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Muslims of America
Ramadan Kareem. May He allow this to be our best Ramadan.
If you can't remove a sin from your life today, leave it tomorrow, next month, or even next year, but never justify it.
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How hard is it to find modest workout clothes designed especially for our sisters? This is for the sisters:
"By Allah, if the one in prostration knew the mercy descending upon him at that point, he would never raise his head."-Ibn al-Qayyim (ra)
"Be like a child with your wife, but when she needs you, be like a man." - Umar ibn Al-Khattab 😳
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Standing outside a mosque with guns to intimidate members of a certain religion is a violation of the 1A #PHxMosque
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But this IS YOUR AMERICA. The US was founded on this type of racist behavior. We shouldn't be surprised. #PHxMosque
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Pro tip: if you're leading armed "protests" outside a mosque, Muslims aren't the threat to America's religious liberty, YOU ARE. #PHxMosque
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They were killed but what they left behind will change the world forever. Read here:…
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Let's turn to Allah before it's too late.
Help donate for a mother in need of help. JazakAllah khair. Every penny counts:…
Gaza: you can destroy their homes but not their hearts.
Alhamdulillah there is no bigger blessing than Islam.
The more you talk to Allah in your du'aas, the better you'll feel.
Alhamdulillah our Lord is the most merciful
"Our Lord, upon You we have relied, and to You we have returned, and to You is the destination." [Quran 60:2]
Ya Rab, you know what our hearts contain, so purify our intentions.
Even when we've drifted away from Him, He calls us back. He wants us to just ask. Just ask. Does it get any more beautiful than that?
One was a Jewish brother and the second was an African American brother. How beautiful is Islam? It gathers people from every background 😊
The second brother randomly told us that it's as if he was here before at the Islamic Center. SubhanaAllah. May Allah guide him
Past 30 days, I know 2 non-Muslims who joined us in congregational prayer. The next day we saw the first brother, and he had accepted Islam😊
Residents in the capital Sanaa are feeling anxious tonight. No bombing yet. The first for 17 nights. #KefayaWar
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Fix your relationship with Allah. And He'll fix your affairs with everyone else.
Let's start a nice trend. Whoever is online right now, let's pick up the Qur'an and just read one page. Just one page. 😊
Don't worry about what when people wrongfully criticize you
My Prophet would seek to mend the hearts of people even when his own was broken. This is why I love him. Happy Friday!
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Ya Rab our sins are many but Your mercy is far greater
Never looked down on the good you do. No matter how small it is.
How true is this. Let's remember Allah in times of ease and He'll be there in times of hardship.
This is camp Yarmouk in Syria. Please keep them in your du'aas.
Ya Allah we are in need of your forgiveness
Ya Allah, don't abandon us for even a blink of an eye. We are in need of Your forgiveness, mercy, blessings and guidance.

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