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Amy Letts
Spilled coffee on myself. Scalded hands :( Hurt like hell. Been soaking hands for 1 hours. Still hurt.
@Mog_of_War Totally. In the end these trolls are just using GG as an excuse to behave like dicks, when they're actually just dicks.
I played #DnD last night. Faced a Demi-Lich. It sucked. #DnD2e #RPG #gaming
@azulcaboose @Bananaramble I hope so! Hopefully they will be caught soon.
@azulcaboose @Bananaramble Thank you. I am going to share these.
@Bananaramble I applaud you and hope more will follow your example!
@amuletts Ok i publicly stand against threats against any and all women. But #gamergate is not responsible for those threats against women.
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@Bananaramble If #Gamergate wants to disassociate itself from these threats against women they should publically stand against them.
@Bananaramble At that stage it crosses over into harrassment. I guess it could be trolling AND harrassment. #GamersAgainstGamerGate
@Bananaramble No, 'trolling' is different. Trolling is not stealing someones personal information & making direct threats to them
@Bananaramble I'm a gamer, so I do not like the demonization of gamers. However you will get bad people in any group.
@Bananaramble Most people do not even know what the movement is about, they just know women are getting harrassed & threatened...
@Bananaramble The attacks are clearly related to the movement, or we are dealing with a hell of a lot of coincidences.
@Bananaramble @feliciaday There is no official membership & it's pretty clear that the crazies have hijacked the movement. Disassociate.
"Supernatural" Actress Felicia Day Talks About GamerGate Fears, only to have them realised #GamersAgainstGamerGate
#GamerGate has gone beyond too far doxxing @feliciaday 'cos she said they're scaring gamers away - which they *are*! #GamersAgainstGamerGate
The Superfluous Female Protagonist: A Bechdel test fail… #webcomics #feminism #fail
Benedict Cumberbatch "lying on the floor and acting evil at nothing." Rawr.… #BenedictCumberbatch #TheHobbit
'Girl With a Pierced Eardrum', A new Banksy Street artwork based on 'Girl With a Pearl -Earing… #art
How to Make a Pet Rat Carrier (or guinea pig carrier!)…
5 Most Common Guinea Pig Owner Mistakes…
10 y/o Jetta cut her hair for charity but was bullied relentlessly. -…
Dream of writing your own novel? November is when to make it come true. #writing #nanowrimo
Watch Tyra Banks put homophobic ‘Next Top Model’ contestant in his place… via @pinknews #LGBT #fashion #gender
DIY Hay bag instructions. (for rabbits, but I'm sure it will work for guinea pigs too). This is such…
Aw man I've forgotten to eat!
Fan Art v Copyright: where is the line drawn between derivation and theft?… #fanArt #webcomics
What kind of fumbles are you realistically going to make in combat?… #DnD #RPG #roleplay #gaming
A Voice for Men offers proof that it was a feminist who threatened Anita Sarkeesian. Minus the Proof #feminism
An inspiring Letter to the World by Jazz, a #transgender child. She is amazing.… #trans #lgbtq
Do you know Emperor Palpatine's first name? Is it a good name for him or #funny?… #starwars
@mediatemplehelp If I start with your $20 grid hosting is it easy to upgrade should I need to?
@mediatemplehelp If I opened a new account with you, & transferred a domain already at MT how long would that take?
Who will inherit your digital legacy? Passing on files in case of incapacity or death. #IT
How Belgium is innovating the comic industry #comics #webcomics
@caswallonsmind What a wonderful saying.
Some Fear Ebola Outbreak Could Make Nation Turn to Science #humour
Tis is epic. Sir Ian McKellen asks “If you don’t do your revision properly, do you know what will happen?” #LotR
@rvbelzen I found the 'between the legs' shot more disturbing with a man, because I haven't seen that before.
@rvbelzen The actors did a really good job of matching the scenes.
I got : The Geek! It's a fair cop... What is Your High School Stereotype?… via @play_buzz #geek
This is pretty good. 'If women in horror films were played by men.'… #gender #feminism