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disposable teens
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Ogdjinalpydjeiiaghdiks *cries*
Still can't believe I met @ChrisMotionless it was actually rlly perfect I love all of u guys okay
Mate I said hi it doesn't mean wanna suck your dick✋✋✋✋
Lms for an inbox or inbox me󾌬
Inbox me your numbers, lost my phone n getting another one but yeahhhh❤️
Don't upload a picture of your scar covered arms no one wants to see that.
sisters home today, love you Neelam❤️󾠣
Anyone know how I can get free steam games?
Some of my bruises from asking󾌴󾌴
Danny reminded me of the agonist and just how much I love Alissa.
Turn offs: 1) bad music taste 2) types like a dick 3) racist people 4) arrogance
The two music videos that creep me out the most: 1) a little piece of heaven // a7x 2) your disposal // Cattle decapitation
Who else has a wristband for miw on Tuesday?
Just because I'm not home by 4.00 doesn't mean I'm dead fucking hell
2 years today without Mitch RIP angel 󾌹󾌹󾌹󾌹
All these people posting things on Facebook about how to have a perfect relationship like shut up you're twelve
"I thought I was over you, turns out I wasn't." I said as I thought about My Chemical Romance's break up.
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Anyone who knows anyone who's selling acid tomorrow inbox me
Why aren't people allowed to dress slutty on Halloween I don't get it like its THEIR body THEY can do WHAT THEY WANT and YOU have NO say.
Asking t o m m o r r o w
Sheit Livvie Chloe ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Funny how shes only a "slag" after you shagged her because for her to move on and fuck someone else is outrageous...
You see someone hot on Here and you're like damn and then they post something about black veil brides and boom you're flaccid again
Cuz I really always knew that my little crime would be cold that's why I got a heater for your thighs
Could srsly do with a cig rn
I love this band too much👌👌�
Some people fight, some people fall, others pretend they don't care at all.
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The new SLIPKNOT album is mediocre
Social media is a ball ache
I'm wearing my mums jacket because its waterproof and it's way too big for me, don't even care
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What subject should I revise today
I feel like I should get up and start being productive
Manchester is so shit
Hairspray is just like😍
I've been studying Spanish for like 5 years and I still suck
I can't even be arsed wit racism anymore this bitch is done
Why is it 400 British lives are more important than over 21,000 afghani lives