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Amy Letts
So, had eyes tested. It triggered a #migraine but on the plus side glasses are sorted. I collect them next week. Eyes have actually improved
Random beggar. Already a better companion than Clara. #DoctorWho
My romm's not messy; it's creative chaos…
@wikiHow Please delete ALL pieces on faking #migraine or #headache NOW. They're harmful & irresponsible.
@DIYSara hahahaha well I did tell him to eff off
When your boyfriend tells you to shut up so he can mansplain to you O-O
This review of the board game 'Jumanji' makes a great tribute to Robin Williams.… #RobinWilliams #gaming
I'm working my way through #RedDwarf & am on season 10 right now, and lo and behold season 11 is announced!…
I am clearing out my wardrobe. I think we can all agree that trousers that won't button up by an inch or more are going!
@KangaroomHQ That takes me to another website entirely
@KangaroomHQ It doesn't seem possible to contact anyone about rooms via this site?
@KangaroomHQ Thank you. I'll give it a try.
I am looking for a room to rent in #Oxford. Check out my ad on #spareroom
Gendered marketing is a ploy to get you to spend more… #cheapliving #gender
@TheCodeCrimson ZOMBIE: "Be a better person 'cos you're gonna die sooner than you think. OM NOM NOM!!!"
Zombies just want you to be a better person… #zombies #medieval
This is amazing & #beautiful. 888,246 Ceramic Poppies Surround the Tower of London to Commemorate WWI… via @Colossal
@TheLiege No I didn't use it to find players. Players are from WARP but finished Uni & gone home.
@TheLiege It's okay. I just use it to draw a map onscreen and roll digital dice. Connectivity is an issue for me but that's probably my ISP.
Thanks to charming a Cyclops the party survived. They are now living in a cave with goats wearing skins. #gaming #DnD #RPG #DnD2e
On the plus side his spellbook survived and a new Magic User has convienently turned up with better stats! #DnD #gaming #RPG
I just GMed a #DnD game on roll20. 1st character dead and it was the Magic User. He *spotted* the glyphs protecting the door... #gaming #rpg
To have hair or not to have hair, down there and everywhere, that is the question. (via @Upworthy)… #beauty
"Selling off student loans to universities: the pros and cons"… Maybe cut out wome & the poor? WTF?! #education
Kids battle the monsters of their nightmares - in pictures via @guardian #fantasy #art #kids
Ah. Ravenously hungry. Think this is the 'food cravings' of #migraine prodrome. Great.
Will I complete everything on my To Do List today? 6 items done, 4 to go (the most stressful being asking my housemate for money she owes)
How “Dungeons & Dragons” saved my autistic son… via @Salon #DnD #gaming
The Humble Square Enix Bundle is a treasure trove! Pay what you want for up to 18 games. via @humble
In case you didn't already realise how awesome the Elder Scrolls is… #TES #gaming
It's cute how he thinks he's giving geek girls a compliment.… #geekgirls #cosplay
This is awesome #art - be inspired!
I got : Luna Lovegood! Which Female Harry Potter Character Are You?… via @play_buzz
I mucked up my watercolour :( Going to rescue with Gouache :) #art #painting
United Webcomics Swimsuit Special 2014
AHA! I dialogue box appeared out of view (on my 2nd monitor). #photoshop problem solved.
Anyone know why #photoshop locks up & starts going POING when you click anywhere? #art
My players burnt down a building and learnt that perhaps this is not the best way to get loot! #DnD #DnD2e #gaming
I just GMed a #DnD game using and google hangouts for the first time. It went pretty well!
I just bathed the #guineapigs. In a strange reversal, Custard was totally cool with it and Ruby freaked out.
Dice Shaming: The Geeky trend that’s catching on.
Star Trek technology becoming real. A genuine VISOR enables the blind to see.… #startrek
@OurHeroComic But how can you stand to watch it?! Okay, I do like The Apprentice.