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Andrew Bloch
So whose church is it?
So whose church is it?
Picture caption of the day
Bono has made more on his Facebook investment than in his entire music career. His 2% investment is now worth about $1.5bn #FacebookFact
Vine of Usain Bolt getting knocked down by a Segway has already been viewed over 6 million times in under an hour
That awkward moment when you knock down Usain Bolt...
Happy National Burger Day! McLovin' it at Frank PR 🍔🍔#BurgerDayD#FrankPRkuXj
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More guns = More gun related shootings. Not rocket science really. /@ezraklein @piersmorgan
McDonald’s rejects teaming up with Burger King for Peace One Day stunt
Burger King approach McDonald’s to join forces and make the ultimate burger, The McWhopper, to promote world peace
What a shot! 80 meter backwards basketball dunk from top of The Orbit… @LucozadeEnergy #FindYourFlow
Work phrases that should be banned... Drive the deck Ping me I don’t have the bandwidth Reach out Let's take this offline
PR Stunt of the Day: Engineer works out winning 'poohsticks' formula /@VisitEngland
Each dot moves in a straight line via @SciencePorn
I am 87% sure my local paper doesn't know how pie charts work.
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Well, this is ironic... via @AlsBoy
Banksy has released an official trailer for Dismaland:…
Donald Trump spotted in tub of butter /@_youhadonejob
In one minute: 4.1m Facebook likes 1.7m Instagram likes 1m Vines played 347k Tweets 694 Uber rides
[London ad agency] "Hey Clem, I've finished the artwork for the #tubestrike tactical tweet" "Put it down, Dave. It's over. It's all over"
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Frank PR is hiring. Jobs in London, Manchester and Glasgow. Get in touch @Manc_Frank @Mc_Frank_
Today is Sean Connery's birthday. Here's a letter he allegedly sent to Steve Jobs when asked to appear in an Apple ad
Pleased to see that the identity of the horse has been protected
Great Insight - 100 days in PR: The differences between PR and Ad agencies:…
You can actually mix up the headlines from tomorrow's Daily Mail and they still appear equally legitimate and mad.
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Excellent photo/headline combination on front page of tomorrow's Independent
Silly season story of the day: "The Queen Makes Surprise Appearance In Traffic Cone"…
Useful flowchart: Is it acceptable to use the term "reach out" in the workplace?
Unfortunate headline/photo combination:
Great job description: PA to Jermain Defoe Tasks include: Watering plants. Stocking fridge. Creating a global brand…
Delightfully dismal #Dismaland #Banksy #westonsupermare
Delightfully dismal weather at Dismaland today /@MrASingh #Banksy
I continue to be taunted by my grandfather's killer
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Let me take a selfie #zoom #streetart #moscow
Excellent picture caption via @thiingsbydan
Unfortunate headline/photo juxtaposition on front page of Daily Mail /@Technotoaster
Possibly my favourite pie chart ever
New Banksy piece in Weston-Super-Mare for Dismaland
Banksy's Dismaland website :
Banksy to open Dismaland Bemusement Park in Weston Super Mare on Friday

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