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Who says baseball isn't dangerous? Gotta ask though. d #CanTFliPUOff
M.E.T.S. Most exciting team in sports. d #SpillingWithTruth
Proud to be a New Yorker! No place like N.Y. ! #RullyLuckyDood d
Left leg in a world of hurt..thank you for your services cpt.! d
Last 3 of pairs of these. RETWEET if you want one. Will choose 3 randoms in 3hrs and DM them.
Retweeted by Darius
mr Mayer needs to park that milk toast girlie drivel  he calls muzak & leave the Patek/Rolex  prowessto the best watch expert alive. d
Joan Mayor (of zero) why don't you run thru da halls of my high skool and scream at the top of your lungs PATEK! d
Snapchat DMalone63 d
"If ya see a shark Hooper, Swallow!" hey M J S and B; eat this remora lose-bagz how ya like me now? hash tag win d
Dungeness Crab Fo Shizzle Dooshes Can't Foil Malone Disengaging Darius Feels Safe Deny Completely Forensic Stats hashtag MonitorThis
with a satchel tied bond on an open road to anywhere we scoff & dismiss the folly of their next tepid step. d
"where have u gone Ken Grif-E June ee urr Baseball loved u more than we can say. No P E Deze Mr June ee urr.." d xo
It's like screaming "Theater, in a crowded Fire!!" get over me, or get yuse to "Us"... d #FiveAlarmKlayVinn
Stan Lee, my hero, you are one bad hombre!! Marvel Comics has me in a world of gratitude it's kray-zee! d #sukitdc
Just Googled "Defusing c4", I'm probably on a watch list now. d #HellFire
Hey, j.r., you'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel. d
Today stats: No new followers, 2 unfollowers via
Seals are seals surfers are "meals"; but capt. kayak, you are my hero! d #comeoninthewater
The first day of my own lyphe had yet to come! d
In an awesome turn of events, I finally create a snapchat and my first snapchat is a nood hot chick Dood. d #StPatricksDay
Better be wearing green. Don't pinch me! d #StPatrick'sDay
'Cuse is all kinds of awesome, win!
R.I.P. Mika, burn in hell Lizzie. d
Just look at the flowers Lizzie, just look at the flowers. d
Don't be to hard on Lizzie. d #rookiemistake Crazy