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Andrew K. Hilbert
It's better to be feared than to be love. - Nicolo Machiavelli. In other word, don't be a pussy but be a bitch.
We are constantly at war. War itself is the beauty of life and death.
Trust issue. Gotham, now it's Le Cat's. You do not know the European!!!!!
Honestly speaking, she should not move in to the campus.
Le cat n his closet-benevolent sexism. ( ironically enough, not Anniemore )
Sexual Jealousy leads to Wed-locked. Either way, in evolutionary perspective, the mAles are born to be pussy-whipped.
Why? Why? Why? Do people thinks Le cat is gay? Why???
Hey guys, hi gay. It's Manday, babe!!!
Le cat needs Peter!!!!!!
Who would want a sexually desirable partner when you are prone to sexual jealousy?
This tweet is a subliminal diss. What's yours?
Unfollowed MMM-Zarchi's Instagram due 2 excessive selfies; was hard because she quite often shares quality peaces but Le has to be honest.
Virginia Woolf, Kate Chopin ain't feminists. They are just misunderstood horny artists.
It's salacious coz he's infatuated.
Wish Le cat was ein Kartoffel so that she could bake it. Maine Freaudinen put her bütter on me before she could taste.
Protective paternalism, sexual pattern recognition, heterosexuality = masculine sexual jealousy.
She's moving in. Much drama in expected. She's so desirable that will keep me jealous. In fact, Le cat is already jealous preemptively.
Pangu Team working with Saurik to release Pangu iOS 8 – iOS 8.1 Jailbreak with Cydi soon…
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The Best 20 Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks for iOS 8 — iOS 8.1
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Buying the 3DS and #ORAS is Le Cat is own academic demise.
Pokemon TCG <3 is killing the meow now and Le Meow's future. Even before the release of #ORAS
Finally have my heart divided by four; New York, Rangoon, Sydney and The south of the Berlin Wall. There she smiled, her smile Galore.
Women as the objects of desire, as mothers, as wives and as romantic objects, for heterosexual men. On the other...
Before it was where the rebels meet, "Under the spreading chestnut tree I loved him and he loved me There I used...
Attempting a YeeSar Sagar to Ma Htet's sis; got brother-xoned. Lee lar?
Morale of the story: that's how we are fucked.
N Le cat is not a Chinese waaaaaaaa 😿
Nope, Le cat is not a Buddhist.
Dat awkward moment when your GF still thinks you are gay even after great sex.
Queen Elizabeth II sent her first Tweet today whilst visiting the @sciencemuseum in London.… #TheQueenTweets
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Three women one cat. What will the women do?
Dear Intelligent people ( and other humble fags ) out there, Le Cat has little disagreement with the professor in...
La France is a Faq therefore it is Le France.
So Le cat is taking Hegelian Aesthetic for the intercession. What a way self-cock-blockery.
Reggae Shark Just wants his Janger.
States are cold monsters that mate for convenience and self-protection, not love. - Michael Howard. Until the...
People hate QR codes bc they're unreliable to scan, require a separate app. Fb Rooms' screenshottable QRs solve both
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Read the North Atlantic Treaty and ended up being Awe-stricken by how mighty and grand a Burmese Actor be. All hail "NATO".
You think "bananas in pajamas" is salacious enough? Think again, banana in virgina. :3
Is drug abuse a post-materialist value? Well, Le cat just have to scratch his kitty ear while on dope.
Human n Box do not intertwine, I have have you arrested for this crime ~ Smosh's Boxman <3
The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame....