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Ana Marie Cox
:( RT @evandmac: Emoji/Quote of the day from @EvanMcSan’s piece on NFL political fundraisers:…
Goodell: I fucked up but i can fix this. I missed the problem but i can find the solution. i failed the league but i can repair its image.
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I may be only one who feels this way, but I'm less interested in whether Goodell stays, more interested in whether/how NFL changes policies.
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Field Museum strikes a blow against the patriarchy.
McCain wants us to “promise” we will defeat ISIL or else hypothetical young Syrians won’t volunteer to fight. Obv that can’t backfire.
Not with those shoes. RT @YahooFinance: Jimmy Choo eyes IPO that could value high-end shoemaker at around $1.14b
Nope new #Breaking: ISIS blew up my segment. Headed home. Until the next slow news day, xo.
BREAKING: I am being called upon to discuss international discipline instead. #kerryhearing #isis
ALSO EXCITING about my appearance today: going on without TV makeup bc breaking news.
Hey everyone, I’m gonna be on the TEEVEE. @NowWithAlex, talking Peterson/Vikings. 5pm hour.
Oy Vey "@AlexPappas: Hey Politico, I don't think that is Marco Rubio.
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Should actually look pretty close? RT @voxdotcom: Don’t look now, but the US prison population is growing again
Uhm. RT @mmfa: Hannity worried that charging NFL’s Peterson w/ child abuse could hurt right to teach kids “being gay is not normal”
Should actually pretty close, I think. RT @voxdotcom: Don’t look now, but the US prison population is growing again
Fox News aired nearly 1,100 Benghazi segments across 5 evening programs:
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Breaking Science News: Study Shows Time May Be Inexorable
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The NYPD is studying the link between pet abuse and domestic violence. @DNAinfo - Great story by @EwaKJ
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Good bye, Iowa! I will remember you by the ten pounds I gained. (Will actually use the running shoes I brought next time.)
Proposed Texas textbooks already include a chapter about President Hillary Clinton's impeachment.
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Bad ass. RT @HistoryInPics: Cary Grant walking his cat in Beverly Hills, 1955
A new thing from me: Scenes from a steak fry.
@anamariecox I feel like this kind of fly-by-night operation doesn't happen at a good, old-fashioned Minnesota political bean feed.
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Bill Clinton’s speech is about optimism and compromise. It is a great campaign speech. Someone running should have given it.
Bill Clinton: “We are less racist, sexist, and homophobic than we’ve ever been.” A far far cry from the Tea Party bashing of 30m ago.
Bill Clinton is physically incapable of delivering a short speech.
He makes it look so damn easy. RT @amychozick: Bill Clinton is having a lot of fun on the stage right now. #SteakFry2014
Harkin’s story about the clouds literally parting to shine on Bill Clinton perhaps not the best case for Hillary’s turn in the spotlight.
"Here’s a little fact or 2, women hold a majority of the minimum wage jobs in this country," Clinton says in most populist speech in a while
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What button combo do you press on Madden 15 to suspend players for personal conduct violations?
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Does anyone know if Hillary Clinton was raised middle class? Asking for a friend.
The red checkered shirt was Hillary's b-day gift to Bill. "I kinda feel like a tablecloth at a diner," Bill says.
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someone is yelling "drink" every time Harkin recycles a political punch line. The word is being heard a lot. #HarkinSteakFry
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I feel this relates to how long they were “almost done” cooking steaks. RT @AlexPappas: How many times has Harkin almost closed his speech?!
So many things. RT @MaeveReston: Harkin just dubbed Bill and Hillary Clinton the “Comeback Couple” #SteakFry2014
Hillary lead over Biden: 38pts. RT @maggiepolitico: Harkin: “president clinton and hillary clinton are now the comeback couple”
CAN HILLARY SURVIVE BENGHASTEAK? RT @tomwatson: But WHAT DOES THAT MEAN FOR HRC??! Media’s job to tell me now, right now. C’mon analyze it.
Harkin’s disclaimer reveals dark lie at the center of Iowa politics: NO STEAK IS FRIED AT THE STEAK FRY. #HarkinSteakFry
It really, really shouldn’t. RT @dandrezner: Stupid #steakfry hashtag is making me hungry.
Ollie Harkin, Tom’s granddog=mostly like to get my vote. #harkinsteakfry
Announcer ran together intro of the Clintons, no chance for HRC to get own separate rumble of applause. #justsaying #steakfry