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Congratulations for graduating my girl 🎓@_ManarkQQ All i want is spending this day with you and your pretty face, I can't wait for that.
#Taurus, in love, you pay close attention to your partner's needs and only want the same in return.
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You would lose your mind trying to understand mine
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نفس الباب الذي تدخل منه الأنانية، يخرج الحب مطأطئًا رأسـه
إنتي مآلك اي مسمى غير إنك " كل الشعُور "
قال تعالى﴿ادْعُونِي أسْتَجب لَكُم﴾ اللهم من نوى بي شراً فأحفظني عنه ومن نوى بي خبثاً ونفاقاً وكذباً فأكشفه ومن أساء لي فأنت حسبي ونعم الوكيل
you only think about your self and about your own happiness.
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May you take time to celebrate the quiet miracles that seek no attention.
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Beauty is not what people see when they look at you, but what they discover when they find out what is inside of you.
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Stone hard, machine gun .. You shoot me down, I won't fall! but.... Just I'm addicted to your love ')
I'm criticized, but all your bullets ricochet , you shoot me down, but I get up. I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose
I bet you probably thought you would Get everything you wanted, huh? You bet I would be dumb enough To spend my life with you?
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I'm all over the place,I can't sit in one place
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كلما زاد حبك لشخص ما كلما زاد غضبك منه بسبب أشياء غبية وتافهة !
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#Taurus by their very nature do things in a slow and steady way this can appear to others as if they are lazy and procrastinate.
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Be someone else's sunshine. Be the reason smone smiles today.
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الحُب له معاني كثيره وواسعة، لكن بالنسبه لي يظل معناه الأدق والاوضح : هو إن أكبر خلاف ممكن يحصًل بينكم، مايفرّقكم .
بين فتره وفتره حاول تاخذ راحه من الناس خليك بعيد شوف مين يستاهل تتقرّب منه ومين يستاهل إنك تبقى بعيد رتب الناس وحط كل شي بمكانه بتعيش مرتاح
"الخبيثوُن للخبيثَات والطيبُون للطيبًات"
Whenever I speak with you, whenever your hand touches mine, or when your eyes stare at me, I end up dying more, a little more
don't you see!!!! that i can't breathe without you
بطني يعرف العادات والتقاليد ، لدرجة انه ما يتكلم الا اذا سكتو الضيوف =))
نسى ناسه وغمض عينه الثنتين , بيتخيل ملامح وجهك الناعم إلين يروق..
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لن تجد الصداقه الحقيقيه بسهوله ستجرب جميع الشخصيات وتعيش أجمل الأوقات لكن لن يبقى معك غير شخص أدرك قيمتك .
عندما تعطيّ الحمار أهميه زائده عن اللزومْ ، سوف يظُن نفسه حصاناً عربياً أصيلآ ! هكذا هم بعض البشر .
Ma abi ke4bk! Tmnetk 9re7
#Taurus' exercise perfect control over themselves and can stay cool, calm and composed in the most stressful situations.
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الحبيب المخلص، ليس الذي يبرهن لك بأنه يستطيع أن يحبّك على الدوام، بل هو الذي لايموت إحساسه بك.
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الحمدلله حين تُسعدني كل يوم وأنا المقصّر الذي لا يحمد، الحمدلله على ما في قلبي وتعلمُه.. حمدًا يليق بك وبنعمك عليّ التي لا تنتهي.
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You are killing me, and you are keeping me from dying. This is love
waking up in the middle of the night& finding u still awake just to talk to me is one of the best feelings ever.
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اللهم اجعل هذه الجمعه فرج لكل صابر و شفاء لكل مريض و استجابه لكل دعاء ورحمه لكل ميّت.
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اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على سيد الحق واشرف الخلق محمد
#Taurus must be able to handle Cancer's Moody nature. They can go from happy to sad to pissed to energetic in no time!
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#Taurus are not blind and will be able to see clearly when they are being taken advantage of.
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It had to be your love That made my heart start singing And i started to feel alive Though I probably stopped breathing..
Ur heart's against my chest lips pressed to my neck i've fallen for ur eyes but they don't know me yet
Things will fade away as season come and go, but the treasure of true friendship will never lose its glow. –Disney Fairies
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إنك بي أكثر مما تظن و إن البُعد عكس ما ظننا.. لم يكن البعد يوماً يزيحك، بل رسّخك بي أكثر .
I spent a big part of my life to keep you out of my mind.
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أحبها ياربنا
#Taurus heart is as big as their guard, if you can put in the work to get their guard down, you'll experience a love like no other.
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#Cancers struggle to say what they're feeling at times, hence why they may be so physically affectionate - it's their way of saying emotion.
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لو جاز تقديس العباد ؟ لوجدتني في حضنها قد بنيتُ معبدا .
دخلتُ بهواكِ فلا مخرج أينما ذهبت عيناي القاك،قيل كل ذهابٍ لهُ مرجع المرجعُ من هواك هلاك
fall in love with her eyes because her eyes don't age and if you fall in love with her eyes you'll be in love forever
She’s the only one that can make my blood boil. But she’s also the only one that can soothe burns
Happy birthday Jmelti @Anwar__qh I wish you all the happiness in the world! you deserve so much for being so kind. I love U <3

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