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Amy Letts
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Answer: Because Paul said he did! I want you to be very wary of putting Paul on an equal footing with Christ.
@SoCalTheist How do we know that Jesus spoke through Paul?
@SoCalTheist Because the argument you were trying to make (I think) is that we should consider Pauls words to be the same as Christs.
@SoCalTheist ... all scriptures are 'God-breathed', so isn't it quite relevant to consider what Paul considered scripture?
@SoCalTheist Were we not discussing wether Jesus had said anything about homosexuality? You posited that Paul said stuff, Paul says...
@SoCalTheist I'd recommend you do watch it if you can. Here's the link again:…
@SoCalTheist How is discussing Paul 'skirting'? If anything you are skirting by not answering the question.
@SoCalTheist 2 Timothy is another of Pauls letters (to Timothy) - what did Paul consider Scripture?
@SoCalTheist What does this passage mean to you?
@SoCalTheist Did you watch that programme I recommended?
@SoCalTheist Specifics please. Where there is a hole in my studies I would be more than delighted to fill the gap.
@SoCalTheist Romans is Pauls letters to the Romans. They are written by Paul, not Jesus. #Bible #LGBT*
Tennessee bill allows Christian counselors to reject suicidal #LGBT students… #Christians? #notmychritianity
Famous Novelists on Symbolism in Their Work and Whether It Was Intentional… #writing #writingtips
@SoCalTheist Jesus never said a thing about homosexuality. #Bible #LGBT*
@SoCalTheist If you can watch it this programme came up on the BBC basically discussing the same thing…
@SoCalTheist ...pertain to this practise. You may disagree of course. The meaning is ambiguous. Just food for thought.
@SoCalTheist In Pauls time the temple sexually abused young boys, not dissimilar to recent church history. Some think his words may ...
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@SoCalTheist Rather than judging which people are better or worse based on what sins you personally prefer read Luke 7:36-50 #Bible
@SoCalTheist ...wearing mixed fabrics, eating shellfish and a whole bunch of other things, but for some reason you single out this sin?
@SoCalTheist If you are getting 'still outlawed' as a continuation of OT law, yes, that's true, buts so is speaking ill of your parents...
21 People In The #Comics Community Share Why They’re #NonCompliant…
Don't make life harder for #Oxford's rough sleepers… #homelessness
@SoCalTheist That's right Mosaic Law was fulfilled with Christ - so now marriage, like everything, is all about LOVE.
Stronger than you: On love and repressentation in cartoons, of all places… #comics #geek #buffy #lgbt*
@SoCalTheist Or the brother took her as his wife because that's what the law said he should do and polygamy was practised & not forbidden
@SoCalTheist That... only works if you're already assuming polygamy was against the law.
@SoCalTheist ... people being put to death over it. You could be stoned for speaking ill of your parents!
@SoCalTheist Lts face it, penalties back then were pretty harsh so if polygamy was wrong there would be something in there about ...
Or the brother took her as his wife because that's what the law said he should do and polygamy was practised & not forbidden
@SoCalTheist Even if he raped her. Good to know.
@SoCalTheist Snu snu with another fellas smizmar. But I think we are getting off topic.
@SoCalTheist Okay, then why does it say 'married woman' not just 'woman'? And why does it go on to lay out different laws 4 unmarried women?
@SoCalTheist A mans brother has died leaving a widow. OT law says he should marry her, but what if he is already married?
@SoCalTheist Since you cannot seem to undertand the woman in this example is not married I will use a different example
@SoCalTheist Men could have multiple wives. Women could NOT have multiple husbands.
@SoCalTheist Yup. That's right. Again it's the womans marital status that is defined as the important thing here.
@SoCalTheist That law did not condem polygamy. It said a KING must not have many wives. A *King*. And 'many' could mean 'more than five!'