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Andrew K. Hilbert
But Guys :( she's a nice hooker. 😿
I wish I forget you and move on. I wish.
Been too kind to the Parkistani pudus
At this rate, Le Cat will learn 0 French N German.
Damn it guys. It's called cognitive reappraisal.
Minority Talks fail!!!
Dushae ? Douche smile!!!
We have Paul Erkmans and James Grosses in the room :(
Comic books ain't sources for superpowers
Why does Monday have to be meatless 😿?
It's sexTember 😿 Nooooooooo!!!!!
Let's touch each other again. Whore.
The best thing about life is "nobody knows that Le cat is on twitter". I mean nobody!!!
She loves being touched 😺. Whore
The other other Aung; he treats Le cat as if Le cat were a porn addict.
I will have your kittens anyway. RIP
You should have been making many kittens for me.
Should some crack from my black neighbor? He must have then because he is black, nigger.
Miss the club fair, slept like fuck.
What the fuck they have done to our rice and curry 😿
Where's my breakfast now? 😿
Oh , Le cat over slept.
Is it a date or she's just a friend? My knees are killing me.
Fucking or friendship? You will never have my love.
Le cat should has either raped her or asked her out a year ago. How sad, how remorseful, how pathetic.
If Bremen is heaven, yes she's in hell for sure. Insured.
Wine festival (@ Courtyard by Marriott Bremen in Bremen)…
I am sorry. You are so sorry. Close our eyes and see the ghost in me. Where have you been so lately.
Typical cunt, I am free from.
Sweeter? Le cat want it blacker and darker. Sad n cold. Not sex n gold. Bad N bold.
Of course, I miss you. Wish you were here. I know how much you like Europe.
A Magna Carta for the web. We need it.
Because the gay spotify let me no log without fuckbook
Sausage eating engineers.
Selfies in my Instagram as well. Kill Le cat please.
Deactivated because I am sick and tired of those Asian selfies ( some cock-Asians as well ). You win-I lose