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AmyNicole Sizzer, MD
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Chillin' at The Mayor's house for his daughter Bday bbq. Can't say what city though! #Party #TheMayorsHouse #Hayward
This company made a bet That making #Medical devices safe for #Health workers was Good #Business
Read HOW US #Business & #Healthcare Entities can protect consumers & Employees from costs of #Antibiotic Resistance:
Video of The Week: Recognize The Signs & Symptoms of Stroke. See more in CDC Around The World:
In The Future, Clinical Medicine could see costs increase w/o substantial improvement in Health outcomes. #TheFutureOfPublicHealth
PHAP Associates gain important "boots on the ground" Experience working w.public health agencies across the country
Find out if YOUR FAMILY HISTORY Increases Your risk for Breast or Ovarian #Cancer & Learn What can You do:
More than 29 million people in The United States have #diabetes, But 1 out of 4 don't know they have it. Learn more:
Safer Food Saves Lives. New #VitalSigns Focuses on stopping multistate Foodborne Outbreaks. Learn more:
Every year, Around 1 in 6 Americans get sick from eating contaminated food. #VitalSigns
Though they account for just 3% of all Foodborne Outbreaks, Multistate Foodborne outbreaks cause 56% of deaths in Foodborne outbreaks.
Caregivers provide Connection and Compassion to Promote Healthy Aging. Learn more about caregiving:
Learn WHY Laboratory Science is mission critical for CDC. Watch new video:
Learn about CDC' s public health work to support The American Indian/Alaskan native population:
Important Medicare decision about end of life counseling:…
We're looking for a Functional Medicine Physicians to join our amazing team in Lenox, MA!…
Learn How Registering & Being counted can help #scientists Learn more about #ALS Through The Nat' l ALS Registry:
Preventing Chronic Diseases Saves Lives, Reduces, Disease and Disability; Helps Save Billions In #Healthcare Costs.
Practices in many U.S Hospitals do not fully support #breastfeeding. Learn more in new #VitalSigns:
I wanted to speak on something specific to the med surg nurses-was thinking about something to encourage? #Empower
Why is hospital support vital for #breastfeeding practices? Find out here: #HHSgov #VitalSigns
Health Depts: New #FoodCORE Model practice describes set up of a student team to support capacity.
Learn how top leaders in government, academia & private industry are working together to stop #antibiotic resistance:
CDC is committed to combating #antibiotic resistance & Protecting health of Americans for generations to come:
CDC Prevention Epicenters: Discovering new ways to protect patients & Providers:
CDC' s Prevention Epicenters collaborate w. academic institutions to conduct infection control & Prevention... -
The continued success from The #CDCTips Campaign saves Lives & Money:
Seven things You may not know about Women' s Health:
#October is Domestic Violence awareness month. Learn more about preventing violence in your community:
@amynicolesizzer Hi lady, I know you've been busy, I hope you had a very productive day, Sending u a big :) & A few of these X** & A big Hug
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@amynicolesizzer hey lady poo, things are well! I hope you're progressing & possessing! xoxo i love u :)
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Busy day work at Hospital pharmacy North Cali in UCSF Medical Center this week.. See what I can learn from the medical industry! #LetsDoIt
San Francisco is so Beautiful & Driving from city to city in Cali is like being on another Planet! #GoldenGate #SF…
left public library and came home this weekend only to end up in my town library i think i have an issue...
People with better moral reasoning skills have more gray matter in the areas of the brain used for decision making and conflict processing.
Clinical practice guidelines on Rx opioids can promote safe, effective treatment while reducing opioid-related abuse, overdose
Loss of #antibiotic treatment could make infections deadly. CDC AR Initiative part of broad nat’l strategy
More than two weeks after The start of The #ValleyFire Classes in #middletown Resumed & More business reopened…
Living Healthy: Your Guide to Beauty, Food, Fitness, and Diet
Why Can't I Focus..? 12 Things that are zapping Your #Concentration:…
Thank you @amynicolesizzer & All our great Volunteers for making our Monday Evening Canvass such a great event! With Ur help we'll win this!
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Do you eat liver? It can mess w/ your #thyroid. See 8 more foods that affect it.
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Waking up to a new day is a gift, Appreciate it & Do remember you are loved. #GoodMorning & Have a splendid day!
Work is either fun or drudgery. It depends on your attitude. I like fun :)
Seven key elements to improve #Antibiotic prescribing practices in Hospitals:
More than 80.000 women are diagnosed w. gynecologic cancer's each year!! Get the facts:
@amynicolesizzer Thank you for being an inspiration, Even I'm from SoCal..! Does go to show how much influence you can have! :)
Retweeted by AmyNicole Sizzer, MD
Such a beautiful day with the best kids in the world !! :)
Choose & Use these kitchen tools & Tips every time you prepare food to help prevent food poisoning

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