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Andrew Kennedy Hilbert
The 2010 constitution of Burma is a shame to humanity.
Censorship is never justified on utilitarian ground. When you restrict the flow of information, in the long...
Le cat ate .......: a black cat, Yummy Yummy. A black crow, ouchy ouch!!! A black Man, mmmmmmmm... It was a mouthful.
Time is the most tremendous healer, and hope, the most treasonous destroyer. We, the few, the dirty few. The...
Today, Le Cat has become a Myo Chit Muslim from DSA. 78969 will rule the world.
I am the best in the world.
Eindra Ma Han Suu Moe Sabei
Suddenly you could not find her.....
Comsumtion, utility, and virtue. You are my hedonistic kitty.m
Father day? No, it's just another blow-job Sunday. Mother fawkerz.
In the mind of the rats, supporting NLD makes one a Muslim.
Doing Yoga. Le Cat yoga flames happens, when Yoga fart from the lady in front of meow is felt.
Punctuality level: Period Le cat bloody delivers.
Jennifer Kyaty Murshroom is also coming to Berlin this September.
Some bitches on Facebook ( former class mate(s) from Stateschool ) = fucking annoying. You conts are giving Le...
Le Cat tastes her body, she ate meow soul. Meow kill her lover and made her my hoe. L'État, c'est moi! Die Katze's Glory N Gold.
Polishing my butt so that boys care bout meow. 🐈
Yale Kyaw PEP Sir Micheal Kyaw Htet
It's Le "nigger" Cat. Nothing sold out like an existential sell out.
Things we own always end up owning our asses.
Ms.Hugsalott, do you love Le Cat?
To kill a mocking bird: a classic about a nigger being raped by a lonely white virgin whore.
I man free from Khun Min....... Nope until I stop it's all gone. Not more anger but only disgust, Contempts, guilt and projection.
Jesus North West, Get yourself a dragonite. We are flying to the moon to meet Jessica Wabbit.
Pusheen is a girl. Le cat's whole life was clouded by the work of the Cartesian demon.
F. Scott Fitzgerald taught Dr.Maung Maung to respect green light. Ko Maung Maung did not get Fitzzy's sarcasm. Never trust a textualist.
Heraclitus was known as the "weeping philosopher". Why was he weeping? Because someone stepped into his river twice.
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Dramatic marriage of the ideal and the truth. It never ceases to thrill man's enlightenment project with a simple...
"Benjamin committed suicide in Portbou at the French–Spanish border while attempting to escape from the Nazis."...
#NowPlaying "A View To A Kill" by Soundtrack All Stars from James Bond Soundtrack Collection ♫
"Wat is power?" Asked an average Muslim Kalar to crippling Logic of 969. ( Pun intended, Wat = Pork in Burmese )
Confession Cat: Le cat has always wanted to study to become a Supreme Justice...
Oh AUNG Hein, Le cat wants to fuck you.
Tried tinder and saw sluts on College. Bye tinder
It's okay. Daddy ate your mother. She was as sweet as you are. Daddy loves you and mommy. Don't be scared.
Love is the Fear of Death on one's face.
On her Birthday, he promised he would never kill her. Either he's a fucking idiot or she has owned him.
#NowPlaying "Today" by The Smashing Pumpkins from Rotten Apples, The Smashing Pumpkins Greatest Hits ♫
Le Cat's man crush: King Barrette <3. Would go to bed with him.
Music suggestion anyone? Le cat want it diverse in genre.

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