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Sam C. Moore
.@BryanSinger is a lot like this submarine. -- Orange and filled with Underage Seamen!
I never believed in Black Magic, until I saw that basketball team.
Sexuality is fluid? The problem with that is, today, fewer and fewer women drink from the spout.
What does a middle-aged woman and the Easter Bunny have in common? Although you hear about it, you never see one produce an egg.
Pretty sure the adult women who love #Frozen are the same women who report rapes -- that didn't happen.
You'd think women would be better at #Curling seeing as how often they use brooms.
Call me crazy, but I think the "French Mistake" has a lot to do with ass fucking.
Swimming Aids: The Legend Of Greg Louganis #OlympicMovies @midnight
NBC Can't Show Full Running's #OlympicMovies @midnight
Curling Two: Electric Broom Go Vroom #OlympicMovies @midnight
All Journalists Must Die: A Putin Production #OlympicMovies @midnight
The Lord of the Malfunctioning Rings #OlympicMovies @midnight
#OlympicPickupLines Girl you're like a bobsled: beautiful, exciting, and able to fit two Jamaicans in your rear.
Bob Costas has a pink eye, a brown nose and a Putin flavored asshole. #NBCFail
As of now, I have seen more skiing on that Nyquil commercial than I have on @nbc's 'coverage' of the Olympics.
Bob Costas you're an arrogant little asshole. I'm glad Darby O'Gill punched you in the eye when he took your pot of gold.
.@NBCOlympics' hubris while referring to Russia doctoring ring-malfunction footage is hilarious. They cut an important part of IOC speech.
Saw the video of the theater text shooting. The shooter has a strong argument for self-defense. The texter appeared to act as the aggressor.
Not to be outdone be outdone by the #PivotalExperiment controversy, @nbc now labeling Nazis as "Necessary Evil."
Now those commie Olympic bastards are celebrating the death of Apollo Creed.