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Mishaal Mehmood
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I want cuddles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sometimes I feel like a bitch and then I remember that I don't care
Just say the dumbest status. "You can not agree with gay marriage and not be a homophobe" what's her next one...
I was a lazy shit today.. Rocking the no makeup but yesterday's mascara look lmao
Summer Plan: Write a novel, Finish writing my album, learn to read and write urdu
That moment when my hands are prettier than yours󾌬
➖Snuck out: ye ➖Broken a bone: no ➖Cried myself to sleep: probs ➖Been arrested: no lol ➖Felt lonely: hasn't...
Neelam Anandi Mehmood is the best
I'm going busking on market street! Anyone know how I get power for my amp n mics n stuff
Anyone wanna buy this jacket? Assassins creed style, comment offers
RReece McIntyreis the shittest person alive:))))) — feeling shit
I don't fin ruby rose that hot tbh I don't know what all the fuss is about over her
I've been bitten by mosquitoes everywhere... Even on my eyelid...
Absolutely gutted I didn't get to go to prom, I got my dress sorted and everything, I hope everyone had a...
With my gorgeous girl on Friday󾌧�
Standing on the roof scares the shit out if me.. By myself in the dark with the fear of cobras, scorpions and...
anyone selling an iPhone 5? I have a 4 but it sooo slow
cant fucking wait till 2.30 the last time im ever going to have to set foot in stretford grammar ever again <3
My last exam today Thank fuck
I feel like I constantly just annoy everyone around me and that no one actually wants to speak to me or be with...
I'm the maths exam (Aqa unit 1) wasn't there a question misprint Something about the fastest time being...
im the shittest person on the planet
i want someone to message me all day everyday:)
My subjects next year are so fab acc so exited to do Alevels. History, English lit, Music, Music technology󾍛󾍛󾍛󾍛
I'm joining the Green Party:))) — feeling excited
My body aches with misery
Why are night times always so bad
I never knew it was possible to feel this bad
Lms for an inbox󾌬
I do my bit for the environment, I recycle makeup Yesterday's eyeliner is today's smokey eye
I want a cig but I can't be bothered to roll one you get my issues
I said ima ride with my motherfuckin niggas Most likely ima die with my finger on the trigger I've been gridin...
I said that ima ride for my mother fucking niggas Most likely ima die with my finger on the trigger I'm been...
im going to start working out today literally having since like march bc revision lol
who gives a fucking fuck about alkenes and alkanes why can't a gcse be on eyebrows cos mine are on fleeeeeek today
3 relatively easy exams left: Chemistry 1, Physics 1, Maths 1 One soldid exam left: History 2 its almost over
Cba tagging people that I'm gonna miss from school, I feel like tagging all the people who I'm not going to miss.. Too bitchy?
So apparently is national best friend day idk, love this girl - we've been through the wars together I love you...
Music exam was easy!! So glad Perepite came up as an essay question, I wrote like 30 points about it!! — feeling great
The music GCSE exam was so easy! Thank you edexcel
After today I'll have 5 exams left, then it's all over, well thank fuck to that
when you feel down, write, happy, write, confused write, because something brilliant will come out of your mind eventually
my solution to everything is to write
its so sad that i realise that actually i dont have anyone to go to

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