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1 HAM 2 ROS 3 VET 4 RAI 5 BOT 6 HUL 7 GRO 8 MAL 9 VES 10 SAI 11 ALO 12 PER 13 KVY 14 ERI 15 RIC 16 BUT 17 MAS 18 RSI 19 STE #JapaneseGP
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Nger, tusuk aq — Haha anjeng ko ya…
VERSTAPPEN: “I can tell you nothing has changed in our relationship [with Sainz]. Everything has been cleared, we’re ready to go again"
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When it is pouring rain outside, but in your heart its always raining men
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Arsonist by Firebeatz —
@NoobFromUA ya i dont care if ur sorry youve been called out before, plz stop using other peoples content for your own monetary gain
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.@NoobFromUA um if ur gonna make a video ripping video/audio from my stream could u at least ask for permission, this isnt the first time xd
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step outside your comfort zone
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They Don't Know Us
Better than life
i have been kicked from eg after winning ti. i actually hate people
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1. i finish high school this year 2. i drop out of high school no other choices i made my choice
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Also I just want to thank everyone for the insane amount of support. I already have a finalized new roster (sry no public info). I'll be ok.
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I am going back to school, unsure what my role in comp. dota will be during the time, probably substituting and doing some coach-esque stuff
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Reddit posts: arteezy arteezy arteezy ppd bad eg bad arteezy arteezy universe bad arteezy eg bad arteezy reshuffles arteezy arteezy
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Nyadar diri aja sbnrnya
When people tell you to stop playing videogames cause you're too old for them
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We are your #ti5 champions! Bleed blue!
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Jealousy is love and hate at the same time
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I actually smiled old man fear...
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Today I lost million Tomorrow I dont know
Icefrog nerf Team Secret please. They are just too damn strong
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Harapannya banyakkkkkkkkk
Apa biasanya alasan orang" saat gak bosan" dengerin satu lagu itu ituuuuuu aja tiap waktu(?)
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The Man Who Can't Be Moved by
Are we done here?
Gada gunanya jugak pura2 diem seolah2 portal ke dimensi mana gitu. Isi hati sama pikiran bakal tetap itu jugak.
Relax, kita tungguin. Sampai malas nya hilang.
:D gitu memang kalo udh bukan punya kita berasa makin makin dia.
My lifesteal ♫ DotA (Radio Edit) by Basshunter —
Setiap org punya cara sendiri. Bukan dari perlakuan.
Im fucking idiot
Lindsey sterling
😊 ♫ Sound of Goodbye by Tobu —
Haha gapapa gilak2 sendiri. Asal ngerti aja karna apa
Why the man always must be carry? Can't it be the other way arround?

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