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The bffl's (minus @oliviacapocci ) - happy birthday Maria, hope you had an amazing day! Loving you lots xxx
by far my favourite photo of the year
October is going to be mintt
Halloween is so sooon
missing my little spontaneous trip to Portugal with @mariahegarty
started from the bottom and im still there
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you know you go to a private school when forum is mainly people arguing whether the school should supply sushi or avocados for breakfast πŸ˜•
absolutely ripped to shreds on Instagram last night don't think I can show my face to the world 😭😭
Kill me now omg
It's actually disgusting what some people believe these days, like really..???
Issi's Leeds disposable 😭�ws
Feeling genuinely like 'A' rn, this obsession has to stop
take me back to year 9 Latin πŸ˜’
14hr economics catch-up is what I live for πŸ’˜
tbh I'm only friends with Issi for the free tickets
Forever needing id but hair colour is a massive issue πŸ˜“
How hot is ma bezzie marra😍😍😍@amy_johns0nhqtwNx
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Bloody love this find my friends app
So poor I'm using re-mark money to buy topshop unique aw16 πŸ˜•
i don't get guys who do nothing but watch porn :/
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trust me to have dropped the glass...
Guess it's a cute night in with Mr Pythagoras and his theorem πŸ˜’
I've reached rock bottom
Everyone's either at a party or seeing their boyfriends/girlfriends tonight
@amy_johns0n fanks 4 bandaging my foot Ames rly rly hurt xoxo
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when all of your pals are drowning in work and all you want to do is go out πŸ’€
Prizegiving 15
Monochrome chunky boots, sheer blouses and long coats, dkny slayyyed today #NYFW2015
'If everyone who likes that photo thinks they're coming to my next one they are sadly mistaken' the brutal words of @mercedesjmain
Yesterday will go down in jesmond private school history #Brandling #Was #Bumping
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me and amy made a trek to exhibition park last night and I'm really not sure if we made it
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RIP brandling
Seeing old friends πŸ’•πŸ’•
why is mental illness still romanticised massively on social media platforms
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More stressed about being unable to carry mammoth textbooks to class than the actually class itself

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