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Fall Out Boy
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By the time you finish saying "I Love You," about 20,000 cells in your body will have died and been replaced with new ones.
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I have 3 reasons to live and 2 of them are mcr
I rlly need to sleep night night to the zero people who read my tweets
I wonder why the word "me" is in "lame"
But if I had no friends I wouldn't have to share food so hmm
"Can Alan ashby seriously get in my bed already" Omg how original I've never heard anyone tweet that plus you're twelve
Don't go round saying "I'm so kawaii rawr!1!!1!1!1!!!1!!1" and expect people to respect you
"Kawaii" "rawr" leave.
I have no energy in the day and just wanna sleep then the minute my head touches the pillow BAM thoughts BAM brain BAM cry
I feel so freekin energised why is this always at night
I should not have drank coffee at half three at night nope
At least I listen to the bands who's shirts I wear fuck you
Who the fuck invented the word bae
If you seriously use the word "bae" don't speak to me ok
Listened to the whole of collide with the sky today its suCH A GOOD FUCKING ALBUm
Paris is just like Manchester but in French
Cross the line if everyone tells you to go to an adult figure for help but you don't have one.
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I don't feel like myself when I'm not wearing black tbh
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"Can't stand people who are so up their own arse they can smell the shit"
Am I the only girl who prefers to be single than in a relationship or
I know this girl called olivia everyone hates even my boyfriends mum lmao bitch
Who bands would be if they were at school
god I love Manchester󾬞✌️
It's moments like this when the existence of the human race and how unimportant it is dwells on me for what feels like forever
Mind you my whole life is cringe cringe cringe
Crime dramas are so predictable can I have one csi drama that isn't just cringe cringe cringe
I just wanna scream it's not fair
It makes me wanna scream
Why do I not mean anything to anyone
I wanna mean something proper to someone
I just wish I was fucking important
Katy don't cry I know
I just kinda wanted to mean something but i don't
time to forget my problems and have a nap
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I just watched video of a girl farting on a cake I hate the internet
Without you I'll be miserable at best
I know I'm good for something I just haven't found it yet
need some new music to download, help??
No one understands how bad the jokes on tumblr are until you say them out loud