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Warning issued after girl, 15, gets stuck in mud in Urmston
Scrolling past two exactly the same status' posted like 10minutes apart is probably the most amusing thing ever
may i ask who gave u the right to tell ur friends about things i trusted u with
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My sister is coming home after being away for two months n shit neelam I missed u󾬐
I miss her so much it hurts I mean I literally ache
Nothing much just my ex stalking my Instagram 💗💗
Literally just finished my biology project holy shit literally just did 6 hours of work straight
My self esteem was really high and now it's getting lower again sigh
Thanks to Brandon Brandellope Lee. Guess why I got this hate? For saying one direction are not rock. And why...
I want to stay in bed forever
You know shits bad when Gerard can't make you feel better
Not even Gerard can lift my mood right now
I miss her sigh
plus, I see no reason to hate other music genres. I might not like them, but who cares? don't like it, don't listen to it.
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fun fact: people are allowed to like more than one music genre
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Yes I feel like Shit
Baisicly there is this girl I adore but everything is so complex
I can't describe how I feel right now
You're perfect n mean the world to me
Having a crush on someone and hearing them say "I'm straight" is probably the worst possible feeling ever
DEAR MARIA COUNT ME IN I honestly can't even cope with this oli my babe ❤️❤️❤️
Honestly just don't smoke legal highs around me they smell fucking disgusting and do worse it just makes me dislike you even more.
Physics is so fucking difficult
God vagina why do you have to bleed so much
Well tumblr ain't working now I really don't know what tondo with myself
I rlly want some toast
Corey Taylor too , my freekin babe
Even though I love all time low five finger death punch slay
I just woke up and my teeth feel hella dirty
This is the problem with going to sleep at half 9 is that I'm awake at half 6 lol
Still can't get over the one of Gerard. THERE IS FUCKING HOPE
I love Kurt cobain I cec it's not fair
Why did cobain have to die i dgi
Someone explain - what is a "true pop punk kid"???
Getting cheese pizza like a true pop punk kid
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Fake friends can just die ygm???
I have such good friends it's unreal they are always there for me