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Stephen Amell
God I love football.
We're about to go over 5,000 shirts sold. Rapidly approaching $100,000 raised. Tres bien.
Don't embarrass me, Dad. (Mandible claw.)
Definitive proof that cancer is on THE LIST. We've sold over 4k shirts for @FCancerNow --
Hey @WWE -- How do I score a Raw hosting gig? I'll wrestle and everything. #AmellGetsRaw
Ya! RT @j_benntt: Whew! Catching my breath! That was so much fun! Don't forget to VOTE 1-800-868-3406 or #teamJOker
Sounds like my buddy Jonathan Bennett was his usual fabulous self on #DWTS. Give him a follow: @j_benntt and vote!!
Fun fact #2: The word Sinceriously is on a t-shirt that has raised over $64,000 for @FCancerNow.
Fun fact #1: The word Sinceriously exists because of an observation @aishatyler made.
Heading home to my girls. Ya.
I agree. Horseshit. RT @TabbyLynB: @amellywood I am greatly disappointed that there are no arrow costumes for Halloween.
Met @HarleyPlays - Love @EpicMealTime - things might get weird in Montreal.
I sometimes worry about getting a big head.
I love a lot of things about Montreal, but I'd like to take a second and appreciate the spectacular cell phone reception. Brilliant.
You have t-shirt questions, I have t-shirt answers, plus Fuck cancer.…
Sold 1200 shirts in 2 hours. Fuck cancer.
I'm raising money for @FCancerNow because Fuck Cancer. Plus my face on a t-shirt.
Fashion Week doesn't seem long enough-- there should be a Fashion MONTH. It's just so important and I worry we're rushing through it.
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My workout today is absolute horseshit without my apple watch which I just found out existed.
But why? RT @parydhise: Someone is dressed as @amellywood today at school. He's got the makeup, bow and all.
Daughter just ate pad thai and mostly understands the signal for touchdown. Putting todays parenting in the win column. cc @CassandraPants
Football season always reminds me that I actually follow a lot of straight people on Twitter.
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Great job by Jerry Jones and the Cowboys letting the 49ers fans take over their stadium. Super embarrassing.
The direct tv red zone channel is horse shit. It's like watching an elderly person jailbreak an iPad.
7 minutes until Football. I should be eating Breakfast Pizza with my girls, but instead I'm in an airport like some sort of wild animal.
Wrapped episode 52 of #Arrow. My thanks to @charlotteross & @EmilyBett for an unprecedented 4 days off.
Lot of #Arrow content today . Must be September. Football starts tonight. Daughter said Dada this morning. Brain may explode.
Please welcome Matt Nable to Arrow. You know who he's playing.
I never said I didn't know how to use a gun. #Arrow…
I'm not saying I believe in aliens, I'm just saying the woman sitting next to me had 5 drinks on a cross canada flight without peeing.
The internet and having a daughter don't mix.
They're playing human nature by mj. But why?
At a bar in Toronto. 4 white guys are singing Marvin Gaye. I'm at a loss.
Was so excited to meet @trishstratuscom this weekend. What a lovely lady. And her son is a beauty!
Might I interest you in a brief promo for Season 3?
Finally: Websites that repost these pics are no better. I'd prefer photos of my genitals after an ice bucket challenge than pics of my kid.
My apologies to the paparazzi who aren't reprehensible dickweeds. Taking photos of peoples kids without permission is just awful.
Just saw a photo that a paparazzi took of me and my daughter. So now I'm done with them unless it's a professional setting.
Good morning Toronto!! I love you. (Preferred when the Rogers Centre was called Skydome & the mayor didn't smoke crack, but I love you.)
I blame Nick Minaj. RT @GaryJanetti: I just saw a baby taking a picture of itself and making a sexy face.
Working on the west coast right now. Working on the east coast this afternoon. Searching for a Flux Capacitor on eBay.
Here's an extended scene from S2 of #Arrow --… DVD / Blu-Ray is out 9/16!!
Announcing soon. Raised almost 10k!! RT @annie_m_75: @amellywood Hi Stephen, which charity did you choose for your eBay auction proceeds?
So much fun working with @charlotteross this morning!
First of all, Neighbors is the best movie I've watched this year. Secondarily, my wife should probably know how I feel about Rose Byrne.
Richard Attenborough was the kindest man I've ever met. I'll miss him.