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Amanda Blain
"Your soul-suckin’ days are over, amigo!" - Bubba Ho-tep
No New Info About Final Fantasy XV at E3 Via gamespot #finalfantasy
*Is There Anything Better Than Airport Hugs?* - via @amandablain
E3 Press Conferences, What Does Microsoft Need to Do? Via gamespot #finalfantasy
Winnie the Pooh's Unique Voice - via @amandablain
When I was a kid I slept with a nightlight. You know, to keep away monsters who were scared of small, low wattage light bulbs...
The pupil of your eye can expand as much as 45% while looking at someone you #love
The more difficult something is, the more rewarding it is in the end - Big Fish
When standing in line, I only hate the people in front of me. Everyone behind me is cool.
PR companies kill me... :P
Every human being has an impact on another - Patch Adams
I unlocked the Arms Dealer achievement in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3!…
My brain might be 80% song lyrics.
"They say that every story has a begining and an end" #dreamfall #videogames
Did you hear about boomerangs? Theyre coming back.
Why do people say 'no offense' right before they're about to offend you?
That annoying moment when you cannot find the long side of your blanket.
PlayStation Flash Sale Slashes Prices of RPGs like Dark Souls 2, Mass Effect 3, and More Via gamespot #finalfantasy
I wonder what is worse for your lungs; Smoking, or walking into an Abercrombie store......
New XCOM-Like Marvel Avengers Game Is Fun Even If You Don't Pay, Disney Says Via gamespot #finalfantasy
So finally watched frozen... I liked it.. Disney recreating fairy tales is what it does best!
If you are getting lessons from a SEO "expert" ask yourself if they were REALLY an expert, would they need to be working? :)