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Mishaal Mehmood
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Why is there a 'D' in fridge but not in refrigerator??
Anyone have Amber Rainnies phone number???
Rlly bad quality but wrote this today
RIP boiled water You will be mist
Who else went to that immense asking gig on Halloween last year??
sometimes i like to put on my nans dirty underwear, cover myself in pigs blood and fall through my curtains as...
How can u face your problem when ur problem is ur face
Waiting at a bus stop and having the absolute wanker of a driver drove past you #growingupinmanchester
Just paid £3.15 for a bus ticket I hatE HAVING ADULT RESPONSIBILITIES
Ima be a cat on Halloween cos I'm unoriginal and uncreative
Just wrote another song yay!!!
Just found like 7 picks inside my guitar lol
Just found like 7 picks in my guitar from all the times I dropped them inside and couldn't be bothered to fish em out󾌴
Bitches be cray cray when they cri cri
Morning weed breath😂😂
What a pretty spliff
When u buy a met ticket and no metties come on to check #GrowingUpInManchester
What absolute cock likes their own Facebook status
Why Netflix and chill when you can IMAX and Climax
Why is it that when I type omg I'm fine but if I type oh my god I feel like a twat
When your humous says something funny and you just think
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Am I the only person what thinks fetty waps missin eye is kinda hot
Can never find a good selfie lighting #firstworldproblems
Brain: time to feel sad for no reason Me: why Brain: you gotta
I need a pet snake I'll call it cuddles
My B-I-T-C-H is on my dick like this
Got a takeout jacket potato at morrisons for £1.75 it's officially my new fav supermarket
Petition for Apple to generate a middle finger up emoji
Superstition ain't the way !!!!!!
Tried to take out £20 from the cash point and it beeped and said "insufficient funds" lol accurate representation of my life
me: *loses followers* me: *loses friends* me: *loses bobby pins and hair ties* me: *loses phone* me: *loses life* me: *gains weight*
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My life just changed
I put a spell on you.. Cos you're mineeee
feels good to be in Manchester again #home

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