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Andrew K. Hilbert
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This is a fake check-in 😸 (@ Lufthansa First Class Lounge in Frankfurt am Main)…g
Senior Citizens first? Fuck, I wish I were 85.
God fucks the King and the General Primeminister.
Free Food, motherfuckers!!!! (@ Royal Orchid Lounge in Bang Phli, Samut Prakan)…
For a twisted fuck like Le Cat am, humanity is divided into two class: tools and enemies. For the poet: everything is a gift.
Le cat is the best at turning Down Bitches....... On what's app 😿
Oh Down please. You won't but you will.
Krush please, smile at me. Bookodo, reminded she. Marry him you may But die as we.
Confession: I have , I have not stalked her ever since we have departed. N yes, I never stalk anyone since 2012. Proud of it.
Positing "anatesa", impermanence, as the universal law. Is it an irony, a paradox or an oxymoron?
Even my dick smells like whisky.
Oh fuck, it's still Friday.
Can't bolieve I spent that much just to talk to a prostitute.
If course I love her. Ironically, I bare talk to her. :) I am happy that she is happy. Yes, this is one of the best win-win departure.
I told you this place and I have history. Gosh.
Well, see I do not always check in.
Straight to the restroom (@ Ocean (Shwe Gon Dine))…
Summerslam rematch at night of champions? Are fudging kitten mah?