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Andy Diggle
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. @io9 Impossible to choose between “Get away from her you bitch!” and “Gaze into the fist of Dredd!”
In fact Drag Me To Hell is pretty much a Night of the Demon remake, right down to the musical cues. Nowt wrong with that.
Night of the Demon, The Woman in Black, Drag Me To Hell… What do they teach us? Stand well clear of railway lines.
THE IRON GIANT (1999) Director of Photography: Steven Wilzbach | Director: @BradBirdA113
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I guess I’m in a witchy mood. Next up: Sam Raimi’s Drag Me To Hell.
As the Vicomte de Valmont so eloquently put it, “It’s beyond my control.”
Somehow I’ve ended up watching Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. It’s not great but it has Gemma Arterton in it and therefore must be watched.
Without @PatMillsComics, 2000 AD would not exist and comics would not be the same. Happy #EditorAppreciationDay, chief!
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The CIA Hacked Senate Computers, Lied About It, and No One Is Getting Fired
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Right, the wife and kids are away for a couple of days. Time to make a raging chilli and put something violent on the telly!
I am happy to report that Guardians of the Galaxy is a lot of fun.
Found my very first 2000ad story page today. Acrylics and inks. 1999 (!)
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The CIA admits to hacking the Senate Intelligence Committee that’s investigating the CIA:…
Okay. I say it's a nice opportunity to thank great editors. Creators, who are your favorite editors? #EditorAppreciationDay
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Young boy in #Gaza pretending to be a journalist with his home made flak jacket, had to lend him my helmet.
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The winning photo from the 2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest:
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Woman arrested after posting photo of George Osborne at prostitute’s flat.…
So, we want some kick-ass YA heroine recommendations. We have a lot of love for Penryn in 'Anglefall,' but who else are we missing out on?
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I finally caught the new Apes movie the other day and was hugely impressed. The outbreak of war felt like a real tragedy - as it should.
Wait, wait— Guardians of the Galaxy is out TODAY? I can just, like, go and see it this afternoon? #yess