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* :・゚✧ Amy ✧゚・: *
Lily is sleeping and she looks adorable
Watching sailor moon & eating sweets 🌙🎀
If Vastra's and Jenny's kiss offended you more than the writing and plot of the new #DoctorWho you need to sort out your priorities.
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the sparkle emoji looks way better on mac twitter than it does on iPhone
"Don't ask about my protein & I won't ask about your cholesterol."
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Haven't done anything but watch sailor moon and drink tea all day 🌙
vegan brownies my mum made, Netflix & banana milk, 🍌😊
Pretty excited for doctor who :):):):)
Ben made me a smoothie and this part of the pineapple looks like an owl!
Ben made us smoothies and this part of the pineapple looks like an owl
Lily is the cutest hamster ever 🎀
Coffee gives me worse stomach ache than period pains
Wish my hair naturally had more volume 😩
Ben spoilt me today with tickets to the deep and pizza ^-^ when I asked for no cheese the guy in the takeaway asked if I was vegan and said his daughter is too 💕🍕
Jelly fish are so fascinating 💕☺️
🐧 me and Ben just spent the afternoon at the deep 😊💕
I thought we were gettin' new emojis by now??
I'm so proud of my boyfriend for making the decision to go vegan, 2 weeks into it already
Please make a season 3 of the carrie diaries, please please it's my favourite thing
I haven't had watermelon in a long time 💕🍉🍉
A Tinder but for dogs in your area you could meet and pet
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Sex is a lot like Mario Kart, you go really fast, you throw some bananas, Wario is there.
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"He was a true Disney Legend, a beloved member of our family, and he will be sorely missed."
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