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Stephen Amell
There's a new comedy called Black-ish. I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.
Wrapped Episode 50 of #Arrow last night with a scene two years in the making.
I care more about my fledgling vegetable garden in LA than I'm comfortable admitting.
1st job... RT @PSCaramel: @amellywood Please tell me this is a young you on Queer As Folk and I'm not losing my mind.
On the one hand, I have almost half a million followers. On the other hand, statistics suggest six or seven of you have committed a murder.
Sorry. RT @GaryJanetti: My neighbor just invited me over for a BBQ. What kind of a monster does something like that?
:) RT @RobbieAmell: She said yes!!!... I think. I can't really be sure. I'm going marry my best friend. @italiaricci
Today marks the 100th time I've exercised without giving myself enough time to cool down, so I go to work in a full sweat. So proud.
Every time an #IceBucketChallenge hater brings up the drought by posting a link to a satire article i'm running the sink for 20 minutes.
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I routinely text emoticons to other men. How did I get here?
In any event, @TaoofStieb - thanks for marginalizing what I do for a living because I had an opinion about sports.
Hey @TaoofStieb - I love your website. Tweet had less to do with numbers & more to do with lack of relevant Jays games since the early 90's.
My buddy & I are throwing another party to taste wine. It's in LA. Details are here:… & here:
I want to win. RT @jolett_rod: @amellywood you said Twitter was hanging on by a thread for you. Why the sudden interest again?
Show her some love please!!! RT @NewlinSmith: 5 year cancer free celebration. @FCancerNow #cancerconquered #family
I enjoy Jose Bautista as much as the next guy, but he's treated like a star in Toronto, so it'd be nice if he started playing like one.
Ohhhh... THAT'S why it's called November Man.
Had a hearty beer with brunch, ran 11 miles and now I'm going to work. Not an ideal Saturday.
The important part of the #ALSiceBucketChallenge is donating money to a good cause. Which I also did. You should too.
#FF @maebirdwing -- My time to guest star on Parenthood is winding down. We must shower her with influence.
Thanks so much everybody. This was WAY BETTER than #AskJameis, which was my only goal. xo