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James blunt looks like a PE teacher
Instead of cheese we put avocado on our pizza because it tastes nicer and is kinder to animals ^-^ #vegan #takeout
Ben is watching a live stream so I bought Alice in Wonderland from the charity shop ^^
My blender broke :'( but I bought this cheap cute one yesterday and it's pretty good ^-^ I also got some cute lunch boxes because they were so cheap 💕✨😊
yesterday an U2 album was put on every itunes, today you will return home to bono cooking tea and has legally registered himself as your dad
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Yo sushi with @himynameisben_
Today is going to be spent helping Ben settle into his new house ^-^ I am really excited to be back in Leeds
I'm super tired from being up at 6.30 after only 2 hours sleep so I'm going to take a nap and hopefully when I wake up Ben will be here
It's my first day at work today and I've only had 2 hours sleep 😅
I got dress coded today and was forced to put on an SFHS t-shirt but I made some alterations(:
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I've been wrapped up in a huge blanket since I got home, and I'm contemplating putting a coat on 😩
It's September but I'm already really excited for Christmas ^-^
Presumption being that the Daily Mail is hipster kryptonite
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I met this today, I wish I had a bunny to cuddle :( so cute
cruelty and malice aren't something I can look past, even in death. All I can hope is that her soul found a little bit of peace, & kindness.
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So ready to go get £3 dr martens at 6am but apparently there's already a queue,😩
Healthy #vegan banana and avocado ice cream with a tiny bit of dark chocolate 🍌😊
Cute little bird that was knocking on the kitchen window @himynameisben_
Also the lack of wifi is forcing me to read a book for the first time in forever, I have a ton of unread Stephen king ^-^
I made toast by accident in the microwave and I'm really confused
Moved into my new uni accommodation yesterday ^-^
Went to ikea to get some last bits and now Ben is treating me to a pita pit (best food ever)
fall in love with sum1 who's selfie games strong but not as strong as ur own
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Nathan For You is quickly becoming a new favourite
Lily is sleeping and she looks adorable
Watching sailor moon & eating sweets 🌙🎀
If Vastra's and Jenny's kiss offended you more than the writing and plot of the new #DoctorWho you need to sort out your priorities.
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the sparkle emoji looks way better on mac twitter than it does on iPhone
"Don't ask about my protein & I won't ask about your cholesterol."
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Haven't done anything but watch sailor moon and drink tea all day 🌙
vegan brownies my mum made, Netflix & banana milk, 🍌😊
Pretty excited for doctor who :):):):)
#disney #disneyprincess #cinderella
Ben made me a smoothie and this part of the pineapple looks like an owl!
Ben made us smoothies and this part of the pineapple looks like an owl
On Wednesdays we wear pink 🌸