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Andrew K. Hilbert
N G, I know you are watching me :D You funny little
@AndrewKhilbert dont act like ppl do not know ur affair with DSY Daw Myo Myint got PCP kicked out
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Nietzsche's "The Gay Science" is filed under the "Gay and Lesbian" section on Amazon:…
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Finally I decided to block Dotty
3 most common fatal errors in Burma: Letting your life flown over to the celestial realm Obeying Allah's Order...
Ms.Hugsalott, why the glare that glows?
Literally, Le Cat's heart cannot take the medicine anymore. Existence is terrible.
Beauty is the signifier of Goodness. A Good trap.
You don't have to eat the whole shit to claim it is shit. Lenin, Marx, Plato, Buddha, Weber, Luthar, Mohammad or...
Life is cruel because you fall in love with ideas all of which cannot be objectified.
May death come to me unsuspected.
Or just Ignore me. I am not your friend
Can't we just love each other like we once before without stonewalling, without pretense, without having to care what others think?
Why is my personality so unbearable to you?
Dookoo, please give me another chance. You know I am the one who loves you the most. Why do you hate me?
Le Cat is not a friend.
Shake it like a polaroid picture.
အမ်ိဳးေပ်ာက္မွာစိုးေျကာက္စရာ ************************ လူသားမ်ိဳးႏြယ္ လူရယ္ ဝါးျမိဳ လူကို လူသတ္ ဘုရားဖ်က္လို့...
Greeting Hamburg. Time to Pow Woah To the Mooooon.
Allah <3 — feeling peaceful
May I spill some coffee on you again? Ready when you are.
Le Cat came — feeling peaceful
Sout Gwat lay o phat yike like tel :3
"Man without city-state is either Beast or God." - Aristotle Dear Mr. Aristotle, "Man is the measure of all",...
What if my grandmother has fap at her grandfather 🐈?
Life is the marriage between our two Sovereign masters: Pain N Pleasure.
Violence of legitimacy is legitimating violence. War is the symbol of humanity. Life is nasty brutish and ,thanks God, SHORT.
Humanity as a whole is as absurd as my whole fucking life. Time to disconnect and masturbate. — feeling peaceful
Humanity as a whole is as absurd as my whole fucking life. Time to disconnect and masturbate.
Dead people want peace!!!! Not war!!! Just kidding. Since they are they have no say. So the powerful decide and...
Fuck the powerful. - The meek.
Fuck you ISIS, you twisted fucks.
Fuck you France. The dead people ain't excuse to create more dead people.
Fuck Legality, Fuck Legitimacy. People kill people for killing people. Symbols turn men into mindless slaves of...
Support your local petite bourgeoisie. On sale, so soon it's back to full price alienation!…
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