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Genius Prince
I liked a @YouTube video Empire Cast - Battle Cry (feat. Jussie Smollett) [Audio]
I liked a @YouTube video from @TheMCAKing MCA Rodney Walker - 3AM MOTIVATION
I liked a @YouTube video from @TheMCAKing How This Orlando, FL Dad Went From Broke To 6 Figures A Year
I liked a @YouTube video from @OwnagePranks CRAZY Walmart Movie Return Prank - Ownage Pranks
I liked a @YouTube video from @dmpranks Killer Clown 5 - Apotheosis! Scare Prank!
I liked a @YouTube video $6059.90 in 5 Minutes .Live trading a few minutes ago June 18th 1:30 pm EST
I liked a @YouTube video Anonymous Message to DeLorean
I liked a @YouTube video PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V
I liked a @YouTube video AYDEN X CHRIS BROWN - Love More (Remix)
Action takers are Money makers! No more 2014, and no more excuses... You either will see success this year or...
I Love This Crazy Woman󾌵 (Not Just Because She Didn't Eat Those Cupcakes󾌴󾮞
Never forget your real priorities in life. When your work ethic is in function & coordination with your...
If you’re not succeeding fast enough, you’re probably not failing fast enough, and you can’t have one without the...
Most people don't make or never made a dollar from home, and a lot of people make money online but not enough to...
It took floyd nearly 5 years to read the contract #Bruh 󾌴󾌺
You're Failing Already If You're Not Trying. Andre LePrince #FlashbackFriday
"She said you're my everything..I love you through everything.." We used to dream about that moment... CRAZYYY!...
They would rather hate you than congratulate you because you're living what they're dreaming. #MorningThought #Focus
Trying to get through all my inbox before Walking fingers burning o.O #PainBeforeGain
far away from my family..closer to my'd be like that sometimes..but when you want to stop living in a...
These aren't bad at all for flyers right?..It definitely speaks loud and clear�
Real pure Italian high quality bar chairs for...1K each?󾆐..Not available anywhere online or in stores?󾰮󾌤...
FaceBOOK! They should add a "business friend request" button and a 5K list of business friends.. Plus, a...
Do I Look Like I've Been Scammed?... You see... Working online allowed me to meet the woman of my life, travel...
Success Happens When You Start Laughing About Your Failures.
God's Work Makes The Dream Work.
Shoutout To All The People With A Dark Past & A Bright Future.
Dream Come True! We Recently Bought Our First Condo! Thank You God󾍛#PH22!!!#WorkHardPlayHardd#PowerCouplee#Ownerss
A #Pisces knows everything and the moment they meet you they can read you like a book.
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A #Pisces can see right through you all the good and the bad. You don't have to say much because they already know.
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#Pisces don't believe anything until they see it for themselves. They literally can see directly through anyone's deception.
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I don't have any resolutions at all. New Year, Same Hustle. Why wait for one particular day to make a decision,...
Enjoying life is the most important thing☀️
There's Too Many Ways To Win To Only Focus On Your Failures.
Your life will change for the better once you start acting like you're the master of your own destiny. #LateNightTHoughts
The Plan B Is To Make The Plan A Work. — feeling blessed
Drake would be folding sweaters at the Gap right now if Tupac and Biggie were still around.
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As a #Pisces you know how to throw your worries out the window and just live your life.
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A #Pisces will forgive you for the first time,but that doesn't mean they will tolerate anymore of your bullshit.
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#Pisces are always generous with their time so appreciate it because not people get that opportunity.
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