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Stephen Amell… RT @amellywood: Dennis Allen is going to be first NFL coach fired on a different continent. Congrats Dennis!!
My buddy @j_benntt continues to dazzle and be dazzley-like on #DWTS -- here's how you VOTE for him.
An update on our shirt campaign that has turned into a legitimate force of nature through people being good people.…
Dennis Allen is going to be first NFL coach fired on a different continent. Congrats Dennis!!
The vote lines are open across the country! Watch the films. Vote for the winner of $45K #shortfilmfaceoff
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Really excited for #SNL tonight. Hope @prattprattpratt kills it. Suspect that he will.
I can't wait for A-Rod's last game at Yankee Stadium. It'll be like the bizarro version of tonight.
Why #Arrow Star Stephen Amell Is Saying "F--- Cancer" for Charity @amellywood
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My apologies for a slightly scattered live tweet. A. I wasn't watching, B. I'm shooting, C. Stuff. Thanks for the questions!!
I agree. He's a secret supporter. Probably practices archery on his own time. RT @ConStar24: Lance is totally #TeamArrow #Arrow
Fingers crossed we find out. RT @BurnAfterPost: @amellywood Who would win in a fight: Ra's Al Ghul or Deathstroke?
Green beer. RT @poltergeist004: @amellywood what's a good alcoholic beverage to drink during Arrow?
There's still time. RT @OriginalVampUK: @amellywood I wish @RobbieAmell was part of Team Arrow! That would be so COOL!
.......... Wait... What? RT @darkfawkess: @amellywood do you like Harry Potter? #ArrowLiveTweet
Episode 108 of Flash. RT @arrowinchester_: @amellywood what episode are you shooting tonight Stephen? #Arrow #ArrowLiveTweet 😁
So is @Willaaaah. Loved watching this. RT @MorganGjoen: Colton Haynes is SOO wonderful in this scene. 😍�#arrowo#arrowlivetweetet
Agreed. @Captain_Rowe is terrific!! RT @sacredsmoak: @amellywood You need more scenes with Deadshot! #ArrowLiveTweet #ArrowSeason3 #Arrow
No. And neither can Oliver. RT @lyrically_benji: @amellywood Just curious. Can you dance?
9 days. Many tears. RT @colettemarie97: @amellywood how many days did it take to shoot this episode? #ArrowLiveTweet #arrow
Sweaty. RT @SeanMcQuay2009: @amellywood What's it like to be bringing a DC character to life? #Arrow
Both. RT @babsfitzpatrick: @amellywood I've come to like you as a person, but I've yet to watch #arrow. Is that good or bad?
What if she breaks mine? RT @clarisosa483: @amellywood Is Oliver gonna break Felicity's heart next season? I HOPE NOT. #ArrowLiveTweet
She's back this year. She's still a boss. RT @SmoaknRickards: Nyssa is a boss 🙌#Arroww#ArrowLiveTweett
No. I'm shooting The Flash. RT @smoaksqueen: @amellywood You taking a nap ?
S2 DVD has an alternate beginning. RT @caroline_gill: I forgot how epically this finale started #Arrow
ALL THE MOTIVATION I NEEDED!!! RT @Jonku: "You are not alone. And I believe in you." #Arrow
Yes. Almost exclusively. RT @tamjonfan: @amellywood Are you responding to fans???? #ArrowLiveTweet
I'm live tweeting the repeat of the #Arrow finale in 20 minutes. #ArrowLiveTweet
So sorry about this weekend, organs. Please accept these juices as a truce.
Ohhhhh Yaaaaaa!!!!! RT @Scanman707: @amellywood did you see the sign for you at WWE Night of Champions
Richard Sherman deserves every single time he's exposed on national television. What a dink.
God I love football.
We're about to go over 5,000 shirts sold. Rapidly approaching $100,000 raised. Tres bien.
Don't embarrass me, Dad. (Mandible claw.)
Definitive proof that cancer is on THE LIST. We've sold over 4k shirts for @FCancerNow --
Hey @WWE -- How do I score a Raw hosting gig? I'll wrestle and everything. #AmellGetsRaw
Ya! RT @j_benntt: Whew! Catching my breath! That was so much fun! Don't forget to VOTE 1-800-868-3406 or #teamJOker
Sounds like my buddy Jonathan Bennett was his usual fabulous self on #DWTS. Give him a follow: @j_benntt and vote!!
Fun fact #2: The word Sinceriously is on a t-shirt that has raised over $64,000 for @FCancerNow.
Fun fact #1: The word Sinceriously exists because of an observation @aishatyler made.
Heading home to my girls. Ya.