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Do you enjoy making people smile? Apparently not sense you're a bitch.
Tweeting nonsense is my favorite thing to do
Haha these two are best buddy's my #puppy paco on top and my step dads dog on the bottom idk how to spell his name it's some weird Spanish slag but they always sleep like this #dogies #dogs #haha #animals #buddys #bestfriends 🐺🐕
Not the best meal in the world for me but I don't have to worry about water weight for a few months plus its lower in cals and fills me up. anyways I'm enjoying some #chickenandricesoup with a side of #quinoa mixed with #brownrice and a #hotchocolate #proteinshake (just used hot water) getting some
#Summerschool is not the bee's knees but what ever im #gettingahead
I think we all knew #thewayplatinum was going to happen i mean c'mon its @ArianaGrande like c'mon ;)
#DontWakeMeUpUnless you are @ArianaGrande telling me i need to get up and make you a bomb ass breakfast
#DontWakeMeUpUnless you have a new face just laying around
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😕 1of the worst feelings in the world but its true its been happening a
#IDidntTextYouBackBecause you don't get emojis 😩😩😰😠😓😓😴😆🍈🍒🍓🍇🍈🐗🐯🐮🐺🐨📍🇰🇷🇺🇸🎭🗿♥💮🕤➕♥🐑🐯🐹🐶🐰🐰🐑😁🐔🐤🐍🐦🐟🌔🌝🌘🌕🌙🌀❄☁🌊😫😩😅😢😡😓😷👍🙌👍👍👐👏👈✋👞👘👗👔👚🙇👫🙆👯👰💌💕👣💛🍬🍑🍒🍶🏊🍼🏄⚪⬜🔺⬜♥
#IDidntTextYouBackBecause im #gyming and its bad #gym manners to text in between sets
#TheWantedLife well what i want in life is to be the 6th member of @onedirection
some days after im done #gyming i just don't really give a fuck about things
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I'm sorry the answer we are looking for is infinity plus infinity
Bowowow chicka Bowo
#ThingsHoesLike to move small amounts of dirt around....
Could go for some Waffle House buty and are coming in sooooo no
Good day of training
#FollowMeFrankieG bro c'mon i mean c'mon follow me