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post gig depression
this time yesterday i was throwing my bra onstage and then jack was wearing it on his head >>>>>
my ear is stretched to like 4mm lol
I don't understand people who are proud to have their ears stretched to like 10mm.
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so i was at atl yesterday and i was screaming jalex and then some guy went isn't real and i wanted to stab him ok
i remember i went ice fishing once and my leg literally caught on fire
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my bra was the first bra on jack barakats head yesterday
i think everyone i know that went to atl got one of these shirts haha
i actually have pgd lol
can't listen to atl or tonight alive bc it reminds me of where i was yesterday and i want to go back
Atl ended in a death wall HOW DID WE MOSH TO ATL
tomorrow cant wait<3 Luke Butler Livvie Ashworth
wish me luck grade 8 today cry
can someone buy me this pls she's a fucking witch
most bands do a farewell tour, like kigh are doing a farwell tour why cant mcr
the fact i never got to see mcr live deeply saddens and leaves a permanent hole in me
keeping people i hate on facebook just for the pure banta
people r like "omg *song from 2011* its so old" and im like "lol my fav slipknot album is older than me omg the l o l s
idk what happened but the wire just came out of half of my bra and now one boob is supported more than the other one
eyeless by slipknot is such a good song omg