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Finally held my hamster without her peeing on me haha
Happy spring 🐣#graze
I've been lusting after the @marinagrams box set since it came out and now I finally own it 💕
"An American Horror Story season where Jessica Lange plays all the characters"
I don't think I've ever been so shocked over someone dying
Cheese ruins pizza
honey, i think the milk's gone bad "i only bought it yesterday" yeah well, look at this.. *milk is running a meth lab in the fridge*
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I bought a hamster today, she's called Lily and I love her lots 💕😊
Made a vegan pizza for me and Ben and I think it's the nicest pizza I've ever had 🍕
I shouldn't have to be scared when shopping for stuff to keep me alive
I'm really enjoying being vegan but I'm SO scared of soy and It's in everything :(
you know, when you have two cups, one for drinking and one for washing your paintbrush, and you drink from the wrong one,
I have a small obsession with water bottles and I love my new one ▫️🌿 #aladdin
"Oh shit I murdered someone" "You should turn yourself into the police" "Great idea!" *puts on badge and hat* "Looks like a suicide to me"
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Accidentally texted my dad "have a hood day" and he shot three people
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Yay, blood orange and vegan ice cream 🍊🍨
maybe I shouldn't have put my snapchat on tumblr..
Just ordered the limited edition Electra Heart CD box, glad that I waited, now it's HALF PRICE :) :)
Vanilla chai tea latte & American Horror Story, perfect
Cute new backpack ✨
Ben bought me a lil Lego man #lego