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Andrew K. Hilbert
After attending today's empirical research class which stressed on research ethic, Le Cat finally realized the...
My France dream is shattered after realizing that it requires me a GPA between 4.0 - 3.0 to dream so.
Le cat's favorite Germen lady will be here in 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.......
Even in the lecture <3 life's good — listening to Pomp & Circumstance
Pomp and circumstance? Le cat just listened to it last night!!
Symphony No.9 and No.5 and Lorde's team Ba am ma sine but still cool.
The one that got away. - Le Cat's favorite pop.
Thanks to Myint Kyaw Thu, Le Cat now has been inspired to craft a classic called Anarchy, တုတ္ ၾကီး, and Burmese...
In BUM, we do not veto or protest and bitch about anything. Instead, we troll and or block people.
The female member of the interview team obviously likes me. Le cat is getting job and blowjob at once.
Le cat is a crusader after eating oyster gel. Yeah yeah c3 yeah.
Roses are Cats. Violins n the Moon. Her anus turns purple. R2D2. Beep beep boobs.
Le cat do not selfie n Le cat is proud of it.
Dear Apple haters, Be jealous. Sincerely, Le cat.
These germen really know how to cook fish.
Le cat's negative psychoanalyst has decked KhantLiNOo guilty syndrome 😼
On insurance forms, drivers have described their accidents in words such as these: “An invisible car came out of...
If only Le cat do not buy that awesome Pokemon game.
Here is my Kwar Tweet: My Mum promised me the gold Apple Watch for next year. 😻
When Le Cat's downtown and Le Cat studying alone in the IRC 😿
Le Cat immunity to the Demi-Gods-imposed social conformity makes him a beast. The men will be ordered to slay Le...
In the absence of hierarchy, the powerful have to be pretty little liars to retain their banana. Le cat means we...
Lol, Le cat thought Le cat was the only retard in the campus. Sooo wrong !!!!
Sleeping in the library.
Chocolate croissant 😻😻😻😻
Le Cat is not totally useless for her yet as long as he could give her cheap like. Le Cat is no just important. Oh, My trivial existence.
Becoz Le cat is fucking closet Marxist
Globalization ? You mean ever existed capitalism?
Amnesia, Le cat suffers from.
Dear Dr.FJ, thx very much.
Chose Fried Onion as a topping for my Burger. Shit tastes like home.
Racist laws by the racist military to please racist populace.
Art is so subjective that anything can become one when viewed it with grace.
Art is subjective. Anything become art when one view it with grace.
Actually, you are right. :) you are no longer a cat.
Feeling Emotional Diahreaa — listening to Gymnopedie No.1
:'3 Le Cat — feeling emotional diarrhea
I put my sunglasses at night. 🌚