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#TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow what it was like growing up with this man in the world
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According to a study, LSD is actually one of the least dangerous drugs.
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Rare John Lennon and Jim Morrison letters are up for auction
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to the celebration station, man
Everybody needs to see this. Don't stop retweeting this.…
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Lauren has no clue what a blunt is @geniegiordano @hutcheonlauren
i just had a random dream; @modeallison a blonde
i miss robin Williams
When the cops say they aren't giving tickets but there are 2 kegs and a house full of minors
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Frazier's a bummer, man
Retweet if you’re ready to move on to a cleaner, brighter future.
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why anyone would want to champion animal abuse, i don't know, man; peace and love.
i feel bad for Blondie, @peta is right; ban horse carriages!
sour diesel accompanied by blue dream, man;peace and love
tryin to party tonight, man
feeling like i got an 8th sense, man, peace and love
flying high on these paper planes, man, peace and love
the cosmos is far out, man; peace and love,man @neiltyson
Everything @realDonaldTrump says makes me question human intelligence.
love seeing bill o Reilly mad, it's too funny, man; peace and love
c'mon baby light my fire
i make bad decisions and do stupid things now because i have my whole life to be old and little to no time to be young, man; peace and love.
i almost got caught w/ weed, man..
"What are your plans for today?" Getting baked af "Cool"
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Farmer Offers 10 Acres of #Pot for Malia Obama's Hand in Marriage #SayWhat?! #Trending
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going up the country to Phoenix, az, man; peace &love
it's bad enough that the wars are for-profit for Corporations our people get killed and hurt but worse the war hurts their minds suicides
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rednecks claim taking the confed. flag down violated their freedom of speech, but they'll throw a hissy fit over an isis flag; both are bad
Orcas do NOT belong in prison. PETA orcas take over #SanDiego Airport baggage claim to tell passersby #SeaWorldSucks!
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wake up and smell the dogs
Almost nothing feels better than laying naked in the sunshine with a cool breeze blowing by
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everyone seems to be hating on the full moon vibes, but im digging it, man. peace&love
Love, unity & Jerry Garcia: Fans tell us what they love about the Grateful Dead.… via @mashable
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"Your family is so stupid, you give your chickens hot water so they can lay boiled eggs" is a popular "your mama"-type joke in Kenya.
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#FreeBree the lady who climbed the flag Pole at south Carolina's statehouse and pulled down the confederate flag, peace&love; right on bree
"This flag comes down today," said a woman who pulled down the Confederate flag outside South Carolina's Statehouse
Retweeted by Darius
ive traveled to so many cities and places in nc this past week, man; peace and love
damn i just got back, alright, man…

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