1979, the woman who discovered what the universe is made of has not so much as..."
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A moment of quiet dignity and respect for an international cultural icon...
Pay what you want for over 60 issues of Doctor Who! @humble
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That’s a recommendation, btw, in case it wasn’t obvious! #WicDiv
Gillen and McKelvie’s THE WICKED AND THE DIVINE is the Gillen-and-McKelviest thing Gillen and McKelvie have ever done. #WicDiv
"UKIP is the id of English conservatism writhing free from the national subconscious" @geochesterton nails it in GQ…
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Okay, let’s do this*! *Make pancakes.
As the reviews are all over the place, please ask yourself if you want to see an actual fricken GODZILLA MOVIE and act accordingly.
Joe Wright's HANNA was a big hit with my daughter.
MUTO is a mofo but Godzilla is all like COME AT ME BRO
Godzilla is a badass. Godzilla don’t give a fuck.
I just made myself grilled chicken with cayenne and lime zest and it was amazing. That is all.
The only thing between puissant and pissant is u.
Shall we play a game? I’m selling:…