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Amanda Blain
I'm really enjoying playing #smite ... do you play?
And.... voting done. #canadavotes🍁🇨🇦 #canadavotes2015 #canadavotes
Why do cashiers ask you if that's everything... Wouldn't I have asked before I got to the cash?
Not sure who to #vote for today Canada? Take a brief quiz on the most popular issue to see what you actually think..
I hate it when I'm singing along to a song and the artist gets the lyrics wrong.
Someday.... You won't check.... Someday..... ;-)
The first photo camera took 8 hours to take a photo, during which you would need to remain still. :|
Retweet this if you hate it when people ask you to retweet things.
Have you played #smite #xbox one #videogames #gamer
When I was a kid I slept with a nightlight. You know, to keep away monsters who were scared of small, low wattage light bulbs...
The light concealing cream goes on first. Then you blend, and blend, and blend. Blending is the secret. Peg - Edward Scissorhands
Hey , "Hey" , "How r u" , " Good u" , "Good", "What r u doing", "nothing u" , "nothing", Retweet if you hate these convos.
Ps. The tweets may be yours.... but they still reflect your employer.... #truestory #socialmedia
Was awesome to spend some time with @themarcsmith a few weeks ago... ;-) and #earls was great... #latergram
Watching TV you're still alone but gaming online you're always among friends. #videogames
I'm 39 , and I'm saying Moo, cow!" in a river!" - City Slickers
How do we not have lightsabers yet? Its like scientists arent even trying.
I just witnessed people call order pizza and fries while sitting and loitering at a McDonald's .... :-\
I've got a hot date with Netflix tonight.
Never pay more than 20 bucks for a computer game -Guybrush Threepwood - Secret of Monkey Island #videogames
May your life one day be as awesome as you pretend it is on Twitter.
The things you own end up owning you - Fight Club
The world's a playground. You know that when you are a kid, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it. - Yes Man
EA Sports! It's in the game.
I'm that bridge jumping friend your mother warned you about.
Nom nom nom #foodporn #burger #theworks #brisket
Men don't follow titles, they follow courage - Braveheart
Two #BTTF icons talk 3D movies, self-tying sneakers and other 2015 predictions. #outatime…
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My Whole Life... has been a lie.. :|
When I was a kid, I hated going to bed. Now I cherish every hour of sleep.
We want Google to Be the third half of you brain - Sergery Brin
When are we going to find an alternative to Vin Diesel.
@amandablain Owls? Passé. Now? Butterflies- "Wings a-flitter? Pick up that litter!" Yaks- "Mac the Yak says don't litter that Big Mac sack!"
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Whatever happened to "Give a hoot, don't pollute?" is that no longer a thing? Is polluting cool now? Are we no longer giving hoots?
Don't pay $500+ for a bottle of #PepsiPerfect on Ebay ... You can win one on my blog ;)… #1FanBTTF
Keep your passport clean. It ends up in your mouth more than you realize.
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I really hate it when people need constant re-assurance. You know what I mean?
I hate few things more than waking up and realizing my phone was not charging...
Are we xbox friends? .... DreamGeekGal .....
I saw some ducks practicing their teenage girl face at the park today.
Love the #backtothefuture hat.... #1FanBTTF .... check out my blog today Http:// to win a bottle of #pepsiperfect
Don't let the noise of others opnions drown out your inner voice. #truth
Suffering is a fact of life. Either you learn to deal with that or you go under. - Heather Silent Hill #videogames
When life got you down you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming - Finding Nemo
Pepsi Perfect – The Back To The Future Cola Is Here… via @amandablain
Don't say anything online that you wouldn't want plastered on a billboard with your face on it. Erin Bury

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