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Andrew K. Hilbert
Take my words back, this class is awesome.
Stat class; as sleepy as fuck
I wish I could knock on her door and fuck.
Sometimes love can be so complicated; you just can't call her and tell her that I will fuck her tomorrow evening after class.
Be a cunt and change the world.
Attention fuckers!!!! Le Cat is back to Rangoon.
International kitties > Bitches
To be the man, you got to eat the man.
In NewwwwwwYoork, the tall murican guys will Phin Neik you, Black guys will despise you. :|
Dear DooKuu, y U have to be like one of those Burmese female who does not text me back!!!
Singing in the shower, dancing in the mirror? Lee Lar Nyi Ma Yar? Lee Lar?
While la bitch is partying in Hamburg. Fuuuuuu!!!!
Le Cat so Emo that Le cat miss that traffic light party :'3
Getting my swagger back.
Let Ke cat tell you a story. It's about Reggae Shark :3
Le cat has been giving the Germany a never ending series of culture shocks for a month or so now.
Download these great iOS apps and games for free for a limited time (October 2)
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I love you, Aung Hein. Will you marry me?
Dear professor, it's not John Locke. It's Kant.
18th Century Enlgihtenment? It's not John Locke!!!! It's Kant. What the duck is wrong with jacobs.
Lousiest Cereal Le cat had ever had in his entire franking 9 lives
Too drunk that Le cat did not even know he was online in bed.
Good Morning, O Sweet child of your mother. Are you a boy or a girl? Professor Oak is on dope again. Holla again...
The Pokémon Trading Card Game now available for iPad
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iOS 8.1 brings back the option to switch to 2G, 3G or LTE
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Sprint offers to ‘Double the Data’ of latest AT&T promotion
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You Can Now Download The Windows 10 Technical Preview by @alex
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How to add Rich Text and Photos (including GIFs) in the Notes app in iOS 8
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Fuck it. Let's be all nerd and fuck with the reading :3
Y U no come to the party with meooooow.
Gosh, Sexual Jealousy!!!!!
Sh*t, Le Cat is introvertedly desperate. Le cat is a girl inside this skinny cat body.
Less and less productive everyday
Fear the truth as it can kill Ya. Like a Buttery Fish, her Buddha hair reigns; to Le Cat's chubby furry tummy,...
Jacobs' Cheerleading Crises? Fuck my ass okay?
God Married in Netherlands? Bitch please, Le cat is an average Asian.
This might sound quasi-Freudian of Le Cat: What if life is all about "love and sex" while discounting...
CATddicted — listening to Ravel, Maurice - Bolero
Dat Sine Waves — listening to O Fortuna (Camina Burana)
I completed a Runtastic heart rate monitoring activity with #Runtastic Heart Rate app…
The cat sky says to the cat mind" Let's make love to the Mother Earth"
Not sure idle cat were just lazy
Le Cat is pondering about how would Jean-Paul Sartre responds to fundamental attribution error? What could have...