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Amy Letts
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The Humble Square Enix Bundle is a treasure trove! Pay what you want for up to 18 games. via @humble
In case you didn't already realise how awesome the Elder Scrolls is… #TES #gaming
It's cute how he thinks he's giving geek girls a compliment.… #geekgirls #cosplay
This is awesome #art - be inspired!
I got : Luna Lovegood! Which Female Harry Potter Character Are You?… via @play_buzz
I mucked up my watercolour :( Going to rescue with Gouache :) #art #painting
United Webcomics Swimsuit Special 2014
AHA! I dialogue box appeared out of view (on my 2nd monitor). #photoshop problem solved.
Anyone know why #photoshop locks up & starts going POING when you click anywhere? #art
My players burnt down a building and learnt that perhaps this is not the best way to get loot! #DnD #DnD2e #gaming
I just GMed a #DnD game using and google hangouts for the first time. It went pretty well!
I just bathed the #guineapigs. In a strange reversal, Custard was totally cool with it and Ruby freaked out.
Dice Shaming: The Geeky trend that’s catching on.
Star Trek technology becoming real. A genuine VISOR enables the blind to see.… #startrek
@OurHeroComic But how can you stand to watch it?! Okay, I do like The Apprentice.
"I like you just as you are." Colbie Caillat - Try: via @YouTube #beauty
Try to watch @4oD. It plays me adverts then goes black and hangs. Resfresh. More ads. Black screen. Try, try again, then give up.
Dice don't care what the odds are. Dice will make you fall off a bridge and break both your legs. #DiceShaming #DnD2e
Woo kicked my #migraine! Coffee & meds FTW!