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Jesus said the word I speak unto u ..they r spirit and life
Knowin d word is building ur faith lack of d word results in lack of faith...d word is an assurance 2 all God has promised us #christembassy
If we lack the word and kownlegde of God the we wld think the devil has powers....only the word works #christembassy #classroom
When we feed our self with the develops our spiritual muscles and direct our physical eyes #christembassy #ipaja2 #pastorchris
We nid 2 understand where d word of God wld take us 4 if we believe and our faith is strong! Then we don't need a sign to follow
So our girls are not yet back abi.....well I guess maybe it's cos the #BringBackOurGirls hashtag is becoming a celebrity publicity thingy..
#BringBackOurGirls plssssss it makes no sense....they r innocent and might not even knw wats happening
#bringbackourgirls you bloody infidels before Our First Lady goes on Air again nd remind us there's God oh
Glorified day with the Lord
I wonder when is it really Mother's day.....
Greatness lives with us all... Nurturing it is what most people lack....there's no greatness without the grace and glory of Christ
I wonder why there are no boats conveying people from Iyana Oworo to the Island. A good means of an investment wasting. @Gidi_Traffic
Not been here active for a I all tweethearts.....wishing a great Monday to everyone
@amechidumebi Plss ff me on my new twitter handle @iamdonstylee plsssss shw sum luv plsssss!!! Promise 2 ff u bk ASAP...
Plss ff me on my new twitter handle plssssssss!! @iamdonstylee
wish every rainy day was a public holiday
if your happy and you know say Amen
GREAT DAY IT WAS..........
Give thanks with a grateful heart and wait to see the signs and wonders of the Lord your God