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Andrew K. Hilbert
#InTube by @PowerSDev is the best way to download video directly from YouTube app!
This is a fake check-in 😸 (@ Lufthansa First Class Lounge in Frankfurt am Main)…g
Senior Citizens first? Fuck, I wish I were 85.
God fucks the King and the General Primeminister.
Free Food, motherfuckers!!!! (@ Royal Orchid Lounge in Bang Phli, Samut Prakan)…
For a twisted fuck like Le Cat am, humanity is divided into two class: tools and enemies. For the poet: everything is a gift.
Le cat is the best at turning Down Bitches....... On what's app 😿
Oh Down please. You won't but you will.
Krush please, smile at me. Bookodo, reminded she. Marry him you may But die as we.
Confession: I have , I have not stalked her ever since we have departed. N yes, I never stalk anyone since 2012. Proud of it.
Positing "anatesa", impermanence, as the universal law. Is it an irony, a paradox or an oxymoron?
Even my dick smells like whisky.
Oh fuck, it's still Friday.
Can't bolieve I spent that much just to talk to a prostitute.
If course I love her. Ironically, I bare talk to her. :) I am happy that she is happy. Yes, this is one of the best win-win departure.
I told you this place and I have history. Gosh.
Well, see I do not always check in.
Straight to the restroom (@ Ocean (Shwe Gon Dine))…
Summerslam rematch at night of champions? Are fudging kitten mah?
Needs a fudging motor bike with a pussy on the seat. Wait i have been forgetting to wear underwear the whole fudging week. Ouch
You can look but you can't touch? Well, in my case it's the other way around.
should thank Peter Moe Kyaw staying with me this late.
Yeaaap, My facebook became a dick.
Stop being Kitty Kyaung. I will find you and I will fuck you.
It was my best-friends' dip-stick
Aman Giri <3 I should eat less Bum.
Well, Le ct actually likes the fucking joke.
Fuck, always got tricked. Never trust the speaker on the phone.
It's training not tanning.
Drown in the golden valley
My wish to gaze at her while she make love to her cell. Ruined as I expected. The tragedy is itself is as it hurts.
Dear Austin, please your selfies really discomfort me. If only you n share no connection, my fuck you will roar to heaven.
My boss gave me a shit hand shake :3
To worry or not to worry? What is a question?
One of my classmate is Chinese and she's female. Most importantly, she's hot and naughty.
Two Albanian Chicks in the class of 2017. Fucking hot. Life is moving on.
Had enough of U Naw Church and left.
If there were really sets of laws that government the empirical realm of existence, there would not have been...