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disposable teens
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Anyone in town tomorrow?
The bitches love me cus I always fuck em good Flip em over do the tongue trick and treat em with the big dick
I'm too picky with people I'm close with
under a month till new year
the gray chapter is growing on me idk
Why does everyone complain so much about being single idk I like it lol
And when your drunk shake that ass like you know how to dance hollywood we never going down󾠃
Caught a drumstick at ta wooo!
Anyone in town tomorrow
Such good night with the bae Livvie tonight alive were so damn good x
Kids that can't roll so spend 3.50 on bud cones make me crease omg
Puberty hasn't done much for some people....
No one wants to hear you, no one wants to see you so desperate and pathetic I'm begging you to spare me the pleasure of your company
I could never date a person who was like really fucking hot but boring and dumb as shit nah ty✋✋✋✋✋✋
actually had a pretty good weekend. fairs
Paul grey ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Happy birthday to the best chick in the world aka Livvie I HOPE YOU GEET EVERYTHING YOU WANT not just today but...
07588699938 text me
Someone hot pop up aha
Lms for an inbox󾌬
Someone pop up I need to talk
how the fuck do you even roll that
I'm gonna kill a bitch
Having some serious friendship feels I just a wanted to tell Livvie THAT I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE AND I MISS...
I'm so glad that's over that was such an awful piece of music
Treble clefs by different composers
People that play musical instruments well are like 97262572% more attractive.
People that play musical instruments well are luke 13646379201366363% more attractive.
I just want high school to end.
dont put a status up saying "vic just fuck me now" youre 11 and he looks about 11 and female so shut up.
the harsh reality is when i do my provisionals ill probably be in bronze.
I'm gonna try n quit again someone do it with me lol I won't last a day on my own󾬞
When you realise people are too old for you 󾓵
I didn't even think I was gonna make it home omg
I've never needed a shit so bad omg
This girls so cute though
Ogdjinalpydjeiiaghdiks *cries*
Still can't believe I met @ChrisMotionless it was actually rlly perfect I love all of u guys okay
Mate I said hi it doesn't mean wanna suck your dick✋✋✋✋
Lms for an inbox or inbox me󾌬
Inbox me your numbers, lost my phone n getting another one but yeahhhh❤️
Don't upload a picture of your scar covered arms no one wants to see that.
sisters home today, love you Neelam❤️󾠣