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Amanda de Cadenet
@bottegalouie Macaroons were the best way to end my day ..
Can’t wait 2 c this. RT @_AdvancedStyle: 6 Inspiring Fashion Lessons From the 'Advanced' Women of Style #film #aging
Thank you for addressing the epidemic of sex trafficking on your show tonight .RT @lisaling: Thanks for watching all! #ThisIsLife
There are hundreds of thousands of untested rape kits across the United States. Together we can #endthebacklog.
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An infestation.. "The business behind prostitution and trafficking increases because lots of men and lots of money in one area." #ThisIsLife
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@wifeytv RT @melsil: let's get 10 women's names to direct Wonder Woman and I will do an open letter to Warner Brothers
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Birthday Crazy at our house #twinbirthday @atlantabean we miss you .
I love sending my kids flowers on their birthdays ! #ellagraceis8
Silvan's 8 th Birthday . So thankful to @studiomucci for hooking me up with these awesome balloons last minute ! 🎂👫🎈#twinbirthday
Getting ready to celebrate my girl Ella's 8 th Birthday and ...
Yup & I’m excited for it RT @likemark: Did you know I made a heartbreaking eye opening film w/my wife @tez_palmer Called @THE_EVER_AFTER ?
Can’t wait to see this friends! How are you distributing ?RT @likemark: Most importantly we are putting it out ourselves worldwide!
Oh Rosie RT @rosemcgowan: Good luck! RT @sandanwatyr: @rosemcgowan I need to be as awesome as you.
Hey @jamiew do you think @vhxtv is a good platform for @TheConversation? We want to offer our a subscription/pay what u can option.Thanks ~!
Am i your favorite interviewer? RT @LisaErspamer:Ask Me Anything on Reddit right now #reddit_ama #FelineFriday
This text shortcode gives victims a discreet way to reach out for help while being #exploited
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Yikes , is this what’s in store for me ?!!! RT @FeministPics: Warning
1 good thing abt Stephen Collins child abuse allegations & John Grishams support of child porn is an opp to talk about this heinous epidemic
Accessing child porn does not happen with a 'drunken slip of the mouse ':…
According to case reports done by the Mayo Clinic,76% of individuals who were arrested for Internet child pornography had molested a child.
wow... any women out there who need a pick me up and a dose of authenticity, check out interviews by @amandadecadenet.
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Tonight's episode of #GreysAnatomy is beautifully directed by @myfriendnicole! Who you may know as #ParamedicNicole!
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"I like to do things that are going to last longer than a minute in the world " @cturlington you are doing that and then some 💗 #rolemodel @portermagazine
Good Porn - A Woman's Guide by erikalust . The last question is what I would ask you to answer ...
Here's what I found out about this kicking my ass Mercury retrograde on steroids activity . It's on my ical with a count down until Oct 25 th - Hang in Y'all ...
@peoplemag: Who wore this blue velvet dress better -- @msleamichele or Cassie?” Why pit women against each other?
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Soo much talent and good hair in one pic ! RT @HAIMtheband: T MAGAZINE with the one and only @StevieNicks
Annie you are in a league of your own. RT @AnnieLennox: - NEW VIDEO ALERT -
I don’t need femisnsn it’s a COMPLIMENT when a man threatens to commit mass murder if you speak at a college! he’s thinking about you!
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He sure is RT @katebosworth:@ComplexMag: Ezra Miller has been cast as The Flash awesome.Love Ezra, he's the real deal
@ktjanewood @QuiteFranklyMag @amandadecadenet I think with your stance on content undermines women when it doesn't recognize them as creator
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She is an extraordinary woman .RT @soulxtee: @zoesaldana thank you for all the words you said on the conversation ❤️ very inspiring.
This abuse is getting worse. RT @emmaladyrose: Feeling ill after reading all of the Anita Sarkeesian coverage
Would you use this ? RT @TheAtlantic: Adultery Apps: Digital tools are aiding the unfaithful and the untrusting-
"52% of those surveyed said they'd buy a product based on the company's portrayal of women." via @TIME:…)
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The Supreme Court is allowing more than 12 Texas abortion clinics to reopen. Good work, y'all!…
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Awful RT @NYMag: Police are investigating a suspected hate crime in Bushwick after a transgender woman was attacked
I have been on both sides of the camera for 20 years and I know first hand there is a huge difference. @ktjanewood @QuiteFranklyMag
The male gaze can be beautiful,but I encourage you to hire majority female photographers esp for a mag aimed at women. @QuiteFranklyMag
Erotic images of women photographed by men will never give you images that represent our sexuality in an authentic way. @QuiteFranklyMag
OUCH! RT @cindygallop:Created by a man.Any1 else with a vagina wincing? RT @Cosmopolitan FIRST ad for aSPICY sex life
Great idea but EVERY editorial is photographed by a man ,so how is this made by women for women? @ktjanewood @erikalust @QuiteFranklyMag
Good Porn - A Woman's Guide by @erikalust . The last question is what I would ask you to answer ...
please tell me that this doesn't mean Mercury is IN retrograde for the next 3 months . I can't take it !! #planetchallenged
Change show title to " Ignorant Women" @_Canan__: Did you read Judy Finnegan's comment about rape in her show loose women?
Beyond ignorant & grounds to be her first & last show . I doubt anything will change sadly @_Canan__: here's the…
I would have to agree RT @wmag: These 4 L.A. socialites are style stars in the making: