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Stephen Amell
Hi Twitter - so sorry, but I've been called into work early. Here's an extended thought on tonights show.… Enjoy :)
Hello. I’m unleashing a live tweet tonight. It’s #Arrow50th -- My plan is to make it the greatest live tweet ever.
We sang That Loving Feeling RIGHT after this picture. (Thank you girls. Honor to have you.)
I'm just going to come right out and say that my daughter is the greatest 1 year old climber in history. Plus she can do a chin up. #Parkour
Splash first. Figure everything else out later.
I love when Oliver jumps out of windows.
Someone has some explaining to do. #Arrow
Hey @david_ramsey -- #Arrow is brand new tonight. IT'S ALSO 2 FOR 1 LEG DAY. ON SALE. OH GOD. GONNA BE BAD!!…
Somebody is turning 1!!!
Hey @jarpad......... HOWBOUTHEMCOWBOYS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
I am not prepared for my daughter to turn 1.
Just passed a guy on the freeway riding a motorcycle and watching NFL Sunday Ticket on his iPhone 6 Plus. He should be sent to prison.
Reunited and it feels so good. Again.
I find Manhattan rather calming.
Did u purposefully omit the question mark? RT @TheAlexLynch97: Who is gonna be the one to tell Stephen Amell his career will die after Arrow
Read Grantland everyday. @BillSimmons & @CKlosterman are two of my favorites. So this:… is a real thrill.
Never. RT @david_ramsey: Just when you thought the bromance was over...
And that's how we premiere.
All the stereotypes about how much Canadians love hockey... All true.
This Ray Palmer fella... You'd think he split the atom with that presentation or something. #ArrowSeason3Premiere
Remember the little things, like the color of a pen or what a rocket sounds like when it's approaching a window. #ArrowSeason3Premiere
So good to be back. Please enjoy our 47th episode. #ArrowPremiere
Congratulations to @grantgust and the entire #Flash team. Enjoy your next ten years in Vancouver!!
Punches. Kisses. Arrows. Don't fail the city... #ArrowPremiere
Hope nobody made plans today. RT @netflix: The Hood is back with a more fitting title. #Arrow: Season 2 is #NowonNetflix
We're all ready to come back. #Arrow Tomorrow.
Don't ask Rick to do this. We're just getting to know one another. RT @smoakiss: @RickCosnett can you describe @amellywood in 3 words?
Nice to be back on the same night as @JensenAckles & @jarpad. RT @robynbreanne: Oh hey @amellywood, welcome to Tuesdays #TheFlash #cool
That is for me to know. RT @MoneymalHickman: Not sure if you're Arrow or Spider-Man @amellywood #TheFlash
You flatter me. RT @TimothyQuinzel: HOLY SHIT THE MACK DADDY OF DC TV JUST SHOWED UP. @amellywood
Hope everyone enjoyed #TheFlash Premiere. Honored to be a part of it. #Arrow starts in 23 hours.
Never chewed on a dot dot dot like that before. RT @blastr: "Saving people... in a flash." We see what you did there, @amellywood. #TheFlash
Nice to be back. Was getting awfully itchy. RT @phatmillips: @amellywood so good seeing you on TV tonight #TheFlash
Superhero name > Mask. RT @CTV_Television: Oh hi there #Arrow! Looks like Barry just got his alter ego's name: #TheFlash cc: @amellywood
Yes. RT @MatPDouglas: @amellywood are you ok with Grant Gustin having better hair than you? #Arrow #TheFlash
I couldn't love LA anymore than I do.
Pats 31 - Bengals 7.
Happy Birthday @cassandrapants -- xo