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Ana Marie Cox
Killing something, yes, I think. RT @PaulSchlake: Ted Cruz is killing it right now @AFPhq #Dream14
@anamariecox I was into rejecting modernity way before ISIS was around. #HipsterTedCruz
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So anyway I spent my Saturday afternoon watching Ted Cruz. NOT TOO LATE TO PLAY WITH THE CATS, tho. #balance
Cruz ending speech on the image of “a grassroots fire that is sweeping this country,” bc BURN IT DOWN, I guess.
Cruz mocking ISIS for wanting to “reject modernity” is also…something.
I mean, come on, if Cruz is implying a bear is automatically more powerful than a cat, HAS HE SEEN THE INTERNET LATELY?
Cruz says “the Russian bear is encountering the United States kitty-cat” like it’s a *bad* thing…
Really glad Cruz specifies the need to repeal “every word” of Obamacare because waitaminuteGOPgovernorsandMedicaidexpansionwhat?
Kirk Cameron is a brave, brave man. And Jesus is *delicious.*
Cruz calling Democrats “the do-nothing Senate” is, um... something.
#3 PROFIT RT @perival: @anamariecox #1 no amnesty #2 golf jokes
@anamariecox dumb name, but I guess Prosperous Americans For a Favorable Regulatory Climate would be too big for the bumper sticker.
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Cruz just compared AFP’s approach to politics to lighting a marshmallow on fire, so I”m already glad I tuned in. (He’s not wrong!)
Not sure how this happened but I am somehow watching the Americans for Prosperity lifestream and Ted Cruz is about to be on. I may comment.
@anamariecox Or perhaps a professional revenge dick-punching service.
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There should be a Name Your Harasser Day; maybe if we ALL do it at this same time it’d be hard(er) to retaliate/mock/deny.
@anamariecox @chrislhayes Hard to ask "everyday" women to stand up when those in power won't.
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RT @kevinroose: Just hung with @GroverNorquist at Burning Man. He’s enjoying himself very much. (No, he doesn’t have a playa name yet.)
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Gillibrand issue, solved: There should be a Whisper-meets-Yelp app for anonymously reviewing serial sexual harassers.
Win RT @chatelainedc: Duke Ellington playing, a panorama of DC for a view, the temp more like RI & friends randomly gathered on the roof.
My point re: Grillibrand, btw, wasn’t so much “she’s terrible for not naming names” but rather, “What lesson does it send to not name them?”
::bows:: RT @TomAdler: She doesn’t need to name names not anyone’s business @anamariecox is a trouble maker and always looking for problems
@anamariecox Cats performed some important science experiments. You know, the usu.
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I will be talking Gillibrand, btw, with @chrislhayes and @irin.
PEOPLE OF TWITTER: I have returned from hiatus and will be on your TVs tonight on @allinwithchris. That is all.
"Watch Ferguson Shooting Take Over Twitter In Mesmerizing Graphic" from local to natl to intl story in days:
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Scott Olson, the Getty photographer arrested in Ferguson, has taken some of the most iconic images of the protests
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Tried explaining #ferguson to not-very-political pal. Got halfway thru and, him: “That’s just fucked up.” Well, yes. The short version.
Tonight's match-up: National Guard vs Citizens Past match-ups: Local Cops vs Citizens Highway Patrol vs Citizens #Ferguson
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Getty photog Scott Olsen getting his hands zip-tied with an exasperated smile on his face. Very classy.
Scott Olsen's work in Ferguson has been breathtaking. Journalism is not a crime…
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The late sixties were an excellent era for social deviants, punch-drunk pseudoartists & irresponsible self-publishers…
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Journalists in #Fergusion: Call (800) 336-4243 if you are arrested or need other legal assistance. @rcfp's press freedom lawyers can help.
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Glad this isn’t timely or anything. RT @HistoryInPics: A policeman rips American flag away from 5yo boy, Miss., 1965
Just 76%? RT @pewresearch: Holder to meet in #Ferguson on federal probe; 76% of blacks skeptical of investigations
I love BuzzFeed, I don’t believe serious and fun need a wall between them. But I will never get used to this.
Would Dems giggle abt Lehmberg arrest video if the ideological poles were reversed?Because it’s gross that the folks on Fox revel in it.
I wrote a thing last week -- here it is, folks!
There is a strange belief among all Americans that if all have "good hearts" or just "care more" history will somehow become irrelevant.
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Someone mentioned this yesterday, but part of the problem is overestimation of the power of "caring" and an underestimation of policy.
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"I was defending your mama's honor." "With your face?" "Yell 'Bye!' louder." This is perfection. #FridayNightLights
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