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THINGS I OFTEN PONDER: Would their be an increase or decrease in population if the condom didn't exist....?
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when a guy wears that one cologne where all you want to do is bury your face in their chest and sniff because they smell that damn good
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What is homework
Car wouldn't start. Phone died. Forgot my wallet. Came home to a clogged toilet. Walked back to school. Today was oh so lovely lol.
Baby you're my everything. You're all I've ever wanted.
La Jollaaa
I want Starbucks but too lazy to walk downstairs 😞
My mood is either Vanessa Hudgens or her boyfriend
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Yo there's a Starbucks down by the pool hollla 💁
Sup SDeeezy!
Rollin' with this thug 🐻🚙
Cali Cali with my baby baby 😊
San Diego with the boo thang in the morning 😍
Last minute packing 👗👜💁
Today was a goood day 😌❤️
I'm tired like 99% of the time
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Don't call me. I don't care.
Winter break needs to slow down.
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Bitch cra-ZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Disney always teaching me things unexpectedly , I find that If you truly love something you shouldn't cage it up .
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Crying doesn't make you weak, it just means that you've been strong too long.
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Do you even drink coffee bruh?!