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Andrew K. Hilbert
I should have chosen CUNY instead of JUB. #MissKittyKyaung
The only thing I can be proud of MMRD is the gym!!!! They fucking have a gym!!!!
Le Cat so black that even niggers dare no call le cat nigger.
When le cat closes his eyes, he sees chickens and pigs.
Sheep in the sex city? :O
The kitty in white, the kitty of New York, the kitty is Le
Actually I picked up dick phone for dick-tionary n now dick.
You can fake a smile, but you can't fake your feelings.:') Bish, I am soooooo seeing your pregnant.
I though it's magic murshroom and that little girl was thinking it's a dick. #RIP #innocence
Never get too attached to anyone unless they also feel the same towards you, because one sided expectations can mentally destroy you.
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Being a research analyst sucks, when he/she has to rely on suckish FGDs.
Shit, if i were to work that hard in the future, i promise i will marry no one.
My hypospermia is lessen by my shit load of responsibility.
Never had enough time space to talk to her. I will take her to the moon. The moon that molested my sister.
Lunching alone. Damn why did I even tweet dat?
Dear Paul, you should not have shown me her picture!!!!!!
MacTrast Deals: CrossOver 13 – Run Windows Software On Your Mac - Just $29.95
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Want to learn more about @SmogonU RU? Watch this "crasher course" video to see what to prepare for!… #Smogon #XYRU
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Shiny Charmander giveaway! To enter all you need to do is Retweet! Follow cause I plan to do a giveaway every week!
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Ha loe Ma thar taxi drivers!!!!