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Stephen Amell
The internet and having a daughter don't mix.
They're playing human nature by mj. But why?
At a bar in Toronto. 4 white guys are singing Marvin Gaye. I'm at a loss.
Was so excited to meet @trishstratuscom this weekend. What a lovely lady. And her son is a beauty!
Might I interest you in a brief promo for Season 3?
Finally: Websites that repost these pics are no better. I'd prefer photos of my genitals after an ice bucket challenge than pics of my kid.
My apologies to the paparazzi who aren't reprehensible dickweeds. Taking photos of peoples kids without permission is just awful.
Just saw a photo that a paparazzi took of me and my daughter. So now I'm done with them unless it's a professional setting.
Good morning Toronto!! I love you. (Preferred when the Rogers Centre was called Skydome & the mayor didn't smoke crack, but I love you.)
I blame Nick Minaj. RT @GaryJanetti: I just saw a baby taking a picture of itself and making a sexy face.
Working on the west coast right now. Working on the east coast this afternoon. Searching for a Flux Capacitor on eBay.
Here's an extended scene from S2 of #Arrow --… DVD / Blu-Ray is out 9/16!!
Announcing soon. Raised almost 10k!! RT @annie_m_75: @amellywood Hi Stephen, which charity did you choose for your eBay auction proceeds?
So much fun working with @charlotteross this morning!
First of all, Neighbors is the best movie I've watched this year. Secondarily, my wife should probably know how I feel about Rose Byrne.
Richard Attenborough was the kindest man I've ever met. I'll miss him.
Football hasn't started yet, so I had to visit a farmers market like some sort of goddamn wild animal.
Fantasy Football Forever.
There's a new comedy called Black-ish. I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.
Wrapped Episode 50 of #Arrow last night with a scene two years in the making.
I care more about my fledgling vegetable garden in LA than I'm comfortable admitting.
Thoughtful Thursdays --
1st job... RT @PSCaramel: @amellywood Please tell me this is a young you on Queer As Folk and I'm not losing my mind.
On the one hand, I have almost half a million followers. On the other hand, statistics suggest six or seven of you have committed a murder.
Sorry. RT @GaryJanetti: My neighbor just invited me over for a BBQ. What kind of a monster does something like that?
:) RT @RobbieAmell: She said yes!!!... I think. I can't really be sure. I'm going marry my best friend. @italiaricci
Today marks the 100th time I've exercised without giving myself enough time to cool down, so I go to work in a full sweat. So proud.
Every time an #IceBucketChallenge hater brings up the drought by posting a link to a satire article i'm running the sink for 20 minutes.
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I routinely text emoticons to other men. How did I get here?
In any event, @TaoofStieb - thanks for marginalizing what I do for a living because I had an opinion about sports.
Hey @TaoofStieb - I love your website. Tweet had less to do with numbers & more to do with lack of relevant Jays games since the early 90's.
My buddy & I are throwing another party to taste wine. It's in LA. Details are here:… & here:
I want to win. RT @jolett_rod: @amellywood you said Twitter was hanging on by a thread for you. Why the sudden interest again?
Show her some love please!!! RT @NewlinSmith: 5 year cancer free celebration. @FCancerNow #cancerconquered #family
I enjoy Jose Bautista as much as the next guy, but he's treated like a star in Toronto, so it'd be nice if he started playing like one.
Ohhhh... THAT'S why it's called November Man.
Had a hearty beer with brunch, ran 11 miles and now I'm going to work. Not an ideal Saturday.
The important part of the #ALSiceBucketChallenge is donating money to a good cause. Which I also did. You should too.
#FF @maebirdwing -- My time to guest star on Parenthood is winding down. We must shower her with influence.
Thanks so much everybody. This was WAY BETTER than #AskJameis, which was my only goal. xo
Taken right now. RT @osmacfrai: @amellywood Tweet me the last selfie you took? #AskAmell