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Andrew K. Hilbert
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Introduction to Empirical Research
Le cat do not understand people as much as they don't understand meow.
The fuck of being Le Cat.
Old Books are the source of all liberal idea. The new books are either shallow or punishious.
Different women same sout chooooooe'
Her hair like Rihanna's pube 😿
Single 😿 No-one to love, n loved by No- one. No fucks to give, yet still fucked. Horny X Lonely X Final = life Fucked
Fuck meow like waaaan of those black girls.
Having Ice lolly in the winter night literally makes Le cat the coolest guy on the entire campus.
Apple Watch Jailbreak. . Vote: Yes = Retweet + Comment, No = Ignore
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Give her your phone, she will poop a selfie.
Different women, same sout Kyint ~ sexist Emo cat.
Le knew it all along 😿
Le cat has the dream that one day Le cat could undo the text messages 😿
She won because Le Cat let it so.
Over-researched Le cat felt ( having read the whole Putnam ), no Le cat has not said they
Black girl. Sexy. Too black; scary.
Happy 2014 blow job :3 awwwwwwww yeaaaaaa
Le Cat tricked her :3 <3
Gym music so manly that it breaks my uterus.
Lei Yie loves Sai Sai Dumb Hlaing, Kitty Kyaung likes K-pop, Duukuu lives JB. Fuck me rite?
Hits Songs of 2014, 99.8% of them does not mean a thing. Shallow shitz.
PlotTwist: Le cat loves the cod better than your pussy.
She said this cod is better my cock. Le cat concurs
Today she dressed up as if she were DC's the joker.
Was ist Das? Get laid or get stone?
Relationship goal: shut up and suck my dick.
Le cat's tail is growing and glowing 😺 sleazy fucker
Loneliness is bad? Maybe, but you actually are not.
stop with the relationship goal tweets, nobody cares about how bad you wanna suck dick in a foreign car & spend money on your fake eyebrows
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Respect to Hilary Duff for being one of the few Disney stars to remain sane 👏
Retweeted by Andrew K. Hilbert
Single Testicals came in y'all face....... LIKAWreakingBALL!!!
Does anyone want to give le Cat a free apple ear-pop? Or is there a place where he can get a cheap second handed one? :'(
Freedom from love affair nigger.
Bitch, bitch, bitch. Let me go back to Burmesze chic. Closure but less dramatic.
Enough is enough ( you don't sayyyy )
Something touches me deep inside my panties